2022-12-31 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:01:26 <fell> jralls, https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2022/12/30.html#T18:14:05 good catch. Edit/Delelete account should not have the elipsis. They work instantly on the SELECTED account. Perhaps we should insert "selected" into the message. The others should have the ellipsis.
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04:23:27 <fell> FeuerwehrMichael, Überblick zur Problematik https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Datenaustausch. In https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Online-Banking#Fehlersuche steht, wo Aqbanking die Protokolle ablegt. Darin solltest du sehen, was die Bank gesendet hat.
04:28:51 <FeuerwehrMichael> Danke. Ich schau mir das Mal an.
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15:14:09 <Kaligula> .
15:18:23 <Kaligula> Is there any Report that shows how many of which asset I have? I have some assets in multiple places, and when I tried "Investment Portfolio" it shows them also multiple times (separately for each account they are in). I have to use calculator to sum them up… :/
15:44:23 <NoobAlice> Kaligula: Reports > Assets > Securities Piechart?
15:45:55 <NoobAlice> And in Options, set slices to some high number. 7 didn't cut it for me. :)
15:51:19 <NoobAlice> Kind of backwards, but if you have always had Trading Accounts enabled, you can just look at those in your Accounts page. Trying to run a report on just Trading accounts made GnuCash crash for me, haha
15:52:07 <Kaligula> oops :)
15:52:34 <Kaligula> thanks, I'll have a look, but first I have to check in translations which options you think of
15:52:36 <NoobAlice> Ooo, my multicolumn balance sheet shows Trading Accounts nicely... interesting.
15:52:40 <NoobAlice> Oh!
15:53:25 <Kaligula> I think don't use trading accounts. It's 1 of the 2 options to deal with currency rates in transactions?
15:53:30 <NoobAlice> Reports > first like is Assets > last line Securities Piechart
15:54:47 <NoobAlice> Yes. You would know you use it if, when you buy a stock or security or foreign currency, GnuCash automatically adds extra lines to your transaction for your local currency and an opposite value in that stock/security/foreign currency.
15:55:40 <NoobAlice> But you don't want to set up Trading Accounts on a long-existing file unless you are going to go back and fix old transactions.
15:57:37 <Kaligula> No, no, now I'm sure that's the method I wanted to omit :D
15:57:49 <NoobAlice> :)
15:58:11 <NoobAlice> Then that report I mentioned might help. Let me see if I can screenshot how to get there so you can just match up lines.
15:59:01 <Kaligula> first line I've got is (I'd translate it to) "Business"
15:59:06 <Kaligula> in Reports
15:59:26 <NoobAlice> Oh no, maybe they are sorted differently...
15:59:30 <Kaligula> Oh, I think I got this!
16:00:10 <NoobAlice> Ooo! Is it doing what you want?
16:00:26 <Kaligula> Now let me wiggle a bit with settings and I'll be back with results soon…
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16:12:32 <Kaligula> NoobAlice: Situation is a bit funny :) This report's help level is similar, but different. The "Investment Portfolio" shows how many of each assets I have (which is what I want) but it doesn't cumulate same assets from different accounts (which is not helpful). The "Security Piechart" shows the value of each asset I have (which is not helpful), and adds up same assets from all accounts (which is what I want)…
16:14:33 <Kaligula> I'm searching for a report that can find and sum up all appearances of each asset, and then show me how much of each asset I have through my all accounts.
16:15:33 <NoobAlice> Oh, so you want share counts?
16:16:18 <Kaligula> Uh, maybe. <thinking> If I understand that term correctly.
16:17:05 <NoobAlice> You might need to put Investment Portfolio into a spreadsheet like Excel or Calc and do totals that way... Give me a few minutes to think...
16:17:10 <Kaligula> As the chat is public, I'll try some example…
16:17:21 <Kaligula> For example I'd like to know how much gold I have in various banks.
16:17:42 <Kaligula> Or how much Bitcoins I have on my all crypto exchanges.
16:17:49 <NoobAlice> Okay, I see.
16:17:50 <Kaligula> (and wallets)
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16:18:41 <NoobAlice> In the Piechart, you can change Report's currency from, for example, Euros to Gold bars.
16:18:45 <Kaligula> Yeah, I thought of exporting "Investment Portfolio" to CSV and calculating this in Excel, but I see only export to HTML :/
16:19:04 <NoobAlice> Don't export. Just use your mouse to highlight, then use copy and paste.
16:19:15 <Kaligula> Oh, it's that simple? I'll try.
16:19:27 <NoobAlice> Yes, it is great! I use it for lots of reports.
16:21:02 <Kaligula> Oh, yes. Copying to Excel and sorting by Symbol column is like 10 seconds. Or spend another minute to make a formula with conditional sums.
16:21:22 <Kaligula> Thanks, NoobAlice, that's quite good workaround!
16:21:33 <NoobAlice> :D
16:22:37 <Kaligula> However, as I've learnt about that Security Piechart adds same assets up… I know it's possible to create a report similar like Investment Portfolio that sums them up, too ;)
16:23:10 <Kaligula> Maybe it's possible on user end, maybe there needs to be a fix on devs end…
16:23:50 <NoobAlice> I guess you could use Investment Portfolio and go into Options and manually select all your Gold bar accounts, but that would be a lot of work.
16:23:59 <NoobAlice> You might be able to make a custom report, but I don't know how to do that.
16:25:26 <Kaligula> If I opened Security Piechart and changed its settings, I have to "Save Config" for later use?
16:25:54 <Kaligula> I mean, if I open Security Piechart (form menu) anytime later it will always open with defaults?
16:26:17 <NoobAlice> Yes. You can save it as a Saved Report Configuration. It will not remember what you chose for options. You can't change the defaults on that report.
16:26:29 <Kaligula> thanks
16:26:51 <Kaligula> So reports from menu are like Templates.
16:26:59 <NoobAlice> Yes, exactly!
16:27:08 <Kaligula> Now I understand.
16:30:20 <NoobAlice> Also, if you have a few Saved Report Configurations that you like to see at the same time, you can make a Custom Multicolumn report that shows them together.
16:30:48 <Kaligula> Thank, I just started exploring multicolumn 30 seconds ago :D
16:31:00 <Kaligula> nice timing ;D
16:31:38 <NoobAlice> Haha
16:39:59 <Kaligula> Thank you, NoobAlice, you are very helpful :)
16:40:13 <NoobAlice> :)
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17:07:09 <Kaligula> Wooow, [[Custom Reports]] is heck of a headache to create. I thought I'd mix "Securities Piechart" with "Investment Portfolio" to get the desired result but now I think I don't want this… :(
17:08:07 <Kaligula> I learned some Perl to make F::Q modules for my assets, but *this* is way more :l
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17:37:07 <NoobAlice> Haha, same. All that is way over my head.
17:37:47 <NoobAlice> Also, I know some people use the database-type GnuCash file and use a different program to make reports, but I don't know how to do all that.
17:39:23 <Kaligula> NoobAlice: Well, if that 3rd party program is nice… Saving GnuCash file as database is an easy step.
17:42:11 <NoobAlice> There are a few programs, and you'd have to find what they are and learn to use them. That's the tricky part.
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