4.1. GnuCash Main Windows Areas

You can access commonly used sub-windows and tools through this window.

Figure 4.1. The Main GnuCash Window

The Main GnuCash Window

The parts in which the main GnuCash window is divided.

When you start GnuCash, after a couple of windows (Splash screen, Tip of the Day) the main window will be displayed. This window is divided into the following sections (see Figure 4.1, “The Main GnuCash Window” for reference):


Displays the name of the currently opened file and the active tab’s name


Displays the available menu entries


Displays the available Toolbar buttons

Tab bar

Lists the open reports, registers and tree of accounts

Main pane

The major display space showing the content of the currently selected tab


Displays a financial summary


Gives a description of the active menu item and shows a progress bar


The contents and options within the various sub-menus of the different sections of the main GnuCash window will vary upon the active display window.

The tree of accounts is labeled Accounts in the Tab bar, and displays all your accounts and their balances, grouped according to standard accounting practice.


To open an additional view of the tree of accounts go to ViewNew Accounts Page . This will open the account tree in the existing window.


To open a new window with a tree of accounts view, go to WindowsNew Window with Page .