2022-10-31 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:15:31 <Simon> dwg: I think there's also "nearest in time" pricing
03:16:05 <Simon> but I don't think it can ever be 100% identical to the transaction
03:16:48 <Simon> The report may use the price for the day over the price for the transaction?
03:17:32 <dwg> Simon, there's closest value to the report date, but that's just wrong in a new and different way
03:18:06 <dwg> I kind of understand why this appears now, theoretically, but I'm still on unclear on how this sort of once-and-done currency transaction should be correctly encoded
03:18:28 <dwg> or at least, if there's any way other than just enter all the transactions in AUD
03:18:32 <Simon> I can't think of any way to fix this and still have a USD transaction
03:18:43 <dwg> right
03:19:08 <Simon> If you had a USD liability account, the AUD value of your debt is different on the day it's issued from the day you pay it
03:19:38 <Simon> I know the report is operating in a different way, but you do have a gain/loss on currency there too
03:19:38 <dwg> I saw one approach given for hledger, which is to use an equity account to encode the currency conversions, basically just accumulating the offsets in that equity account. messy, but doable
03:19:59 <dwg> sure, it makes perfect sense for foreign currency asset or liability accounts
03:20:07 <dwg> it's the fact it's an expense account that makes it weird to me
03:20:20 <Simon> You could record it as an AUD expense to a USD liability and then when you pay it use the same exchange rate
03:20:57 <Simon> The liability account would either be 0 or contain a value in USD at the time of the report, which would give you a different AUD value for it
03:21:22 <dwg> hrm... that at least makes a certain theoretical sense. you incur the liability for the bill, then pay it off
03:21:32 <dwg> except wouldn't that have the same oddity, just in a different place?
03:21:36 <Simon> Yes
03:21:54 <Simon> You have a value in USD that the report needs to convert to AUD
03:22:32 <Simon> If you exclude the USD accounts from the report you might be able to do an AUD report and a USD report?
03:24:20 <Simon> Even if there were a way for the report to convert the USD account transactions into one AUD value (per transaction) you could have non-AUD values off that account too!
03:25:07 <Simon> Although if you only had a USD account for the liability, you would have a genuine currency gain/loss
03:25:57 <Simon> The reported current value of that debt if it's non-zero at report time is going to be the prospective gain/loss if you paid at the current exchange rate
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03:27:02 <Simon> That's probably the least confusing option?
03:29:26 <Simon> <+Simon> You could record it as an AUD expense to a USD liability and then when you pay it use the same exchange rate <- you can't actually pay it at the same exchange rate, but you could go back and change the exchange rate for the invoice
03:30:13 <Simon> Might want to check the regulations on tax for the currency gain to decide if you need to record any of this in a certain way
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03:30:56 <Simon> That option would get rid of the difference as long as you had 0 liability when the report runs
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03:31:41 <Simon> But it shouldn't show as a gain/loss just a liability in a value different from the one you will eventually pay
03:33:59 <dwg> when I say this now makes a theoretical sense to me, I guess this is in a sense representing gain/loss because you didn't pay the expense at the ideal time exchange rate wise
03:35:06 <dwg> which, sure, but not something we can really control
03:59:14 <Simon> you can control it to some extent by choosing when to pay it
03:59:28 <Simon> what's out of your control is the ability to get exactly the same rate
03:59:41 <Simon> unless you pay it on the day you receive it
04:01:06 <Simon> if you just want it to disappear from the report (as long as the liability has been paid) then you can adjust the exchange rate when it's issued to match the one used to pay it
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14:40:39 <jralls> dwg, the average cost calculation looks at all the USD->AUD splits. That's probably why having two asset accounts involved confuses it.
14:42:35 <jralls> dwg, does it make sense to you that the accounting equation, Assets = Liabilities + Equity (where Equity includes Income and Expense) must be true in the book currency?
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16:45:44 <Milou[m]> I'm interested in GnuCash for many years and I will take a break from my paid employment in a half a year. My plan is to work for free software and learn something new in software development in a duration of six month.
16:45:44 <Milou[m]> Is there a documentation of how to help in GnuCash?
16:54:36 <jralls> Milou[m]: Welcome! A good place to start is https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Development. You should also subscribe to gnucash-devel, see https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists, and introduce yourself more thoroughly there, including what development skills you already have.
16:56:00 <jralls> Milou[m], have you been using GnuCash for those many years? Is there anything about it that particularly annoys you?
16:56:59 <Milou[m]> Thanks for the links
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16:57:43 <Milou[m]> The reporting system is a part that needs a lot of handwork for my use case.
16:58:02 <jralls> Do you know Scheme?
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17:03:38 <Milou[m]> I have seen that Scheme is used, but I have no experiences yet.
17:07:18 <Milou[m]> I'm a treasurer of a society and need my report in a hardcopy on DIN A 4 sized paper.
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20:41:36 <chris> jralls: while creating a gtest-qofevent.cpp I found an unusual macos test failure... wonder if you'd have a check
20:41:47 <chris> i.e. tests pass on all ubuntu but not mac
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21:06:12 <chris> #1458 still fails on macos, not sure why linux passes tests
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