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13:16:11 <jralls> scardracs: That's like claiming that unconditionally installing gtk or boost isn't the best thing to do for you, and given the way Gentoo distributes only source I'd think that disabling testing would be a severe disservice to your users.
13:17:09 <jralls> scardracs: Regardless, that bug was close 4 years ago. Why on earth would you expect new news?
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14:48:51 <scardracs> jralls: in gentoo, testsuite is used only by devs and proxy-maintainers to be sure everything works as expected. We do not expect that end users have to runs it to be able to use a program. I have no problem on installing it forcing end users to install it unconditionally, but at the end it does nothing for them
14:50:21 <scardracs> s/installing/adding/
15:00:15 <jralls> scardracs, Unless the user wants to run the tests. I think that's probably true for all distros, but nobody else complains about it.
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15:02:28 <scardracs> jralls: I’m not saying end users can’t use it, We actually make it conditional so they can decide if enabling it or not using USE=“test”
15:20:20 <jralls> That's certainly atypical, but then so is distributing by source instead of prebuilt binaries. Is this just about dependencies or do you expect a configuration option that disables all test-program targets?
15:21:32 <scardracs> jralls: we don't expect to remove test at all, just leave the choice to use it or not: it's totally up to users
15:30:46 <jralls> That choice is exercised by running or not running make/ninja check. If we make the Googletest dependency optional then the test targets that depend on it have to be disabled if it's not present. That removes the choice to use those tests.
15:39:48 <scardracs> jralls: you can check if googletest is installed when make/ninja check is called, no?
15:41:37 <jralls> No, it has to be done in CMakeLists.txt.
15:45:42 <scardracs> Ok
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17:04:00 <fell> jralls, about https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=GnuCash&type=revision&diff=21441&oldid=21236: Some idea, why it ts now required for help, but not for guide in thenext para?
17:07:08 <jralls> fell, because we didn't change the name of the guide. If you don't tell viewdocs.phtml that you want version 4 or earlier it looks for gnucash-manual and that doesn't exist yet.
17:09:48 <fell> Ah, OK. Then I will not replace 4 by {{MainVersion}}
17:11:15 <jralls> Hmm, actually {{MainVersion}} would be better, it saves remembering to change the link when we release GnuCash 5.0.
17:11:53 <jralls> And it would be harmless to put it in the guide link too if you want them to be consistent.
17:20:14 <fell> Done
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