2017-05-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:17:07 <Aussie_matt> hi guys, I'm a bit lost. Last time I used GC, I believe I entered some transactions, but now there not there. Can someone walk me through using the log/recover setup?
02:30:29 <Aussie_matt> nope, defiantely lost a heap of transactions :(
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05:11:04 <gjanssens> .
05:21:58 <Aussie_matt> gjanssens: quick question, the save button with the down arow on the disk isn't highlighted, does this means I've got a funky transaction somewhere? or whats stopping that
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05:41:24 <Mechtilde> do you use XMl or mysql or to save your data
05:41:34 <Mechtilde> Aussie_matt, ^
05:41:50 <Aussie_matt> Mechtilde: xml
05:42:07 <Mechtilde> then the save button should work
05:43:23 <Aussie_matt> not sure what's going on, I've lost alot of transactions :( lucky I've only just started using and I haven't lost alot of work, but still frustrating, and I still can't save :(
05:44:55 <Aussie_matt> I can't even start a new file, GC crashes....
05:45:19 <Mechtilde> which version?
05:45:25 <Mechtilde> which OS
05:46:16 <Aussie_matt> ah, this is the fun thing, Mageia linux, the version in the repos was 2.6.5, we've packaged up 2.6.16, and it's in testing, thats what I'm using
05:46:36 <Mechtilde> ah ok
05:46:52 <Mechtilde> you can try the following:
05:47:04 <Mechtilde> rename the .gnucash directory
05:47:28 <Mechtilde> and start GnuCash new
05:47:55 <Mechtilde> does it start without crash
05:47:59 <Mechtilde> ?
05:48:34 <Aussie_matt> ok, started ok, but the save button is greyed out and even teh file drop down save is greyed out
05:49:06 <Aussie_matt> then when trying to open a new file, it crashes
05:49:59 <Mechtilde> then there is something wrong with your build
05:50:34 <Aussie_matt> Mechtilde: that's kinda what I'm thinking :(
05:50:51 <Aussie_matt> let me reboot, had some updates today, back in a few
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05:55:40 <Aussie_matt> nah same result :(
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06:10:39 <Mechtilde> So there is a different between the upstream build and your build for Mageia
06:11:57 <Aussie_matt> Mechtilde: not sure... but hows this... installed the old 2.6.5, and it opens my file, but still no ability to save :-/
06:13:24 <Aussie_matt> at least I could start a new file...
06:15:40 <Aussie_matt> oh, hang on, no I could save once I made a change... but not with the 2.6.16 version... I better see if anyone else is having trouble :(
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06:18:00 <Mechtilde> ask at Mageia too
06:29:00 <Aussie_matt> yeah, i did on the mailing list, what a bugger
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07:28:17 <Aussie_matt> my bank offers 3 types of qif exports: QIF (myob) QIF (quciken aus, 2004 and earlier) and QIF (quicken us 2004 and earlier) which should i use? it also does OFX
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09:58:30 <dale6998> hello
09:58:35 <dale6998> hello
09:59:05 <dale6998> can anyone help me with the invoce field in the bill section?
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11:33:21 <jralls> gjanssens: I was reminded of boost::lexical_cast by a blog post I read today. You might find it useful for string conversions in import/export.
11:35:55 <gjanssens> jralls: thanks. I'll check it out.
11:36:20 <gjanssens> Good pointers on my current gnc-numeric work as well by the way.
11:36:41 <gjanssens> Sometimes one is just to focussed on the details to see the bigger picture.
11:44:27 <jralls> I still haven't had time to look at the actual guts of the implementation. It just struck me that you'd gotten over-focussed on GncNumeric and lost that it needed to delegate the work to the other classes. The odd helper functions that wanted to be constructors really jumped out at me.
11:46:59 <dale6998> hey there
11:47:37 <dale6998> can you tell me how to use the invoiced field to attach a vendor bill to an invoice?
11:48:04 <dale6998> i cannot check the 'invoiced?' field
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12:30:26 <lmat> dale6998: Sorry, never used a bill.
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12:39:46 <gjanssens> dale6998: you can't "attach" a vendor bill to an invoice
12:40:19 <gjanssens> What you can do is mark bill entries as "billable" (the last column on each entry line)
12:40:26 <dale6998> i did that...
12:40:36 <dale6998> so, can i give you an update on what i've got so far?
12:40:55 <dale6998> i have a customer, and i have a vendor
12:40:58 <gjanssens> If you have also set a chargeback customer for the bill, you should see the bill entries appear on that customer's unposted invoices
12:41:09 <dale6998> yes!
12:41:16 <dale6998> exactly, that's what i thought too
12:41:34 <gjanssens> And what are you getting instead ?
12:41:55 <dale6998> i've found that if i make the bill first, then do billable (checking 'invoiced?' is impossible)
12:42:05 <dale6998> i must then post the bill
12:42:36 <gjanssens> Indeed. If not posted, the bill doesn't exist as far as gnucash is concerned
12:42:38 <dale6998> once posted, if i THEN create a new INVOICE for the customer and reference the job (although job may not be necessary..customer may be enough), it will autofill in those line items
12:42:57 <gjanssens> Job is not necessary
12:43:14 <dale6998> ok, then let me ask you this: if i do it in reverse order, say i make the invoice first, then the bill, will those entries get backfilled into the invoice?
12:43:48 <gjanssens> If the invoice isn't posted, yes. At least it just did in my test 5mins ago
12:44:35 <dale6998> Ah! ok, so if i make an invoice, I can let it sit unposted, and then post multiple bills through the course of the project and those will subsequently be added to the unposted invoice?
12:46:17 <gjanssens> That's how I understand it. Though warlord is the real expert in that area.
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12:49:39 <dale6998> hmm...so, i'm trying that...i posted a bill, created an invoice and sure enough, the expenses from the bill appeared in the invoice
12:49:51 <dale6998> but, when i make a new bill and post it, the invoice is not updated with the expenses from the new bill
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12:52:05 <dale6998> ah, ok...here's a new twist
12:52:48 <dale6998> i just made ANOTHER bill and attached the customer and the job and the job for the vendor as well...this appears in the unposted invoice after the bill is posted
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12:55:43 <dale6998> and now i've narrowed it down even further...Vendor job isn't necessary, as you pointed out, but it seems like customer job is...If the invoice was made with a customer job specified, perhaps?
12:56:25 <dale6998> in other words, perhaps specifying a customer job in the creation of the unposted invoice drives the requirement that subsequent bills must reference the customer AND the job as well?
12:58:59 <gjanssens> Perhaps. That's beyond my knowledge. Although I *thought* there's no relation at all between vendor and customer jobs.
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13:20:47 <jralls> fell, Mechtilde: Can one of you look at PRs https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-htdocs/pull/8 and https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-htdocs/pull/9?
13:22:05 <fell> Sure
13:28:19 <fell> Is there an option to have more context in github's commit view?
13:30:34 <jralls> click the "view" button to see the whole file with the changes applied. Unfortunately it doesn't highlight the changes so note the line numbers in the diff first.
13:31:13 <fell> I will open it in eclipse to compare window too window.
13:31:20 <fell> -o
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14:10:12 <fell> Mechtilde, hast du eine Idee bei #9?
14:14:50 <Mechtilde> I didn't enough at htdocs to understand the content
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14:20:59 <dale6998> exit
14:21:03 <dale6998> :q
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14:21:36 <fell> I am looking for a term to describe the content of the summary line.
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14:33:53 <Mechtilde> fell maybe look at chapter 4 and "Die Buchungsansicht" in the Guide
14:34:23 <fell> Thx
14:35:39 <Mechtilde> There I tried to translate it in the guide
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14:59:13 <fell> Mechtilde: at the bottom of http://code.gnucash.org/docs/de/gnucash-guide/txns-reconcile1.html is the wrong image. Tex: teilweise, Bild vollstänig abgeglichen.
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15:11:20 <weasel> https://github.com/blog/1705-expanding-context-in-diffs
15:12:18 <weasel> fell: just click on the "Expand" buttons above/below the line numbers to get more context.
15:13:24 <fell> Thanks! Good to know.
15:13:39 <weasel> I shouldn't look at these things. already found a bug :)
15:17:10 <weasel> #10.
15:19:09 <weasel> (not that the german is a proper translation of the english, but at least now it'd be using german conjunctions)
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15:35:25 <redarrow> hi, I get the following output while starting gnucash https://pastebin.com/eXvpGmku Any Idea what the last system update has broken?
15:36:27 <jralls> redarrow: Looks like they broke guile.
15:36:33 <redarrow> output s the same for 2.6.16 (latest stable) and 2.6.99 (latest git checkout)
15:37:06 <jralls> Did you build them yourself or are they packaged?
15:37:30 <redarrow> jralls: 2.6.16 is packaged but 2.6.99 is build by myself
15:38:04 <redarrow> jralls: guile is 2.2.2-1 which version would you expext?
15:38:58 <jralls> Ah, Guile-2.0.14. We haven't tested with Guile 2.2 and someone else reported problems with it the other day.
15:39:41 <redarrow> jralls: 2.0.14 is available as guile2.0 in Archlinux now
15:41:04 <jralls> OK. The easy solution is to use that. Otherwise you can try deleting all of the .go files (I'd suggest going after the 2.6.99 ones first as you have more control there) and see if guile-2.2 will rebuild them and then work.
15:41:49 <jralls> Mind that you may also have a set of caches in ~/.cache/guile.
15:46:54 <redarrow> does not work with 2.6.99
15:48:39 <jralls> Which doesn't work? Rebuilding the .go files or switching to guile-2.0?
15:51:19 <redarrow> jralls: I still had some .go files I had to remove in the install directory of my development gnucash but after building all .go files I get a 'core dumped'
15:52:59 <redarrow> https://pastebin.com/ypyBfjQS
15:53:34 <jralls> Lovely. Can you get a stack trace?
15:54:45 <gjanssens> jralls: IIRC from the irc conversation a couple of days back, our build system (at least when using cmake) will mix guile 2.0 libraries with guile 2.2 executable
15:55:00 <gjanssens> We should probably add the same trick as with autotools to avoid this
15:55:19 <gjanssens> or check for guile 2.2 cflags first
15:55:58 <gjanssens> lmat managed to work around this by making cmake look explicitly for guile2.0 instead of guile for the GUILE_EXECUTABLE
15:56:14 <gjanssens> This was a one line change in CMakeLists.txt
15:56:16 <jralls> Right. I wasn't thinking about the libguile links, but of course it's not ABI compatible or they wouldn't have changed the minor version.
15:56:36 <gjanssens> I'd be interested to know if the autotools build is susceptible to this as well.
15:57:09 <gjanssens> Because there we build our own guile executable based on the libguile we find
15:58:33 <jralls> redarrow: What do you get for pkg-config --modversion guile-2.0?
15:59:56 <jralls> gjanssens: The guile executable that we build is just for running tests. GnuCash itself runs a guile interpreter directly from libguile.
16:00:46 <jralls> Which is sort of the same thing.
16:00:48 <gjanssens> jralls: almost. I thought our guile executable was also used to pre-compile the scheme files
16:01:00 <redarrow> pkg-config --modversion guile-2.0
16:01:02 <redarrow> 2.0.14
16:01:13 <gjanssens> At least in the autotools setup
16:01:27 <gjanssens> In cmake setup it will use the system provided guile IIUC
16:01:57 <gjanssens> So if system provided guile is 2.2, the precompiled files will be for guile 2.2 while gnucash will try to use them with libguile 2.0
16:02:09 <gjanssens> which clearly can't cope with these newer files.
16:02:34 <jralls> gjanssens: I don't think so. The script compilation is done via a shell script called guiled that has a shebang pointing at the installed guile.
16:03:52 <jralls> redarrow: So is there a /usr/bin/guile-2.0, a /usr/bin/guile-2.2, and a symlink /usr/bin/guile pointing at guile-2.2?
16:04:44 <gjanssens> jralls: ah, did a quick check and I was proven to be wrong indeed :)
16:04:49 <gjanssens> Learned something new again
16:04:53 <jralls> redarrow: Or I guess more to the point, versioned guild?
16:05:24 <redarrow> jralls: no, there are 3 executables gile 2.0 (guile 2.0.14) guile1.8 (guile 1.8.8) and guile (guile 2.2.2)
16:05:42 <jralls> redarrow: And I guess we need to know what they've done about versioning libguile as well.
16:05:50 <gjanssens> and as with lmat there are no "-" in the names
16:06:25 <redarrow> gjanssens: at least for packaged versions in arch
16:07:07 <gjanssens> redarrow: yes, that's what I meant to point out
16:07:44 <redarrow> gjanssens: didn't know you where referring to Arch Maintainers with your 'they'
16:09:01 <redarrow> jralls: I am not that familiar with strace to find a way to redirect it in a file, sorry
16:09:38 <gjanssens> redarrow: I didn't use the word "they", that was jralls. It was referring to the Arch maintainers though :)
16:11:07 <redarrow> gjanssens: sorry, haven't double checked who said it :)
16:12:24 <gjanssens> redarrow: np :D
16:13:11 <jralls> redarrow: No need to redirect anything. Just look at the names of the various libguile.*.so.*, they should have versions attached, and the versions should match what you get from pkg-config --libs for guile-2.0 and guile-2.2. The only other "gotcha" will be guild. I imagine that there's guild2.0 and we need to check for that before guild because the latter may be for guile-2.2
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16:16:12 <jralls> Huh. My mac just went nuts. I'm going to restart it, BRB.
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16:17:49 <redarrow> hum...
16:22:14 <redarrow> takes rather long to reboot a Mac
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16:25:09 <jralls> redarrow: It did this time. Like I said, it had gone nuts.
16:29:59 <redarrow> jralls: welcome back ...
16:30:05 <redarrow> jralls: you are right there is guild2.0 (2.0.14) and guild (2.2.2) in /usr/bin/
16:30:58 <redarrow> jralls: well, I think right now the core dumped is because of my gnucash file ... If I open a new file it works fine
16:33:32 <jralls> That's interesting. I suppose that a running guile interpreter, which is linked to the right library, will override the shebang in guild and make the right versions of the .go files.
16:34:33 <jralls> Which in turn suggests that you'd somehow gotten them built with the wrong guild. But that doesn't make sense for the distributed gnucash unless the packager fell into the same trap.
16:35:41 <redarrow> well I have tried version 2.6.99 only right now
16:35:54 <redarrow> 2.6.99 is self compiled
16:37:41 <jralls> Right, but when you first reported the problem with the .go files you said that the packaged 2.6.16 had the same issue.
16:37:55 <redarrow> jralls: thanks for the hint. 2.6.16 (packed version) works fine after rebuild fo the .go files
16:38:46 <jralls> OK, the packager probably did fall into the same trap. You should raise a bug there so they can fix it.
16:39:35 <jralls> gjanssens: I think we can fix this by checking for guild2.0 before guild.
16:40:38 <gjanssens> jralls: yes that should fix it, until the next distro comes along and will use another name :(
16:41:56 <redarrow> jralls: I guess still don't understand enough of the problem to create a ticket ...
16:42:26 <redarrow> jralls: and it's getting late here.
16:43:50 <jralls> redarrow: The problem is that if one has guile-2.2 installed then 'guild' precompiles scheme files for that, but GnuCash links to libguile-2.0.so and it can't make sense of the guile-2.2 precompiled files.
16:44:40 <jralls> The root problem is that GnuCash's build scripts naively assume that guild is for guile-2.0.
16:46:39 <redarrow> well is this a guile packaging problem or a gnucash problem?
16:47:22 <jralls> redarrow: Both. The packager should have tested his package before shipping it.
16:48:19 <jralls> gjanssens: pkg-config to the rescue! `pkg-config --variable=guild guile-2.0` will tell us what name to use.
16:48:47 <gjanssens> jralls: yay! I didn't know that option
16:49:31 <jralls> .pc files can have random variables added and --variable=NAME queries them.
16:49:36 <redarrow> well last thing changed is guile (chnaged short after midnight today). I understand that back in April when gnucash 2.6.16 was released nobody hat guile2.2.2 in mind
16:50:16 <gjanssens> jralls: just a head-up that pkg-config command won't work for guile 1.8
16:50:38 <gjanssens> at least not with the 1.8 compat packages on Fedora 28
16:50:51 <gjanssens> Fedora 25 obviously
16:51:11 <gjanssens> For master I was considering dropping guile 1.8 support anyway
16:51:35 <gjanssens> But for stable we'll have to carry it till final release I suppose.
16:51:47 <gjanssens> (Note our Windows build currently is still on gulie 1.8 as well)
16:52:36 <jralls> Right. Before we drop 1.8 we need to be sure that it will build in mingw64. I've made some progress on that regard, and jhbuild seems to work which will make just about everything much easier.
16:54:08 <jralls> But the includes for mingw64 are different from those for mingw and so there's some patching needed. I'm up to gwen... OTOH there are only a handful of things that we need to build ourselves.
16:55:17 <jralls> Sorry, that should have been "we need to make sure 2.0 will build".
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16:55:53 <jralls> On the subject of building windows, I've been working in 64-bit, but I wonder if we should continue to support 32?
17:00:18 <redarrow> jralls: gjanssens thanks for your time and have a good day/night
17:00:42 <jralls> redarrow: You're welcome.
17:01:07 <jralls> redarrow: And thanks to you for bringing this up.
17:02:26 <gjanssens> redarrow: you'e welcome
17:02:36 <gjanssens> jralls: good to hear of your progress
17:02:59 <gjanssens> I remember there were fewer dependencies to build for ourselves in mingw64
17:03:27 <gjanssens> And of course we can't drop guile 1.8 before we know 2.0 works
17:03:50 <gjanssens> I almost had it working on plain mingw long time ago.
17:04:20 <gjanssens> It didn't solve an issue I was trying to fix then with 1.8 so I abandoned it (silly)
17:04:59 <gjanssens> As for 32-bit vs 64-bit, I suspect we still have 32-bit users.
17:05:28 <gjanssens> Contrary to OS X windows is has been around in the two flavors for a very long time.
17:07:13 <gjanssens> It looks like there's even a 32bit version of Windows 10 still according to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO
17:07:26 <jralls> Mac had 32-bit until 10.7 in 2010, so 2.6.x on mac is 32-bit. But Only 10.9 and later support C++11, so 2.8 will be 64-bit.
17:07:56 <gjanssens> Which is one worry less on Mac :)
17:08:16 <jralls> Two: It also gets rid of the PPC build.
17:08:27 <gjanssens> Even better
17:11:47 <jralls> I've also been working on the AQBanking setup crash. It seems to be an optimizer problem, building Gwen with -g -O0 and no crash. That's hard to debug. But rolling back the version doesn't help so it's probably the latest compiler in mingw.
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17:13:06 <gjanssens> jralls: that's nasty
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17:42:20 <gjanssens> jralls: time to leave
17:42:36 <gjanssens> Wherever you go next week, have a good time!
17:42:43 <jralls> OK, good night and have a good trip.
17:42:49 <gjanssens> Bye
17:43:11 <jralls> I'll be in Raleigh, NC for a genealogy conf. I hope it will be productive
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21:53:53 <lmat> .
21:54:51 <lmat> @tell gjanssens Yes, I think restarting will be the right way for me. Now that I have some clue how big the iceberg is, I think I can get good work done that way.
21:54:51 <gncbot> lmat: The operation succeeded.
21:56:09 <lmat> @tell jralls I'll be sure to share my code when problems come up. I did some of that earlier with the timespec work, but my code wasn't coherent enough to expect anyone to want to check it out and look. With smaller incremental changes, I think I'll be in a better place to share.
21:56:09 <gncbot> lmat: The operation succeeded.
21:57:09 <lmat> @tell jralls heh, school...The last computer class I took was when I was 12: keyboarding. I got music degrees ^_^
21:57:09 <gncbot> lmat: The operation succeeded.