1.4. Getting More Help

GnuCash offers help in many ways, including the Tip of the Day, context help, a website, a wiki, the mailing lists, and IRC chat.

1.4.1. Context Help

The context help provides detailed instructions for using GnuCash's menus, windows, and controls. To open online help, select HelpContents .

The GnuCash Help window also acts as a simple web browser, so you can pull up a website for additional information. You can open any website under this window by clicking the Open Toolbar button and then typing in the URL. Use the Back, Forward, Reload, Stop, and Print buttons as you would in a standard browser.

1.4.2. GnuCash Website

The GnuCash website contains helpful information about the program and about any updates to it. It also contains links to other online resources.

1.4.3. GnuCash Wiki

An immense amount of less-formal documentation, both of GnuCash itself and its maintenance and development may be found in the GnuCash Wiki.

1.4.4. GnuCash Frequently Asked Questions

GnuCash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is also on the GnuCash Wiki. It should be a first stop whenever you encounter difficulty using GnuCash. It is now translated into German and Simplified Chinese. If you'd like to access to the translated page, see tabs on the top of the GnuCash Frequently Asked Questions page.

1.4.5. GnuCash On-line Assistance

Mailing List

The primary source of user support is the user mailing list. If you prefer a web forum-like presentation, you can use it via Nabble. One must subscribe before posting, even if using Nabble.


Several of the developers monitor the #gnucash channel at irc.gimp.net. They are usually busy with other tasks and of course are not always at their computers. Log in, ask your question, and stay logged in; it may take several hours before your question is noticed and responded.

  • If you got disconnected check the IRC logs to verify that you missed nothing related.
  • Requirements, netiquette, and other details are explained in the IRC wiki page.

The GnuCash website has more details on these channels. You will also find pointers there to additional useful resources such as the GnuCash wiki and bug tracking system.

1.4.6. Topic Search

The online manual also provides a search function. To search for a particular topic, click the Search tab at the bottom of the help window and type in your topic in the field provided. Click the Search button to complete your search. A list of choices should appear in the box below, clicking a choice will bring up its text on the right.