2022-10-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:22:25 <chris> the capgains-acct option isn't being used to populate the spreadsheet; it's currently only being used for the txn-type heuristics
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05:15:50 <chris> CDB-Man: I think if you agree capgains in SPY2 needs to be fixed, I'll merge the branch has the fix very soon. The reporting is a different issue: IIUC in the report capgains is being derived from the sale price and the ACB column.
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05:45:13 <chris> CDB-Man: I think this relates to the capgains validator that I mentioned before - the XLS and report will use the capgains calculated assuming ACB rules
05:46:00 <chris> if we wanted we could add a "Variance" column which describes the diff between calculated capgain and recorded capgain; the Variance expected to always be <0.01
05:46:24 <chris> the advanced-portfolio report *does* include such a Variance column AFAIR
05:46:56 <chris> ^ it offers options fifo/lifo/average
05:47:22 <chris> gtg
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08:50:49 <gjanssens> jralls: there's no 4.12 tag in the flathub repo. Do you have it locally, but forgot to push ?
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10:30:42 <gjanssens> jralls: I have chosen not to create it myself for now. I have instead jumped straight to 4.12-1 for the F::Q update.
10:31:36 <gjanssens> Do we want to make some kind of announcement for this newer package on flathub ?
11:43:12 <chris> CDB-Man: I've pushed fix to ensure +ve capgain in a short will still record as Cr in Income acct.
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14:35:11 <fell> gjanssens, I think we should as there have been several discussions about How zo update FQ in side FP
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14:43:39 <gjanssens> Ok, I'm just not sure how to do so exactly. A formal gnucash release announcement ? Wouldn't that set expectations for other platforms ?
14:44:00 <gjanssens> The flathub build succeeded in any case and the new version is available there.
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14:50:48 <gjanssens> fell: that aside, any objections to merging the remaining restructuring in gnucash-docs ? (PR #288)
14:51:18 <fell> No, I am awaiting them.
14:51:22 <gjanssens> I understand that needs wiki changes as well, which I'll do afterwards then.
14:52:17 <gjanssens> Ok, probably not today anymore though... but soon™
14:52:27 <fell> OK
15:00:19 <jralls> gjanssens, looks like I forgot to tag org.gnucash.Gnucash at all. Don't worry about expectations on other platforms for the announcements, all of the other platforms can update F::Q independently of GnuCash.
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15:01:54 <gjanssens> jralls: ok. Do you have a template for release announcements ? Also is it it sufficient to announce on the mailing lists or should we have an official news item on the website as well ?
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15:03:17 <gjanssens> I'll add that with the flatpak-cpan-generator and jq combined, it was actually a breeze to update F::Q on flatpak.
15:03:47 <gjanssens> I have updated the README.md to reflect the current process.
15:05:42 <jralls> I think there should be a news item as well as an email. They can both have the same text, and I don't think you need to copy all of the boilerplate from a regular release. Just say something like "We've updated F::Q in the 4.12 flatpak, now available from flathub.org, just do `flatpak --update gnucash`".
15:08:19 <gjanssens> Ok. Let's see if I have the rights to send out an announcement. Do you cross-post this to all three lists at once ?
15:09:09 <jralls> Good to know that it's easy. I guess we should do it as part of the regular release process.
15:09:24 <gjanssens> That would be good indeed.
15:09:31 <CDB-Man> [23:21:49] <@chris> If so it's because in your XLS the gain is being derived as "proceeds + ACB-of-sale + (maybe) fee-on-purchase"
15:09:50 <CDB-Man> Yes, or more precisely proceeds minus ACB minus fees
15:10:20 <CDB-Man> So a validation column in IFRS report would be a good idea
15:10:54 <CDB-Man> The cap gain split would be compared for variance against the before fee gain (not the post fee gain)
15:11:03 <jralls> gjanssens, Different subject: I noticed a problem with retrieving the alphavantage key from gnucash-preferences with gnucash-cli. Is there anything needed besides calling gnc_prefs_init(); gnc_prefs_get_string();?
15:11:39 <gjanssens> Hmm, not that I am aware of ?
15:12:10 <jralls> OK, debugger time then.
15:12:16 <gjanssens> :(
15:25:55 <gjanssens> So my message to gnucash-announce is moderated... gnucash-user and gnucash-devel should have received it. Liz will eventually let it pass on announce I suppose.
15:36:02 <jralls> Yup, saw it on gnucash-devel. I wonder why it's in moderation for gnucash-announce. Mine used to be because of bcc'ing instead of cc'ing so I stopped doing that.
15:36:45 * gjanssens was probably never added as authorized poster on that list...
15:47:48 <jralls> Oh, maybe, because you've never done releases. Maybe warlord can fix that.
16:01:55 <warlord> Let me check.
16:03:48 <jralls> fell, in manual/C/tips-appedix.xml what is the <releaseinfo> block for and should be getting updated with every release? It currently says "Version 2.6.20 + Finance::Quote Version 1.47, March 2018" and has older releases commented out.
16:06:00 <warlord> I approved and un-moderated the address, but ... Are you subscribed? (I appear NOT to be subscribed to the announce list!)
16:06:34 <warlord> Looks like you are -- and you are no longer moderated. So you should be set for next time, gjanssens
16:07:41 <jralls> fell, nvm, I guess it's the last time the table of F::Q sources has been updated.
16:12:35 <gjanssens> warlord: thanks!
16:42:28 <jralls> gjanssens, I figured out the prefs problem. It's probably unique to macOS, where preferences are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/foo.plist. I had foo = org.gnucash.Gnucash and gnucash. The former applied to launches from the app bundle where Info.plist sets the preferences domain and the latter to running from a regular unix install where there isn't an Info.plist. That's derived from the executable name that isn't gnucash-cli. `cp ~/Library/Prefe
16:42:28 <jralls> rences/gnucash.plist ~/Library/Preferences/gnucash-cli.plist` to match the gnucash-cli command name allowed macOS to find the api key.
16:46:17 <gjanssens> Nice. Does that mean that gnucash and gnucash-cli have their own preferences set ? That would defeat the whole effort of having gnucash and gnucash-cli sharing the API key (and possibly other settings in other contexts)
16:47:23 <jralls> It does mean that until I can figure out a way for it not to. :-/
16:47:43 <gjanssens> Oh, ok.
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17:41:39 <fell> jralls the releaseinfo was my first trial to store metadata not in comments, but a reusable form.
17:42:19 <fell> And yes, it contains the status of this chapter.
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17:54:11 <jralls> fell, OK, though it seems a strange place to document what modules (an old version of) F::Q supports. Wouldn't it be better to point the user at F::Q's own documentation?
17:56:44 <fell> That is mostly more ancient. On a recent PR I asked the contributor successfull to update that module's doc.
17:58:25 <fell> Usually while updatung engine.c, I simultanous update our docs.
17:59:45 <fell> But I should consider to send PRs to FQ, now as we all are using the same tools.
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20:27:21 <chris> CDB-Man: I'm glad we can agree on "Variance" terminology. I'll add it after the two gain-pre/post-commission column?
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21:10:53 <chris> jralls: re MVC-ization I think #1442 does the maximum it can... gtk calls places some limits how much can be converted into cpp struct
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21:59:27 <chris> CDB-Man: rather tricky to set up the "variance" formula because of fx...
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