2022-12-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:17:41 <fell> warlord, did www accept my recent push? I got 'remote: Ncat: Connection reset by peer.' and donot see the translation of the flatpak para in https://www.gnucash.org/download.phtml?lang=zh_CN
11:19:24 <warlord> fell, I do not know -- can you browse and look?
11:20:06 <fell> browse where?
11:28:37 <fell> In between I suspect something else is wrong as some paras are untranslated in other languages, too.
12:37:04 <jralls> fell are you pushing to beta or master? Beta's been broken for months since gjanssens did a force push. We haven't been able to get linas to fix it.
12:39:01 <warlord> fell, it looks like the website is up-to-date with git:
12:39:17 <warlord> update-website
12:39:17 <warlord> Already up to date.
12:44:13 <jralls> fell, nvm I see that it's master.
12:45:29 <jralls> warlord, the issue isn't that the git repo on code didn't update, it did and it shows on github too. The problem is that the knocker failed to get www to pull the change. Can you send another knock?
12:54:05 <warlord> jralls, I did, and that was the response I got from the knocker.
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13:11:47 <jralls> Hmm. I pulled to my local server and I also don't see the changes.
13:28:39 <jralls> It's not just the latest change, something's wrong with that section of download.phtml. The string "Known Issues and other details" was translated in a previous commit from a month ago and it's also not getting translated.
13:29:19 <jralls> Those aren't translated into German either.
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14:46:58 <gjanssens> .
15:04:31 <fell> In PR 45 the hellipsis was removed from "Known Issues and other details".and it had obvisious no priority for the de team.
15:06:18 <fell> Perhapsi should have rejected PR 45 when it as fresh?
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15:17:16 <jralls> fell, the problem isn't PR45, I just pointed out that the Chinese translation for that string was touched in that commit so whatever is the problem it's not from the latest commit.
15:19:39 <jralls> I just checked out c5bcbbf3 which is the commit before PR45 and looked at download.phtml?de_DE. Known issues *is* translated in de.po and is shown not translated on the web page. Something else is wrong but I don't see it when I look at the code.
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15:35:19 <fell> But c5bcbbf is after d537424, which changes the source.
15:41:55 <fell> In this situation gettext must fail.
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15:48:42 <jralls> Ah, you're right, ff2db2e9 works. I picked the wrong commit the first time.
15:51:57 <fell> I created a new pot, but the only difference is a different wrapping.
16:11:29 <jralls> I don't think it's the pot. The msgid in zh_CN.po looks to me like it matches the string in download.phtml.
16:12:56 <jralls> And I've tried regenerating zh_CN/.../gnucash-htdocs.mo and that doesn't make a difference either.
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16:37:53 <fell> No, I created the pot to see if we missed another change in the source files.
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19:55:48 <fell> I pushed a german translation for "Known Issues and other details" and it was accepted.
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21:03:46 <jralls> fell, it does indeed. I wonder if there's some codepoint in the zh_CN translation that's choking php's gettext.
21:16:51 <jralls> fell, On the other hand I tried copying your msgstr from de.po to zh_CN.po and regenerating the zh_CN gnucash-htdocs.mo. That doesn't work either. Nothing in apache2/error.log or php7.3-fpm.log.
21:29:26 <jralls> fell, There's a convenient typo in zh_CN.po for the Flatpak href, it's translated as "%s Flatpak". I tried to fix that and it doesn't show up either so I must be missing something.
21:30:07 <jralls> fell the command I'm using to regen the mo is `msgfmt -o locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/gnucash-htdocs.mo po/zh_CN.po`. Do I need more args?
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23:21:33 <fell> jralls, I use 'make zh_CN' which expands to 'msgfmt -c --statistics po/zh_CN.po -o locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/gnucash-htdocs.mo'
23:23:22 <fell> -c = check;
23:25:48 <fell> and --statistics returns "403 translated messages."
23:32:19 <fell> The URL string is
23:32:25 <fell> printf (T_("%sFlatpak"), $URL_WIKI);
23:34:15 <fell> with $URL_WIKI="https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/";
23:35:37 <fell> They inserted a space. That should break the link, but not translating,
23:40:50 <fell> Strange also: with the exception of "Source code" which was already defined before in index, everything starting wth the flatpak intro is untranslated in download.
23:49:04 <fell> Apropos 'choking php's gettext' we are still using a copy from 2009 instead of PHPs version.