2022-12-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:58:22 <gjanssens> .
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07:07:51 <gjanssens> jralls: re usleep and the optimizer, I did one more experiment and rebuilt with the added compiler flag -O0
07:08:52 <gjanssens> The results were the same. Adding usleep anywhere in gnucash_sheet_set_entry_selection works flawlessly. Can be before or after gtk_editable_select_region
07:19:36 <gjanssens> I'll admit I don't know much about optimization so I have no idea whether -O0 would be a useful test.
07:19:47 <gjanssens> If you can think of something better, I can always try.
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08:42:47 <Simon> Can the bug be reproduced reliably in a specific environment?
08:47:15 <Simon> Although I should really fix the bugs that affect me first...
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09:27:20 <gjanssens> Simon: are you talking about the usleep thingy ?
09:27:55 <gjanssens> I can very consistently reproduce it on Fedora 36/KDE. jralls however can't in a VM.
09:28:21 <gjanssens> All other complaints come from other KDE (Plasma) users. It doesn't seem to manifest on Gnome
09:30:39 <gjanssens> jralls: I notice I'm getting slightly out of touch here. What is chris' list of completions feature in master exactly ? How can I see it in action ?
09:34:32 <Simon> using Wayland or Xorg?
10:06:30 <chris> gjanssens: it was my idea but bob's execution. see #1447
10:06:52 <gjanssens> Simon: Xorg in my case.
10:07:53 <chris> gjanssens: it'll be QuickFill with visible choices
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10:16:44 <gjanssens> chris: ok. That would be equivalent behaviour of the GtkEntryCompletion was referring to. The difference would be GtkEntryCompletion only pops up possible matches while typing. Bob's implementation adds a drop-down menu with all possible choices already entered before.
10:17:11 <gjanssens> Personally I think just presenting matches while typing would be sufficient, but that's just preference.
10:21:55 <chris> gjanssens: IIUC the live GtkEntry would be used as a substring search for all previous descriptions.
10:22:38 <chris> in case you missed it, the import matcher also allows editing desc/memo/notes prior to import, and will now allow completion with substring search thanks to bob
10:30:03 <gjanssens> chris: I don't understand what you mean by that. What is "the live GtkEntry" ?
10:30:29 <gjanssens> And is the import matcher using the register code ?
10:32:01 <chris> gjanssens: I meant: the import matcher will now allow user to edit desc/notes/memo. While typing the desired string, a live list of previous strings will be shown as completion. it works well.
10:32:52 <chris> it's in the import matcher only. I'd suggested this Completion idea would be nice to have in the register code.
10:37:08 <gjanssens> chris: ok. I just tested the import matcher's new feature. That's an example of how GtkEntryCompletion works and what I was discussing with jralls for the register.
10:37:41 <gjanssens> The problem is our register code is currently in a halfway state between pre-Gtk register and full Gtk-register.
10:38:17 <chris> yes I gathered...
10:38:32 <gjanssens> While it uses a GtkEntry to capture user's text entry, it handles a lot of the text manipulations as it was done pre-Gtk.
10:39:06 <gjanssens> My only point really was to suggest just that - we're only halfway in the conversion.
10:40:26 <gjanssens> But other than pointing it out, there's not much I can contribute anytime soon so perhaps I should just have shut up :(
10:41:12 <gjanssens> It shows I'm still emotionally connected to the project and that's sometimes hard if you can't actually contribute.
10:43:01 <chris> gjanssens: you are still contributing :)
10:45:04 <gjanssens> Yeah, tiny bits here and there...
11:12:21 <gjanssens> jralls: I have updated the bit about the state of the register on the roadmap. As you say, at least it won't get lost that way.
11:14:31 <gjanssens> I'll note the "Eliminate depracted widgets and libraries" roadmap item has been completed for the Gtk2->Gtk3 cycle
11:14:55 <gjanssens> Should we just remove it or already update it for Gtk3->Gtk4 ?
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12:33:06 <gjanssens> .
12:39:09 <fell> gjanssens, feel free to update it to GTK3->4
12:48:55 <gjanssens> Ok, done
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13:24:31 <jralls> gjanssens, Thanks. It occurs to me that even though I can't see the timing problem in my VM the compiler should be producing the same code so I can look at the effects of optimization myself.
13:26:09 <jralls> gjanssens, I got a compile error on usleep in Windows, it turns out one must include <unistd.h> there. I decided to #if(!(defined(__APPLE__) || defined(__WIN32__)) instead.
13:27:50 <gjanssens> Yeah, I saw the commit. As it's only an issue on KDE linux, that's just fine.
13:28:13 <gjanssens> GTG
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