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00:45:34 <CDB-Man> https://www.toptal.com/finance/financial-analysts/investor-psychology-behavioral-biases
00:45:44 <CDB-Man> Very interesting read on behavioural finance and how it affects investing
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04:11:51 <chris> jralls: from http://logs.guix.gnu.org/guile/2021-11-07.log#051457 fancy retry compile guile-3 single-threaded on win32?
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10:15:27 <Simon> the top pane of the Scheduled Transaction Editor is only 160px and has been like that since 2007... I can see 3 rows like that
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10:27:17 * Simon wonders why it's now remembering the last sort order when trying to change the default
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10:50:29 <NoobAlice> Simon: You can't just grab the division and drag it longer? I can on Linux.
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11:11:09 <Simon> Yes, but: 1. I don't want to do that every time I open it. 2. Gnome have been copying the anti-patterns of other more popular OSes in making the divider too thin and non-obvious to use
11:11:57 <Simon> Not quite as bad as gitk, if you want a good example of "where's the resize divider!?"
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11:21:18 <NoobAlice> Simon: Oh, I see. I have five lines showing as the default, and in my Xfce theme, the grabbable portion of the divider is quite decently sized. Maybe you could open up GnuCash with "GTK_DEBUG=interactive gnucash" and figure out what CSS snippet you need in your home to fix the default on it?
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11:47:24 <chf> And you call yourself "Noob…"
11:53:33 <NoobAlice> chf: My nick is a warning, haha. I know a bit about some areas that interest me, but that's it. And I can't use GTK_DEBUG well, but I know it exists from #xfce and their forums.
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12:42:25 <Simon> I just hid the bottom pane instead
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15:49:26 <Joc> I have ¨auto-view split¨ selected, so when I click on a transaction it displays all the splits, but is there a way to close the splits? Right now I click on the ¨blank¨ button which goes to the bottom of the register, then I need to scroll all the way back to where I was, which is a pretty annoying just to close a split.
15:54:19 <NoobAlice> Joc: You can go to View > Basic Ledger and it will switch out of Splits view for that ledger.
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15:57:19 <Joc> most of the time I prefer the auto-split mode, but it would be nice to be able to close split
15:58:55 <Joc> it would be really nice if clicking would open the split, and clicking again would close it, of shift click or some other key
15:59:26 <warlord> Joc, what do you mean "close a split"?
15:59:35 <NoobAlice> Maybe you can set up a shortcut to change the view?
16:00:48 <Joc> when auto-split is selected, and click on a transaction with a split, clicking on that transaction it opens all the splits, but when I´m finished, sometime I would like to close it back
16:01:07 <warlord> then choose another transaction.
16:01:24 <warlord> Don't have to go all the way to the bottom.
16:02:00 <warlord> But also not sure why you need to scroll back to where you were...
16:02:18 <Joc> it other the split of that other transaction, I would like to close all the splits, which can be done by click on the ¨blank ¨button, and then scroll back to where I was.
16:03:31 <warlord> I still don't understand what, exactly, you're trying to do. Are you trying to save (commit) the transaction? Why go to blank and then go back? If you don't want it expanded, then change the view to Basic.
16:04:38 <Joc> let´s say I need to see temporarily see the split of the transaction #20 of 100, click on that transaction opens the splits, but when finished I would like to close it back
16:05:37 <warlord> Joc, if you're in Basic mode, then you click on the transaction, then click Split to open it -- click Split again to close it..
16:05:41 <Joc> ideally, it would be nice if clicking the same transaction, it would toggle between open and close
16:05:53 <warlord> If you're in Auto Split, then the WHOLE POINT is that the current transaction is always expanded.
16:06:30 <NoobAlice> Joc: Change your default to Basic Ledger, then you can just hit the "Splits" button whenever you want to see splits and hit it again to turn splits off again.
16:06:53 <NoobAlice> *"Split"
16:06:58 <warlord> Right. If you *sometimes* want the current transaction to not be expanded, don't use Auto Split mode.
16:07:15 <warlord> gotta run
16:09:29 <Joc> not ideal because I need to move the mouse between the transaction and then to the top of the screen, not a big deal, just annoying
16:10:49 <Joc> I´m split between selecting the ¨basic ledger¨ and ¨auto-split ledger´... :)
16:10:55 <NoobAlice> Yes, but you could set up a shortcut instead. https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GTK3#Menu_Keyboard_Shortcuts
16:11:06 <NoobAlice> Puns! On IRC!
16:11:11 <NoobAlice> :D
16:11:11 <Joc> lol
16:12:00 <Joc> shortcut? thinking about what that means...
16:12:33 <NoobAlice> Shortcuts = hitting just a key or two to do an action
16:12:51 <NoobAlice> Like how you can hit Ctrl+S for Save, Ctrl+C for copy...
16:13:12 <Joc> I guess that means, select the basic view, then have a key that would click on the ¨split´ button, would that make sense?
16:13:48 <NoobAlice> Yes, so you could, say, hold down Ctrl and hit H to turn splits on and off when you are in basic view.
16:14:21 <Joc> that way I would not need to move my eyes from the transaction I´m working.
16:14:28 <NoobAlice> Exactly.
16:14:57 <NoobAlice> Unfortunately, I have never set up a new shortcut in GnuCash, so you would need to rely on the wiki article or wait for someone else to show up here.
16:15:31 <Joc> ok, I will try to do that. I still think that there should be a way to close a split in the ¨auto-split¨ view.
16:16:21 <NoobAlice> Well, most people find the Basic Ledger the most useful, because most transactions have just two accounts, so you can see all you need for most of them in the Basic Ledger.
16:17:21 <Joc> unfortunately for me, most of my transactions have multiple splits (shipping, tax, etc)
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16:23:36 <NoobAlice> Would you be interested in the Transaction Journal view? It shows all splits all the time. A little bit different, but there is no expanding and collapsing transactions.
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16:28:07 <Joc> I thought about that, but then I get to see too much data most of the time, I´m checking what you suggested. Maybe there is already a shortcut for the ¨split¨ button.
16:29:31 <NoobAlice> I don't think so. Most of them are listed next to their menu entries.
16:31:37 <Joc> I´m searching for the menu equivalent for the split button, but I still have not found that so far.
16:33:30 <NoobAlice> It's Actions > Split Transaction
16:36:42 <NoobAlice> Okay, I just set it up as a shortcut on my GnuCash successfully. Tell me if you need tips. :)
16:36:49 <Joc> ah, thanks! :) The little square to the left of that menu item is interesting. I don´t see a shortcut for that menu item
16:37:05 <NoobAlice> There isn't one by default, but you can add it!
16:37:07 <Joc> please tell me... :)
16:37:21 <NoobAlice> Okay, are you on Linux?
16:37:29 <Joc> win10
16:38:04 <NoobAlice> Can you open a command prompt? (not in GnuCash, just in Windows itself)
16:38:38 <Joc> oh... that´s unexpected way to do that!
16:38:47 <Joc> yes
16:38:49 <NoobAlice> It's just to find a folder right now haha
16:39:13 <NoobAlice> Type in this and hit enter:
16:39:14 <NoobAlice> echo %APPDATA%
16:40:39 <Joc> I know where is gnucash if that´s what you mean
16:40:45 <NoobAlice> Yes :)
16:41:18 <NoobAlice> Then in that, open the folder gnucash and look for accelerator-map inside that.
16:41:38 <NoobAlice> Close the program GnuCash, then open accelerator-map in a text editor
16:41:44 <Joc> checking...
16:43:02 <NoobAlice> If you're having a hard time finding it, they warn that "%APPDATA% is a hidden directory" https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Configuration_Locations#Environment_variables_LOCALAPPDATA_and_APPDATA
16:44:07 <Joc> oh! still searching...
16:47:50 <Joc> the echo gives me C:\Users\Joc\AppData\Roaming
16:47:54 <Joc> I
16:48:10 <Joc> I´m into that folder, selected gnucash
16:48:24 <NoobAlice> Okay. Now *close the GnuCash program*
16:48:32 <NoobAlice> ^super-important
16:48:36 <Joc> done
16:48:48 <NoobAlice> okay. Open up accelerator-map in a text editor
16:49:20 <NoobAlice> Notepad or something is fine
16:49:51 <Joc> do you mean to create a text file with that name?
16:50:03 <NoobAlice> ...is there not a file of that name already?
16:50:07 <NoobAlice> It should already exist.
16:50:56 <Joc> ok, got !!!! :)
16:51:01 <NoobAlice> Oh good!
16:51:24 <NoobAlice> When it is open, hold the Ctrl button and press F so that you can search within the file.
16:51:34 <Joc> ok
16:51:46 <NoobAlice> Look for this: splittrans
16:51:58 <NoobAlice> (note that it has TWO letter T in a row)
16:52:31 <Joc> ; (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/GncPluginPageRegisterActions/SplitTransactionAction" "")
16:52:40 <NoobAlice> Yes, that's it :)
16:53:29 <NoobAlice> Now change the line by removing the ; in front of it, then in the second "" you type <Primary>a (or other letter, but I'm just using a for now)
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16:53:41 <NoobAlice> Here's what it looks like in mine, the middle line: https://bpa.st/QZDA
16:54:10 <NoobAlice> <Primary> means the Ctrl button, so this is setting the shortcut for Splits to hold down Ctrl and press the letter A.
16:54:45 <Joc> got it!
16:55:02 <NoobAlice> Okay, now you can save this file, close it, and then open GnuCash and try out the shortcut.
16:55:17 <Joc> ok, trying....
16:56:48 * NoobAlice crosses fingers
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16:58:42 <Joc> BINGO!!!! :)
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16:59:15 <Joc> oh, wow, I really doubt would have never
16:59:31 <Joc> oh, wow, I really doubt I would have ever found that
16:59:43 <Joc> thanks
17:00:41 <Joc> I´m going to save notes on that trick
17:00:44 <NoobAlice> HOORAY!
17:01:34 <NoobAlice> Okay, if you ever want to look at IRC logs from a certain, #gnucash is a channel that keeps logs. Today's log is https://code.gnucash.org/logs/2021/11/07.html
17:01:49 <NoobAlice> But keeping your own notes is a good idea. :)
17:02:43 <NoobAlice> Just one warning is that you want to be careful not to set up a shortcut that overlaps with an existing one. I don't know what would happen. For example, Ctrl+S is already Save, so don't set something else as Ctrl+S.
17:03:23 <NoobAlice> Also, be careful to set the right thing as a shortcut. There is another thing that would actually remove all the splits of a transaction instead, so I was careful not to pick that. Read those descriptions carefully. :)
17:03:32 <Joc> I have several notes on GnuCash, that help when I can´t remember how did some of the things
17:04:30 <NoobAlice> Yeah. I keep notes on everything I do like this. It has saved me so many times. :)
17:04:49 <Joc> yeah, that thought crossed my mind, ctrl-A is not exactly easy to remember
17:06:46 <NoobAlice> I picked it as A for Autosplit, haha. You can change it to something else if you want. Just make sure GnuCash is closed before you change that file.
17:08:16 <Joc> ctrl-p came to mind, but that´s taken... ctrl-A is conveniently located on the keyboard, might be best to keep it
17:08:26 <Joc> thanks a lot, much appreciated.
17:08:35 <NoobAlice> You're welcome!
17:10:33 <Joc> but... I still think that clicking to toggle between opening/closing a split would have been good thing.
17:13:21 <NoobAlice> Well, if you want to make a feature request you can. I have no advice on that though.
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17:20:05 <Joc> I´m checking that now... That´s the second time in a month.
17:21:10 <NoobAlice> The second time what?
17:23:15 <Joc> got a suggestion, last month warlord helped me to explain an exchange problem: https://imgur.com/a/FYtqf4A
17:25:29 <Joc> that exchange rate problem was really puzzling, I think that one was a bug, but I now understand that problem, and know how to get around it.
17:25:32 <NoobAlice> Ooo, yes. I think I saw that.
17:25:43 <Joc> saw it?
17:26:05 <NoobAlice> Yeah, I was lurking in IRC I think.
17:28:10 <Joc> I still have not added it yet to the feature request, but intend to do it.
17:30:27 <Joc> heh, maybe it´s already fixed... :)
18:24:32 <NoobAlice> For anyone knowledgeable - I would like to set a shortcut for opening the Saved Report Configurations window, but none of the lines with "report" or "save" in accelerator-map seem to bring it up. I found the line (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/MenuAdditions/CustomReportsAction" "") in /usr/share/gnucash/ui/osx_accel_map , but pasting it into accelerator-map and setting the shortcut as <Primary>a still results in Ctrl+A doing nothing
18:24:32 <NoobAlice> can see. Is there a different accel_path I need for the Saved Reports list, or does the line need to go in a certain part of the accelerator-map file? I am using current GnuCash 4.8 on Arch Linux, and I already was able to set up Ctrl+A as a shortcut for Splits (and undid it again after) when trying to help Joc.
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