7.12. Process Bill Payment

Eventually, you need to pay your bills. To do so, use the Process Payment application found in BusinessVendorProcess Payment .


There is an alternative way of assigning a payment to (one or more) bills where the payment transaction already exists, say in the case where transactions are imported from a bank.

This can best be done starting from the asset account register holding the imported payment transaction (like your bank account). In that account, select the payment, right-click (control-click for macOS) and choose Assign as payment.... The payment window will pop-up, partly filled in with the information from the transaction. Fill in the missing information like the proper vendor and bill to complete the payment.

One caveat: the logic behind Assign as payment... won't properly detect credit note reimbursements and will wrongfully interpret such a transaction as a customer invoice.

The Process Payment application consists of:

7.12.1. Over Payments or Pre-Payments

If you wish to overpay an invoice or pay for goods or services before they have been invoiced, Process Payment for the total amount payed. GnuCash will then keep track of the over-payment (or pre-payment) in the A/P account and you can use the residual in the future.

7.12.2. Partial Payments

You may wish to partially pay a bill. Select the bill to pay. GnuCash will automatically suggest that bill's remaining balance as payment amount. Simply adjust that amount to what you want to pay.