2022-11-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:57:55 <Kaligula> fell, I just corrected the weblate accelerators. Why does weblate not inform about this?
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05:16:57 <chris> CDB-Man: I've just pushed the changes for 798004; thanks for the highlights to ease diff hunting
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08:25:18 <CDB-Man> Thanks Chris. Does this mean it won't show until tomorrow's maint build?
08:32:55 <fell> Kaligula, https://github.com/WeblateOrg/weblate/issues/5962
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10:02:44 <Kaligula> Thanks, fell. I see that's an old feature request and noone's willing to make it… :l Although many similar issues were made in the meantime.
10:05:01 <fell> Yeah, it is not so easy to determinate the accellerator. Most like KDE and LibreOffice use &, but Gnome uses _.
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17:29:42 <CDB-Man> on the multicolumn balance sheet, i checked off "show exchange rates" and I see the row at the bottom of the report for "Exchange Rates", but no rtes are printed. just me or others see this too? Build ID: git 4.12-53-g7992fd0e9b+(2022-11-18)
17:38:40 <CDB-Man> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798669
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20:28:41 <AdrienM> @tell CDB-man, I see the rates if I check off the 'Common Currency' option on the Commodities tab. (I used USD as the common currency)
20:28:41 <gncbot> AdrienM: The operation succeeded.
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20:48:45 <CDB-Man> hmm
20:49:11 <CDB-Man> also, your tell command didn't work since you have the comma attached to the nick
20:50:28 <CDB-Man> i wonder why mine does not work then
20:50:50 <warlord> Kaligula, supybot changed to, IIRC, linoria, or something like that. I tried to upgrade, but it didn't work. I didn't have time to try to figure out all the configuration changes to make it work, so I just reverted back to supybot. Indeed, while I run it the server, I'm not the one who set it up. That was done by jsled, who is no longer around. I've been able to maintain it so far, but....
20:51:30 <CDB-Man> AdrienM: did you see the screenshots in the bug report i filed?
20:52:22 <AdrienM> Ah, sorry, forgot to put a space after the nick.
20:53:02 <AdrienM> I didn't go looking for a report. I had to restart my IRC client and missed it I suppose.
20:53:14 <CDB-Man> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798669
20:53:49 <AdrienM> I notice my build info doesn't have the '-53' suffix as yours. Mine is: Build ID: 4.12+(2022-09-24)
20:54:28 <CDB-Man> i'm on the bleeding edge maint build
20:54:39 <CDB-Man> which is why mentioned the build #
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20:54:58 <AdrienM> Right, I figured.
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20:55:30 <AdrienM> I see you're using a stylesheet other than default. Do you get the same result if you revert?
20:57:00 <CDB-Man> it does not. it wouldnt make sense for stylesheets to affect (in normal circumstances) given that all they do is apply styles
20:57:38 <AdrienM> I was thinking of an errant 'display-none' rule perhaps.
20:58:29 <CDB-Man> ah. well, this stylesheets on other instances of this report has no problems
20:58:34 <AdrienM> I haven't built in some time. I'll leave it to others to chime in, but if you don't get any corroboration, let me know and I'll give it a go.
20:58:53 <CDB-Man> so for that reason I'm quite confident it's not a stylesheet error
20:59:05 <CDB-Man> it may be due to the fact that I've only seleected equity accounts perhaps
20:59:06 <AdrienM> reasonable enough.
20:59:45 <AdrienM> Ah, I left the other defaults as-is. I have asset accounts with foreign currencies, but that would be it.
21:00:00 <AdrienM> Maybe select all accounts just to see if they show up?
21:00:30 <CDB-Man> my other instance of this report has all acocunts selecte
21:00:32 <CDB-Man> dd
21:00:43 <AdrienM> And still no rates?
21:00:48 <CDB-Man> rates are there
21:01:07 <AdrienM> That is likely the culprit then - no accounts with rates to display.
21:01:23 <CDB-Man> which leads me to believe perhaps it only displays if asset accounts are included
21:01:27 <AdrienM> Equity is I thought, usually 'fixed' at any point in time.
21:01:59 <CDB-Man> i retain equity in multiple currencies
21:01:59 <AdrienM> A balance sheet should have them though. What is the goal with not including Assets?
21:02:22 <CDB-Man> this instance of the report is used to report equity at greater account depth
21:02:41 <CDB-Man> the regular balance sheet is at depth 2, this report is at depth 6
21:02:45 <AdrienM> I see.
21:03:05 <CDB-Man> i retain 3 currencies and may add more
21:03:12 <CDB-Man> I'm currently doing a CTA reconsiliation
21:04:12 <AdrienM> The default is all levels.
21:04:14 <CDB-Man> in particular, if it is of interest... CTA reconciliation between standard equity and OCI
21:04:31 <AdrienM> Sorry, two acronyms I'm no familiar with.
21:05:07 <CDB-Man> adding a random asset account with a USD balance displays the USD FX rate
21:05:18 <CDB-Man> so it seems the rate display only checks asset accounts
21:05:21 <AdrienM> That's not too terrible.
21:05:58 <AdrienM> Not sure if 'bug' or 'RFE' but I'm sure it is reasonable to fix regardless.
21:06:41 <AdrienM> The work around otherwise til then would be to run the report for all accounts at full depth.
21:07:06 <AdrienM> Messy, most likely, but a copy-paste of the Equity section can improve that as needed.
21:07:43 <CDB-Man> no need
21:07:56 <CDB-Man> all I needed to do was add a single one of my USD cash accounts to the report
21:08:07 <CDB-Man> that is enough to get the USD FX rate displayed
21:08:11 <CDB-Man> no need to ruin the entire report
21:08:31 <CDB-Man> I have 700+ accounts in my chart of accounts... hence why this break-out report is only a subset of the equity accounts
21:08:35 <AdrienM> Cool. At least its not a regression or new bug. Likely a design limitation or oversight.
21:08:39 <AdrienM> Ouch.
21:08:50 <CDB-Man> well, it may be a regression, who knows
21:09:03 <CDB-Man> i would not rule it out per se
21:09:30 <CDB-Man> chris and i had been making edits to both multicolumn reports earlier in the year
21:09:41 <CDB-Man> and this was not an explicitly tested item
21:10:22 <AdrienM> At least not since my 9-24 build. I just tested with Equity only and the rates vanished.
21:11:09 <CDB-Man> and you created a foreign currency equity account with a balance when you tested?
21:11:31 <AdrienM> Seems I had one I forgot about.
21:11:44 <AdrienM> So yeah, that doesn't help.
21:12:58 <AdrienM> I just tested adding an asset account in a foreign currency, only a rate for that one currency showed up.
21:13:58 <AdrienM> It happened to not be the same currency as any Equity account. When I switched it to the currency for the account that exists, only that one showed up.
21:14:46 <CDB-Man> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798669#c2 confirms my comment in the report that I just added
21:15:51 <AdrienM> That seems like a broader solution.
21:17:42 <AdrienM> I see now that other-currency Equity account has no transactions. It is a blank Opening Balances-XXX account. (XAG to be specific)
21:18:48 <CDB-Man> mine has transactions, see screenshot 2 in bug report
21:19:54 <AdrienM> noted.
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