2022-12-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:04:18 <Simon> I managed to crash 4.11 recently, I think I closed a report tab while it was still being generated: https://s85.org/73AcdrGX
14:04:29 <Simon> priv is null
14:18:49 <Simon> created https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798702
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14:30:21 <jralls> Simon, I suppose it was a SIGSEGV. Was there any indication of whether the address was NULL or something else?
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14:46:32 <jralls> Simon, I sort of reproduced on 4.13: It did crash for me but in a different place.
14:55:25 * Simon tries 4.13
14:57:59 <Simon> I'm also clicking the "Accounts" tab after closing the report
14:58:54 <Simon> This is nice: v4.11 "File load time: 0:00:09.318468" v4.13 "File load time: 0:00:08.313057"
14:59:08 <Simon> 10% faster load time
15:00:36 <Simon> jralls: I've added my 4.13 stack trace to the bug report, which is different from 4.11
15:01:14 <jralls> That's the same one I got.
15:03:58 <jralls> Erm, *almost* the one I got. Mine crashed in g_type_check_instance_cast trying to dereference nullptr. Yours looks like a double-free.
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17:22:56 <jralls> fell can https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/pull/1457 be merged, and while it's currently aimed at maint should it perhaps go to master?
17:29:15 <fell> Oh, it is still missing my review of missing placeholder flags. but thi rest is fine, It is atypical maintenance update, so I see no reason to rebase it onto master..
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17:46:20 <jralls> fell, the reason to rebase it would be that we've only the final maint release left but we're starting beta releases from master in 2 weeks.
17:47:50 <fell> wizhout merging maint?
17:49:07 <jralls> Of course not, I'll merge maint up before every beta release.
18:04:31 <jralls> fell, new subject: https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=792975. I changed all of the ... in translatable strings to … last week. Are there any menu entries remaining that end in … but shouldn't?
18:05:07 <jralls> I have it in mind to close the bug and https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/pull/1033 as fixed.
18:08:18 <fell> Only commands, which get interrupted by a dialog should have thm, but no entries like editor, database, …
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18:14:05 <jralls> That's a bit squishy. We have "Edit>Find…" and "Edit>Find Account" plus "Edit>Edit Account" and "Edit>Delete Account". All those are expressed as imperative verbs, shouldn't they all end with …?
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18:18:45 <FeuerwehrMichael> Hello, I'm a volunteer firefighter from Karlsruhe and I have a question about the text, that is shown for each bank transfer, when I sync GNUCash to my banking account. On my PC it shows the recipient, or the sender in the description field. That doesn't work for my colleague. How do I configure this? Can somebody help me with that?
18:24:04 <jralls> FeuerwehrMichael The mapping from what you download from your bank to the description field is hardcoded and depends a little on how you do the download. It's not configurable by the user.
18:26:02 <FeuerwehrMichael> I'm using Online Action\Query Account Turnover (I hope that's the right translation. I'm using GNUCash in german). So you say this text is generated by the bank?
18:34:41 <jralls> The bank breaks up the information it has into named pieces with the names depending on one of several standards. AQBanking figures out which standard and makes its own set of names. GnuCash queries those names and puts the contents into the appropriate fields of the new transaction.
18:38:41 <jralls> So from GnuCash's viewpoint, yes, the text is generated by the bank. But the bank isn't likely to make it up themselves. They get it from whoever submitted the transaction to them for processing. In most cases that will be the debit card terminal that you used to pay for something.
18:48:37 <FeuerwehrMichael> This is an example for a book entry: ONLINE-UEBERWEISUNG Beleg-Nr. 181168DATUM 30.12.2022, 15.18 UHR; Rupp Getränke GmbH
18:48:37 <FeuerwehrMichael> ONLINE-UEBERWEISUNG shows that this is a bank transfer that I've done over their web interface
18:48:37 <FeuerwehrMichael> Beleg-Nr. 181168 is the reason for payment, that I've written into the payment
18:48:37 <FeuerwehrMichael> 30.12.2022, 15.18 UHR is automatically generated
18:48:37 <FeuerwehrMichael> Rupp Getränke GmbH is the name of the recipient, that I've given to the recipient in their web interface
18:48:37 <FeuerwehrMichael> And that's what we like to see with my colleague.
18:49:19 <FeuerwehrMichael> But as far, as I understand you, the name fields from the server can be different between banks and so GNUCash can put all this informations in different fields.
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