2022-12-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:15:07 <jakoscie> Hey people, I have a question about the OFX import dialogue. My bank provides a OFX file export, that work quite nicely, except I can't really see the FITID column which shows the account the payment came from/to, which makes it hard for me to identify a category for this payment. Is there a way to customize what is shown in the import dialogue? I can work around this, but it would be nice if there was an setting I might have missed
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13:26:42 <jralls> jackoscie The FITID is supposed to be a unique id for the bank transaction so that the importing program (GnuCash in this case) can easily identify duplicates.
13:28:50 <jralls> jackoscie It's rare indeed that your bank knows anything about a transaction beyond the date, amount, and a check number if you used a paper check or the merchant's name if you used a card or your phone. OFX import puts the merchant's name in the Description field.
13:31:02 <jralls> The exception of course is when you transfer funds between two accounts at the same bank, in which case the bank knows what the other account is.
14:24:28 <jakoscie> jralls Getting the info from various bank statements is giving me a headache. Thanks for your answer. Do you by chance know how the ofx import decides which source account is this done for?
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17:00:58 <fell> jralls,in the docs in the merge of maint into master I miss an update of C/manual/ch_Finance-Quote.xml. That results in a make check failure because an entity was renamed.
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