2022-12-04 GnuCash IRC logs

00:18:31 <CDB-Man> chris:
00:18:32 <CDB-Man> <CDB-Man> https://i.imgur.com/hspWEGZ.png
00:18:32 <CDB-Man> <CDB-Man> the expense piechart is returning this error but still generates... should i file a bug report?
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01:34:24 <chris> CDB-Man: try this patch: https://pastebin.com/raw/0RwXB38F
01:34:27 <chris> one-line
01:35:00 <CDB-Man> Will check it in the AM
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08:14:36 <chris> jralls bug 798679 your bugfix wfm
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12:15:07 <Kaligula> Hi.
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16:03:28 <CDB-Man> chris: fix works
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18:29:49 <bn_mobile> hi, is anyone aware of something like mint.com but has open API access? I’m trying to automate scheduling dynamic payment amounts over an extremely long time horizon but I am unable to find anything that would allow such a feature, would GnuCash, Firefly3, or KMyMoney be able to do this? (N.B, ACAICT Firefly3 predominantly only has data importers for non-US financial institutions).
18:29:54 <bn_mobile> PS: when I say schedule, I mean like actually pay & not just popup some reminder.
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19:34:37 <warlord> bn_mobile, gnucash can only initiate payments in HBCI in Germany.
19:34:47 <warlord> I can't answer for any other project.
19:36:18 <bn_mobile> warlord: thanks, do you know if HBCI has an international presence in the US for ex?
19:36:50 <warlord> bn_mobile, it does not; it's a German standard.
19:37:08 <bn_mobile> For some reason it seems a lot of financial institutions in the US are very anti-open and are slowly dropping QIF support for these sketchy new aggregator companies that are muscling themselves in (ex: Plaid.io), ex: Discover recently dropped QIF support (supposedly Intuit updated it for FDX? but not quite sure how it affects it?)
19:38:13 <warlord> I don't know -- i don't use any of the gnucash<->bank sync technologies. I manually enter my transactions in gnucash, and I enter bill-pay through my bank's WebUI
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19:39:28 <bn_mobile> warlord: isn't that time consuming?
19:40:10 <warlord> For the ~10 txns/mo, I can go spend the extra few minutes.
19:40:24 <warlord> It's not like I'm issuing hundreds of payments.
19:40:30 <bn_mobile> ah
19:40:46 <warlord> Sorry, gotta run..
19:43:29 <bn_mobile> what is needed to get companies to support GnuCash to initiate payments?
19:44:03 <bn_mobile> I think what's complicated my life is CC companies in the US offer various cashback incentives to use specific cards for specific categories, ex: travel bonus related CC, grocery CC, gas CC, etc. and managing multiple cards is what is needed for US credit bureaus to give one a "good" score.
19:44:40 <bn_mobile> oh ok... thanks!
19:49:06 <bn_mobile> besides a willing financial institution that is :) I mean like from a technical aspect
23:39:53 <aj> yeah, i was quite disappointed in Discover dropping workable export options too.
23:40:34 <aj> definitely makes me reconsider using discover for anything small because i don't want to enter it manually.