2022-12-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:56:48 <natrius> Hello, i asked the other day about a matrix-bridge and someone else was asking on the ML about it, it seems there was a misunderstanding that i want channelOP here. That is not the case. To activate the bridge i just need the nickname of the current channelOP :)
02:56:49 <gncbot> natrius: Sent 5 days, 13 hours, and 29 minutes ago: <jralls> I have no interest in a matrix bridge and based on the silence from the other core team I suspect none of them have any either.
02:57:59 <natrius> It was not my intention to demand channel op privs or anything like that. Its completely clear that something like that will not happen for a random outsider that just pops up in the channel.
03:19:09 <natrius> In matrix itself: I see warlord is mod in the old bridged (obsolete?) room. It is possible to set there a tombstone-event for a redirect to the new room, if you like.
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05:54:52 <gour> morning
05:57:30 <gour> from January 1st our country (Croatia) is leaving aside our native currency and moving to €. currently majority of my recorded transactions are in HRK, minority in EUR and just a few involving USD. I plan to reconcile everything with the the end of the year, but wonder if changing account's currency from HRK to EUR will mean that I'd lose all the autocompletions ptovided by Gnucash which are very convenient?
06:51:33 <Simon> Separate account registers will have separate autocompletion of previous transactions
07:05:13 <warlord> natrius, I created a #gnucash room on libera (now also irc.gnome.org). That is not /this/ room (irc.gimp.org) where me, chris, fell, gjanssens, jralls, and gncbot all reside.
07:05:44 <warlord> natrius, I am officially the "channel owner" here.
07:06:28 <warlord> gour, you cannot just "change the currency of an account" -- unless the exchange rate from HRK to EUR is 1:1.
07:07:44 <gour> warlord: so, it means I've to start from the scratch?
07:08:22 <warlord> GnuCash DOES have a mechanism to "change" currencies, but it requires a code-change which means the conversion will probably be delayed..
07:11:13 <fell> In nucash 1.8 we had an euro-conversion tool, but it was not ported to gnucash 2.0.
07:12:03 <fell> If you are a coder, you could start there.
07:17:51 <Simon> your options are to pretend all your previous transactions were really in EUR, with all the problems that result from not having enough precision to present values exactly and asburd cash withdrawal amounts - or have separate accounts for before/after the 1st
07:18:50 <Simon> regardless of any conversions that may/may not be done an account can only be in one currency
07:19:43 <Simon> I'll give the same advice I gave the other person with this issue... obtain and keep a record of the HRK/EUR conversation rate history *now* before that information disappears
07:20:31 <Simon> in case you want to do something like keep your expense accounts entirely in EUR and convert all the previous HRK->HRK transactions into HRK->EUR transactions at the rate that was in effect
07:25:34 <natrius> Thanks for the answer warlord, i'm aware that this two rooms a separate.
07:30:46 <warlord> natrius, so if you just need the channel owner name, that would be me.
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07:54:32 <gour> Simon: thanks. I'll definetely close the year 2022, but would like not to lost auto-completion suggestions from past transactions...something to think about :smile:
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08:10:49 <gjanssens> .
08:10:49 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 2 days, 18 hours, and 50 minutes ago: <jralls> Does moving the usleep call to gnucash_sheet_insert_cb affect the quickfill behavior?
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08:39:01 <gjanssens> jralls: I have tried moving usleep to the beginning or to the end of that function. Continues to work flawlessly in both cases.
08:46:49 * chris always needs microsleep before or after a function to work flawlessly
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13:21:28 <jralls> warlord, gour, the HRK->EUR fixed-rate change is already in place. However it worked for the other currencies that joined the Euro (the last was Latvia in 2014) will work for the Hryvnia. There have been a couple of discussions on gnucash-user in the last couple of months, I suggest reviewing them.
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13:25:16 <jralls> gjanssens that's interesting. So whatever's boinking out is somewhere after the second callback.
13:25:39 <gjanssens> Indeed, I came to the same conclusion
13:25:48 <gjanssens> "boinking" is a funny word btw :)
13:26:46 <gjanssens> I don't have time to continue to dig into this myself, but if you have more tests to perform I can squeeze them in here and there.
13:38:11 <jralls> well, the next test would be to try the usleep in gnucash_sheet_key_press_event_internal just before the call to gnucash_sheet_set_entry_selection, line 1839. You might also try commenting out that line to see if the IME is messing with the selection.
14:24:09 <gjanssens> jralls, here are the results:
14:24:32 <gjanssens> usleep before gnucash_sheet_set_entry_selection -> ok
14:24:43 <gjanssens> usleep after gnucash_sheet_set_entry_selection -> bad
14:24:56 <gjanssens> usleep inside gnucash_sheet_set_entry_selection -> ok (regardless of location)
14:25:38 <gjanssens> replace gnucash_sheet_set_entry_selection in gnucash_sheet_key_press_event_internal with call to gtk_editable_select_region directly and usleep after this call -> bad
14:29:13 <jralls> Did you include the DEBUG statement in that last option?
14:42:12 <Simon> I have a different timing alignment problem on pasting something that is autocompleted
14:42:30 <Simon> there's an autocomplete for "NETFLIX.COM 18665797172"
14:43:20 <Simon> if I middle-click paste "NETFLIX", the input will look like this with the cursor in the wrong place: "NETFLIX.COM 18|665797172"
14:43:46 <jralls> Simon, are you using KDE plasma?
14:43:52 <Simon> no, Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome
14:44:14 <Simon> the cursor position happens to be double the length of "NETFLIX"
14:44:27 <jralls> Then please file a bug report. A video showing exactly what you're pasting where would be helpful.
14:53:04 <jralls> GTG, Back in a couple of hours.
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15:20:26 <gjanssens> jralls_afk: yes, I did include the DEBUG statement in that last option.
15:22:35 <gjanssens> with usleep between DEBUG statement and gtk_editable_select_region -> ok
15:22:46 <gjanssens> with usleep after gtk_editable_select_region -> bad
15:25:54 <gjanssens> I find it odd a usleep in gnucash_sheet_set_entry_selection always works, while copying its contents to gnucash_sheet_key_press_event_internal no longer works
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15:46:03 <Simon> is there a change in what is called with the delay?
15:46:26 <Simon> I'd log the functions that are called with the current time in nanoseconds
15:46:53 <Simon> I assume there's only one thread but I'd log that as well to be sure
15:58:02 <gour> jralls_afk: thanks. I did ask on users' list, but got no reply...will take a closer look
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17:54:41 <jralls> Simon, logging slows things down enough that the problem goes away.
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