6.14. Edit Scheduled Transaction Window

The Edit Scheduled Transaction Window is divided into a Name area, Options area, Occurrences area, Recurrence Frequency area, mini calendar and Template Transaction pane.

The Name field is used to enter the name for the scheduled transaction. This will be used in the Description of the transaction.

The Options area contains check-boxes to set if the transaction is automatically created and how many days in advance the transaction is created and/or a reminder posted.

The Occurrences area contains selections to set for dates limits on transactions to be entered or the number of transactions to be entered.

The Recurrence Frequency area contains selections to set how often the transaction is scheduled to be added and on what dates this occurs.

The mini calendar provides a visual indication of what transactions are already scheduled.

The Template Transaction pane allows you to setup the transaction as you would like it to be entered into the register.

These options are described in more detail in Section 6.13, “Scheduling Transactions”