2022-10-22 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:20:47 <gjanssens> jralls: about PR56 - for some reason I can't direcly push to flathub/org.gnucash.GnuCash
02:21:08 <gjanssens> The error I get it that is requires a successful x86_64 build.
02:22:02 <gjanssens> If I make a PR and wait for the PR tests to finish correctly, I can push. I don't know why that is. Before I didn't have that issue.
02:23:17 <gjanssens> Secondly, people using flathub are getting notifications on their systems that Gnome Runtime has been end of life'd in September. So my plan is to repackage 4.12 with Gnome RT 43.
02:24:24 <gjanssens> As you know that requires support for webkitgtk 4.1, for which you committed a patch on maint.
02:25:29 <gjanssens> On flathub though we build from release tarballs. So to get 4.12 with the webkit 4.1 fix, I had to add a patch.
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02:25:50 <gjanssens> Call it a selective backport, which is what some other distros do as well.
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02:26:53 <gjanssens> I found that to be an interesting experiment as well and it's just until the next stable release.
02:27:27 <gjanssens> At that point you can simply override the sources json file again with what comes from our own gnucash-on-flatpak repo.
02:27:42 <gjanssens> In addition the patch can then be removed again from the flathub repo as well.
02:28:23 <gjanssens> By the way, I did see your update on gnucash-on-flatpak. That's what prompted me to start this.
03:05:40 <gjanssens> jralls: I also saw your response to https://github.com/flathub/org.gnucash.GnuCash/issues/55
03:06:20 <gjanssens> And it occurred to me we don't specify a mechanism to report issues on that repo. (The issues tab is missing and we don't refer to bugzilla).
03:07:01 <gjanssens> What do you think is the best way to fix that ? Mention bugzilla or enable Issues in gnucash-on-flatpak ?
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12:38:07 <gjanssens> jralls: do you have objections to continue with the flathub PR ?
12:39:14 <gjanssens> I still need to test it, but then I intend to push to master as an answer to the Issue in the flathub tracker, the Bug in bugzilla and the messages on the mailing list.
12:42:58 <gjanssens> Well, testing went fine. So now I just have to update the release file, bump the flatpak version and then it can be pushed.
12:50:02 <jralls> gjanssens, I don't like the idea of having a different 4.12 on flathub than anywhere else. Let's do 4.12-2 with Gnome 42.
12:50:56 <CDB-Man> [2022.10.17 10:45:04] <chris> CDB-man: https://imgur.com/a/pEAN9HM <-- i think if we're going to add in a gain variance column, we also need a "gain per register" column to show in the report the register value that we are comparing against
12:51:19 <CDB-Man> [2022.10.16 21:59:27] <chris> CDB-Man: rather tricky to set up the "variance" formula because of fx... <-- I will account for that in my excel
13:30:33 <CDB-Man> chris: actually, on FX rate, the register currency for the gain split should be the same as the currency of the stock being pulled in the report, since the report looks at the same stock account that would contain the split
13:30:40 <CDB-Man> i dont think you run into any issues with currency
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13:36:56 <jralls> fell, is DTAUS still supported by German banks?
13:38:53 <fell> jralls: Not oficcially. That means they do not reject them, if they still get orders in that format.
13:39:54 <jralls> Hmm. What's the likelihood that GnuCash users would use File>Import>DTAUS and send... ?
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13:41:24 <fell> That is a way to convert your DATAUS order into an FINTS order.
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13:42:15 <fell> For the likelyhood we would have to ask on gnucash-de.
13:45:25 <jralls> OK. I think it might not matter, I have in mind pushing most of that back to AQBanking via AB_Banking_CreateImporterDialog or something equivalent that better fits our UI aesthetic.
13:46:30 <jralls> I asked because I did a refactor of gnc_file_aqbanking_import and I don't have a way to test that part.
13:48:50 * fell has to finish cooking now
13:50:16 <jralls> and /me should go for his bike ride.
14:00:39 <jralls> gjanssens, I've built and tested stock GC4.12 with Gnome runtime 42. I can commit and push a 4.12-3 when I get back.
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17:33:26 <gjanssens> jralls: please do. I think it's a more elegant solution than my patch.
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18:02:30 <jralls> @tell gjanssens https://github.com/flathub/flathub/issues/3591. I can't push directly either, so I've started the PR dance.
18:02:30 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
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