GnuCash  5.6-150-g038405b370+
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Query Object Framework


 provides a 125-bit int as a base class for GncNumeric.
 Date: Date and Time Printing, Parsing and Manipulation
 Utility functions to handle date and time (adjusting, getting the current date, printing the date and time, etc.)
 Entity: Types, Identity and Instance Framework
 KVP: Key-Value Pairs
 A KvpFrame is a set of associations between character strings (keys) and KvpValues.
 Numeric: Rational Number Handling w/ Rounding Error Control
The 'Numeric' functions provide a way of working with rational
numbers while maintaining strict control over rounding errors
when adding rationals with different denominators.

 Object: Dynamic Object Class Framework
 Query: Querying for Objects
 BASIC QUERY API: With this API you can create arbitrary logical queries to find sets of arbitrary object.
 Event: QOF event handlers.
 Choice and collect : One to many links.
 Objects can be linked together one-to-one by simply using the name of the related object as the parameter type in the QofClass parameter list.
 Merging QofBook structures
 Referring to entities outside a partial book.
 Misc Utilities
Logging and tracing facility.

Data Structures

class  GncNumeric
 The primary numeric class for representing amounts and values. More...
class  GncRational
 Rational number class using GncInt128 for the numerator and denominator. More...

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