8.2. Since Last Run Assistant

The Since Last Run assistant is run automatically when GnuCash is started. It is used to enter into the register any transactions that are due to be automatically entered (see Section 6.13, “Scheduling Transactions”). The run on GnuCash start can be altered in the Scheduled Transactions tab of the GnuCash Preferences. To run the Since Last Run assistant manually, go to ActionsScheduled TransactionsSince Last Run...

In the Since Last Run assistant window you can see three columns:


The name assigned in the Scheduled Transaction Editor that identifies the scheduled transaction.


The state column of the scheduled transaction can be one of the following:


Click on the state field in the row of a transaction to change its state (this option is available only if the state field is not empty)


If a scheduled transaction is being displayed, either to be created or as a reminder, the user can set the status to Ignored to skip this event. The scheduled transaction will not be entered in the register and the next reminder for this scheduled transaction will be the next occurrence. For instance, if you have a scheduled transaction set up with a reminder to transfer $500 at the end of the month to your savings account but you bought yourself a computer this month and don’t have the money for this month’s transfer then you would set the status to Ignored.


If a scheduled transaction has been listed with a status To-create but you want to hold it and not have it entered to your register yet, then you can set it to Postponed. When at some later time you change it back to To-create it will be created with the original posted-date. If you want to change that you must edit the transaction after it's created.


You are n days from the scheduled transaction due date. The number of days n to remind in advance, is set either in the GnuCash Preferences Scheduled Transactions tab or in the Overview tab of the Scheduled Transaction Editor.


This scheduled transaction will be automatically created when you press OK.


An empty field means that no operations are pending for the scheduled transaction.

At the bottom of the window there are two buttons:

At the bottom right of the Since Last Run window there is also an option that allows to Review created transactions. If this option is enabled when there are one or more transactions To-create, pressing OK will open a register window in which are shown the details of the scheduled transactions splits entered automatically by GnuCash.