2022-11-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:31:18 <sunyibo> Hi, what's the best way to use one gnucash file on several computers. So far I'm copying the file back and forth.
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12:10:27 <Kaligula> sunyibo: if the computers are connected to the internet you can use a cloud storage service like e.g. Dropbox.
12:10:41 <Kaligula> I use Dropbox.
12:11:35 <Kaligula> Does anybody know how to secure the GnuCash file with a password? I know it is not a GnuCash function, but maybe something is working with a Dropbox service?
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12:15:28 <Kaligula> Hi, NoobAlice! I asked a question here a minute before you joined :)
12:15:30 <Kaligula> After yesterday's talk I suppose you work mostly on Linux, but maybe you know - on Windows (or platform-independently) - how to secure the GnuCash file with a password? I know it is not a GnuCash function, but maybe something is working with a Dropbox service?
12:16:07 <Kaligula> I use Dropbox to share the file with another PC.
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14:48:40 <jralls> Kaligula1, I keep my GnuCash accounts in an encrypted disk image and store that on Google Drive both so that I can get to it when I'm traveling and as offsite backup.
14:51:55 <jralls> That capability is built in to macOS. There should be utilities out there for other OSes that will do something similar. The one thing to be careful of is to ensure that the disk image has a path that's intelligible to the Gtk FileChooser when it's mounted, otherwise GnuCash won't be able to find the directory.
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14:55:14 <Kaligula> jralls, thanks, I never used those things.
14:55:19 <Kaligula> An encrypted disk image is a password protected/encrypted file which can be opened by a specific app and then becomes mounted as a virtual disk?
14:55:33 <jralls> Yes.
14:56:37 <Kaligula> And how does it work with sharing the file with another person?
14:57:04 <Kaligula> I mean, GnuCash locks the file (creating *.LCK).
14:57:28 <Kaligula> But with the encrypted disk image it is created inside that disk image.
14:57:50 <Kaligula> Will the other person see that *.LCK file?
14:57:57 <Kaligula> another* person
15:00:09 <jralls> It's not going to work well in the scenario where somebody else might try to use the file at the same time, nor if you're undisciplined about shutting down
15:00:21 <jralls> GnuCash when you're not using it.
15:02:39 <jralls> In either of those cases the best way is to use a mysql or postgresql server. Those are password protected and the lock record is reflected more or less immediately, greatly reducing the opportunity of a race allowing two users access to the same database.
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15:20:10 <Kaligula> jralls: I ran through all the Docs and Manual, then searched Wiki… while I should have just tried "Menu/File/Save as…" <facepalm>
15:20:36 <Kaligula> (to check how to convert to SQL database)
15:21:42 <Kaligula> Do I have to install any software to use either mysql or postgresql?
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16:00:38 <Kaligula> I'd gladly follow a manual (if there is one) instead of asking questions and taking sb's time.
16:01:26 <Kaligula> I know I can save as mysql, but I get an error. I guess I have to install sth.
16:01:35 <Kaligula> some SQL software
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16:59:35 <angusp> I'm trying to add an exchange trade where the comission was charged in BTC and not a currency GnuCash knows about - seeing as currencies seem to not be user editable and I doesn't look like you can add a 'security' denominated Expense account, how best to account for this? Spot convert the BTC fee to USD or is there a better way™?
17:00:47 <Kaligula> for example you bought ETH paying with BTC?
17:02:24 <angusp> Nope, bought BTC with USD but echange charged comission/fee in BTC not USD
17:02:39 <Kaligula> ok, I managed this
17:02:54 <Kaligula> create new transaction, split it
17:03:38 <Kaligula> 1st row: credit yourself a for example 0.01 BTC
17:04:01 <Kaligula> 2nd row: charge yourself 168 USD
17:04:34 <Kaligula> 3rd row: charge yourself an exchange's fee 0.00001 BTC
17:05:55 <Kaligula> That could be it. But…
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17:07:12 <Kaligula> …if you want to note exchange fees into a specific account "Exchange fees" then create 4th row with a specific amount of USD (0.00001 of BTC) payed to "Exchange fees"
17:07:35 <Kaligula> You'll have to put prices in BTC's row
17:07:38 <Kaligula> rows*
17:08:50 <Kaligula> BTC amounts (0.01 in 1st row and 0.00001 in 3rd row) with their prices will get calculated into USD amounts in the same rows, and that amounts wil have to equal the USDs in 2nd row and 4th row
17:08:56 <Kaligula> Am I clear?
17:09:10 <Kaligula> angusp :)
17:10:31 <angusp> Kinda, I suppose I could 'ignore' the expense and absorb the fee into the effective price of the BTC
17:10:53 <Kaligula> that is simplier, yes
17:11:16 <Kaligula> I just want to track echanges fees so I create such splits
17:11:44 <Kaligula> 3rd option is to…
17:11:55 <Kaligula> 1st row: get 0.01 BTC
17:12:18 <Kaligula> (and you put a price 16800)
17:12:29 <Kaligula> (so you get a worth 168 USD)
17:12:32 <Kaligula> 2nd row: expense 168 USD
17:12:52 <Kaligula> 3rd row: exchange fee 0.00001 BTC (WITHOUT A PRICE)
17:13:12 <Kaligula> yes, you can omit price
17:13:52 <Kaligula> If you put a commodity without a price you will get a row without any "countable money worth" so the split doesn't get Unbalanced
17:14:16 <Kaligula> Sry, I'm not English speaker so I'm translating on the fly
17:14:41 <Kaligula> may mistake some terms
17:14:42 <angusp> Yeah, I'd agree and would prefer to track expenses properly so have them as splits
17:15:47 <angusp> Another hacky option is to pick a currency GnuCash *does* know about like the Baht or Balboa (฿) that I'm never going ot actually hold and 'pretend' that's BTC
17:16:09 <Kaligula> meh
17:16:15 <angusp> not sure if that'd work well or end up causing a ton of pain
17:16:17 <Kaligula> I think that's the worst option
17:16:29 <Kaligula> let me show you a screenshot
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18:25:44 <fell> Kaligula: https://www.gnucash.org/docs/v4/C/gnucash-guide/basics-files1.html
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18:36:20 * Simon waves
18:36:58 <Simon> angusp: you try recording the expense with its USD value but it may not be large enough
18:39:04 <Simon> could try*
18:39:42 <Simon> whatever you do, don't try combining a security with Expenses in the XXX currency type - that is a world of pain
18:41:39 <Simon> the danger with using another currency is that it may merge with some other currency in the future
18:44:09 <Simon> XXX is available until you want to use it for something else :)
18:44:38 <Simon> I have accounts denominated in XXX but they're not real so I have a currency rate of 0 for XXX to GBP
18:45:14 <Simon> the difficulty is that you can't have a different exchange rate if you have a need for multiple XXX currencies
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18:54:01 <Kaligula> Thank you, fell! I must've missed that.
18:55:42 <Kaligula> Now I understand. It's easy to use a file (XML or sqlite) but they are not password protected. On the other hand, the protected solutions require database servers… and there a next question raises. Will I be able to share that file with another computer via Dropbox or sth?
18:56:17 <angusp> I think we worked out a sane solution, basically having a buy and sell of the 'stock' in the same transaction and a fee worth the same amount as the sell
18:56:42 <angusp> Can give a screenshot if that makes no sense 😅
18:56:55 <Kaligula> jralls, I don't have any physical server. Just end-user PCs.
18:57:41 <Kaligula> Will running a local sql server (on each PC) allow to sync the database betwen PCs?
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19:06:48 * angusp waves at Simon
19:10:21 <fell> Kaligula for that question you should read the server's manual.
19:10:57 <fell> Have you any expirienca as data base admin?
19:11:01 <Kaligula> no
19:11:43 <fell> Do you know someone, who could help you stting it up?
19:11:57 <Kaligula> Well, yeah, I think i might ask one fella.
19:12:13 <Kaligula> That would be easier, to talk in my home language.
19:12:35 <fell> Dobre
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19:14:15 <Kaligula> fell… what do you mean by "Dobre"? ;>
19:14:37 <fell> Dobrze?
19:14:38 <Kaligula> I know what that word means, if I understand your intentions well… ;)
19:15:09 <Kaligula> Well, you confirmed that I understood well, what you wanted to say.
19:15:32 <Kaligula> But I'm curious, why :D
19:16:10 <fell> In 1989 I travelled a few weeks through Poland.
19:17:13 <Kaligula> And THAT's why I was confused with your "Dobre"!
19:17:22 <Kaligula> You stalked me? ;>
19:17:29 <Kaligula> I'm not angry! ;)
19:17:46 <Kaligula> Just surprised, and curious
19:17:46 <fell> I saw your translation
19:17:54 <Kaligula> Oooooh, Weblate?
19:18:05 <fell> Yep
19:18:13 <Kaligula> I, so facepalmed now.
19:18:25 <Kaligula> That's nice, someone saw that work ;)
19:18:44 <Kaligula> I hope to see it some day in my installation.
19:19:46 <Kaligula> I saw an old (14d) weblate PR waiting on GitHub. This will be accepted someday?
19:20:12 <fell> If nobody disrupts me, you can see it in a few hours in the nightlies,
19:20:33 <Kaligula> Nice!
19:21:08 <Kaligula> No pushing, just looking forward to seeing that on my pc :)
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20:01:49 <fell> Kaligula, reload https://www.gnucash.org/docs.phtml?lang=pl_PL
20:02:31 <Kaligula> \o/
20:06:20 <fell> Short after 07:00 CET the Flatpak and before 10:00 the windows builds will follow.
20:09:57 <fell> About the weblate PR I had hoped, the guy would add more than 5 glossary entries. And as they are not shown in the program, it was not urgent.
20:26:37 <Kaligula> fell, I corrected po/pl.po:4086 and po/pl.po:21700 locally and on Weblate. I have no idea where to put underscore in po/pl.po:19965 because I don't know where I can see that in program (somewhere deep in online banking setup?). I'd even choose randomly but don't know if it would create a duplicate accelerator…
20:28:38 <Kaligula> I don't know how to check where it is in GUI. Or how to check in the code what is on the screen at the same time.
20:30:56 <fell> You can see it in glade gnucash/import-export/aqb/dialog-ab.glade'
20:31:16 <fell> You can see it by running 'glade gnucash/import-export/aqb/dialog-ab.glade'
20:31:32 <Kaligula> On Windows?
20:31:47 <fell> if glade is installed
20:31:53 <Kaligula> is not, I see
20:32:05 <fell> aka gtkbuilder
20:33:08 <Kaligula> gtkbuilder is also not recognizable by command line :(
20:33:40 <Kaligula> It's msgid "Con_firm Password"
20:34:29 <fell> Do you have mingw? I have to search the proper variant we are using.
20:35:06 <Kaligula> I have no idea what you're talking about…
20:35:21 <Kaligula> I think we're going too far
20:35:33 <Kaligula> I'll just stick with translations.
20:36:24 <Kaligula> I put underscore before h → "Potwierdź _hasło" and I suppose there wil be no dupes in that moment on the screen.
20:36:33 <Kaligula> I corrected all 3 on the screen.
20:36:41 <Kaligula> on the Weblate*, sorry
20:37:32 <fell> https://www.mingw-w64.org/ is the build environment for Windows.
20:39:09 <fell> But you are right, we should add more screenshots in weblate.
20:39:45 <Kaligula> That would be awesome! And would make translations easier :)
20:40:32 <Kaligula> Not only for experienced users, but for those "just-users" that don't even know what GitHub is.
20:41:59 <Kaligula> As I see in https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/maint/gnucash/import-export/aqb/dialog-ab.glade#L796 there should be only "Password" "Confirm Passowrd" and "Rememebr PIN in memory" on the screen. If I understand the code well.
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