2015-12-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:22:33 <DanC> I'm interested in simple search over all fields https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=453336
00:22:47 <DanC> trying to get a sense of project rhythms, priorities, etc.
00:34:51 <DanC> hmm... isn't ChangeLog supposed to just document user-visible changes? "Correct wording on AUTHORS and DOCUMENTERS" doesn't seem relevant. (https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/master/ChangeLog)
00:35:05 <DanC> maybe that's just generated from git commits?
00:56:57 * DanC finds http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bounty_Program ...
01:01:26 <DanC> posting to http://gnucash.uservoice.com/ seems to just hang
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07:25:31 <fell> Mechtilde, I am not shure if you really wish to rename the "Transfer Funds" dialog from "Buchen" to "Umbuchung". What are you using in the guide?
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07:29:54 <Mechtilde> this is also the name of the dialog wher you define the exchange rate
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07:38:22 <fell> Aktionen->Buchen
07:38:56 <fell> ist der Menüeintrag, der den Dialog aufruft.
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07:43:16 <fell> Währungsumrechnung scheint derselbe mit deaktivierter Kontenauswahl zu sein.
07:45:08 <Mechtilde> und Post heißt auch Buchen
07:49:25 <fell> Post sehe ich in dialog-invoice
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07:52:21 <fell> Ich finde, der Menüeintrag _Transfer/_Buchen und der Dialog sollten denselben Namen benutzen.
07:52:43 <fell> nur ohne Hotkey
07:54:54 <Mechtilde> you can change it
07:55:28 <Mechtilde> Whenn I do the screenshot then I can ask here if I want to change somethin in the UI
07:55:47 <Mechtilde> or I have to change it in the guide
07:56:41 <fell> I will make notes about my changes in the pull request.
07:57:45 <fell> It is no deny but needs more discussion prefered on the german mailing list.
07:59:00 <Mechtilde> I hope now I get some "answers" to my translation questions ;-)
08:02:49 <fell> Oh, one of your encrypted mails to me?
08:06:17 <Mechtilde> it is possible I put you in CC
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13:53:19 <CDB-Man> [08 Nov 15 20:36] * warlord: CDB-Man: yes, you can access that column via xaccSplitGetAction. Note that it's a Split-level field and not a transaction-level field (i.e., every Split in the transaction has a unique Action)
13:53:36 <CDB-Man> hmm, checked the wiki, and that variable isnt actually listed there in the list of vars :P
13:55:59 <fell> CDB-Man: If it works, can you add a note on the wiki page?
13:56:23 <Guest69> Hi all, this may be a little broad question, but has anyone here been able to build from source, gnucash (from github), on a mac?
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14:01:35 <CDB-Man> fell: well, im no programmer; im the accountant and my brother is the programmer. but if he maanges to figure it out and it works, then i could do it, though i dont think i have an account to edit hte wiki
14:02:00 <QpQ4> is there any concern with using the pre-packaged installations from sourceforge, wrt malvertising, bloatware, etc..
14:03:51 <fell> CDB-Man, in the upper left corner you can login or create an account.
14:05:19 <fell> QpQ4: jralls is the macosx expert.
14:05:43 <CDB-Man> feels kinda silly to create an account for 1 edit :P
14:06:24 <QpQ4> thanks @fell
14:06:28 <jralls> QpQ4: Yup, do it frequently. I do most of my development work on a Mac.
14:07:10 <jralls> You have to get the dependencies set up correctly. The easiest way is MacPorts.
14:07:54 <jralls> Oops, that should have been aimed at Guest69.
14:08:00 <QpQ4> i've installed several of the dependecies using brew
14:08:26 <QpQ4> @jralls QpQ4 is correct, my nick wasn't changed after setting up on this client.
14:08:26 <gncbot> QpQ4: Error: "jralls" is not a valid command.
14:09:06 <jralls> QpQ4: Yeah, I figured that out. Does Homebrew have a recipe for GnuCash?
14:09:29 <QpQ4> hmmm, that's a good question.. let me check,
14:09:38 <QpQ4> I pull from this remote: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash.git
14:09:42 <jralls> And no, there's no issue with getting GnuCash.app from SF, I codesign it so that they can't mess with it.
14:09:53 <QpQ4> but i also see this remote: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-osx.git
14:10:46 <QpQ4> cool... I'll try the installable from SF..
14:10:53 <jralls> The second one is an alternative way to build from source using jhbuild and https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Projects/GTK+/OSX?action=show&redirect=GTK%2B%2FOSX.
14:11:31 <QpQ4> and then work on the build on mac, thanks for the info..
14:11:56 <jralls> You can also get the latest one from Github, on the releases page. But note that the latest release has a problem with QIF imports so you might want 2.6.9.
14:13:14 <QpQ4> thanks, I'll try that as well.
14:13:51 <Mechtilde> jralls, thanks ;-)
14:14:28 <jralls> Mechtilde: You're welcome. Would you please add "make check" into your workflow?
14:15:17 <QpQ4> there is this tap for gnucash: Caskroom/cask/gnucash for use from brew
14:15:34 <Mechtilde> jralls, sorry but nor really
14:16:04 <Mechtilde> I fixed it in the wrong way after make pdf mobi didn't work
14:16:34 <Mechtilde> after mix it works so I didn't find that I use the wrong way
14:17:03 <Mechtilde> can I do "make check pdf mobi"
14:17:21 <Mechtilde> in one line?
14:18:26 <jralls> I think you need to do `make check && make pdf mobi epub`.
14:19:07 <Mechtilde> ok
14:19:20 <Mechtilde> I will do it now
14:19:36 <Mechtilde> so I have it in the bash_history too
14:21:33 <Mechtilde> another question
14:21:55 <jralls> QpQ4: If that's https://github.com/caskroom/homebrew-cask/blob/master/Casks/gnucash.rb it just downloads the app bundle from SourceForge.
14:22:01 <Mechtilde> is it possible to habe more than the first chapter number
14:22:10 <Mechtilde> as in the online html
14:22:16 <Mechtilde> for the odf and mobi
14:22:26 <fell> We had it years ago
14:23:13 <QpQ4> jralls: yep, I tried it and it is downloading the 2.6.10 dmg.. cancelled it...
14:24:13 <jralls> So I'd say you've got a lot of manual work trying to round up all of the dependencies on Homebrew. You might even have to write recipes for some of them.
14:24:45 <QpQ4> think I'll try MacPorts, haven't used it much at all, but seems the way to go.
14:25:57 <jralls> MacPorts is indeed the easier option. The only drawback is that it insists on polluting your environment. I suggest making a backup or version-controlling your .bash_profile.
14:26:11 <QpQ4> ok, will do... thanks for the heads up..
14:27:38 <fell> jralls, do you have an idea of the meaning of src/business/business-gnome/gtkbuilder/dialog-payment.glade.h:21: "(USD)"
14:28:34 <fell> I assume it is a placeholder and shouldn't be marked translatable.
14:29:10 <Mechtilde> It seems to be an entry for multiple currencies
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14:29:36 <fell> Because untranslated it was replaced by the locale symbol of the currency.
14:29:54 <Mechtilde> no one moment
14:30:06 <Mechtilde> I have to look into the latest trasnlation
14:31:13 <fell> You added "(USD)" as msgstr
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14:31:42 <fell> It is BTW committed
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14:33:27 <Mechtilde> I can't find it now
14:33:40 <Mechtilde> I will stumple over it doing the scrennshots
14:35:03 <jralls> fell: It's from line 543 in dialog-payments.glade, the item is called "commodity_label". I suppose translators are supposed to replace it with the local currency, which works OK for pt_PT or en_GB and pretty much nothing else.
14:35:05 <fell> process payment from an invoice
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14:35:58 <fell> As it was untranslated, I got "€" there.
14:37:19 <jralls> Huh. Magic. It probably can lose the 'translatable' attribute, but I think you should ask gjanssens first.
14:48:24 <fell> With a fresh maint the line reads "Betrag (€)", too
14:49:34 <fell> So it doesn't matter.
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14:53:31 <fell> Oops, I forgot to remove the changelog change
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16:59:24 <GuyMoloch> hello. I would like to know how to change the display language of gnucash
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17:07:24 <fell> GuyMoloch: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings
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17:09:07 <fell> GuyMoloch: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings
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17:19:37 <fell> jralls, we have http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/glib/glib-Commandline-option-parser.html which returns HTTP404 in translator comments
17:20:10 <fell> I /believe/ it moved to https://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-Commandline-option-parser.html
17:20:22 <fell> Should I change them?
17:21:39 <omni> I'd like to change the terms that GNUCash uses to it's more format counterparts: "credit" instead of "decrease", for example. The manual says to do so, one must go to the "general" tab in "preferences". The option appears to no longer be there. Is the manual outdated now? How can I change this?
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17:22:27 <fell> Omni: reference?
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17:27:31 <fell> omni, http://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-help/set-prefs.html#prefs-accounts
17:28:08 <fell> It seems, your version is outdated. Which are you using?
17:30:48 <GuyMoloch> fell,I cannot understand the info on http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings
17:31:41 <fell> which part?
17:31:56 <fell> Or the other way: your OS?
17:32:16 <fell> Your country?
17:32:40 <GuyMoloch> fell, can you plz tell me what should I put on the environment file to use AMERICAN ENGLISH as the program interface language and BRAZILIAN REAL as currency?
17:32:40 <GuyMoloch> that's all I've been trying to do for the last hour
17:32:40 <GuyMoloch> my country is brazil
17:33:31 <GuyMoloch> my OS is Windows 10 set to brazilian portuguese as display language
17:34:04 <fell> LANG=pt_BR
17:34:30 <fell> LANGUAGE=en_US
17:34:53 <omni> "Note This accounting terminology can be confusing to new users, which is why GnuCash allows you to use the common terms Deposit and Withdrawal. If you prefer the formal accounting terms, you can change the account register column headings to use them in the General tab under Preferences (see the GnuCash Help Manual for more information on setting preferences
17:35:00 <omni> THat's in the GNU Cash Tutorial
17:35:36 <omni> What do I have to click in that image? Reversed accounts?
17:35:45 <omni> I only just downloaded GNUcash from the main website
17:37:09 <fell> Omni, Use formal account labels
17:38:04 <fell> If you hold your mouse over a button a tooltip should appear.
17:38:24 <omni> tyvm
17:38:42 <fell> welcome :)
17:39:54 <omni> Would be good if the manual was updated so that newbies like me don't have to come here asking for help >.< Happy new years all! ciao
17:39:56 <fell> Omni, which chapter is it?
17:40:38 <fell> Start here: http://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-guide/
17:43:19 <omni> It's the same page as this:
17:43:20 <omni> http://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-guide/accts-concepts1.html
17:43:22 <omni> In the tutorial
17:44:23 <omni> So go to help: tutorial and concept guide
17:44:55 <omni> Then accounting concepts, in 2: The Basics
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17:45:19 <omni> "Note This accounting terminology can be confusing to new users, which is why GnuCash allows you to use the common terms Deposit and Withdrawal. If you prefer the formal accounting terms, you can change the account register column headings to use them in the General tab under Preferences (see the GnuCash Help Manual for more information on setting preferences
17:45:21 <omni> Is right at the bottom
17:45:38 <omni> Note that it says check "the general tab". This needs to be changed to the "accounting" tab.
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17:48:57 <fell> Yes, I see it.
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17:53:15 <fell> But it needs some time, because I have to check out the repo on my recent PC.
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20:13:22 <GuyMoloch> fell,thanks so much for you help. :)
20:15:49 <fell> You are welcome.
20:17:01 <fell> BTW, you dislike the pt_BR translation?
20:19:42 <GuyMoloch> fell, the pt_BR translation seems not to be yet 100% done because there are some elements in English. but the reason why I choose to use English as my display language is because the help manual is in English and it refers to windows, tabs end functions whithin gnucash by its English titles
20:21:09 <fell> Yes, we are still waiting for a translation - if you have some time. ;-)
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