2022-10-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:10:23 <glorberto> I THINK I FIGURED IT OUT
00:10:26 <glorberto> incredible work, devs
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03:44:44 <Simon> "if there's an exchange rate required it's the statutory one" <-- but that should only apply after a certain date
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05:11:05 <dpchr> Simon, look like you are correct about not using cutout date. I created two accounts, one in EUR and another in SIT.
05:11:36 <dpchr> Posted transaction in 2022 and the fixed exchange rate is suggested (239,64)
05:12:23 <dpchr> Then I posted transaction in 2001 and entered exchange rate to be 250.00
05:13:21 <dpchr> So now we should have a defined exchange rate for transactions after 2001 to be 250.00 (up until the fixed exchange rate after conversion date - which I believe was in 2007)
05:13:59 <dpchr> But gnucash for a third transaction in 2002 is still suggesting 239.64 instead of 250.00
05:14:10 <dpchr> Is that how you see this problem as well?
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07:21:19 <Simon> I don't know exactly how the suggested rate is supposed to work when there are entries in the price db either side
07:21:43 <Simon> As long as it doesn't force the fixed rate it's merely inconvenient
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09:28:43 <dpchr> Simon, it's not forcing it, you can change it during entry, so just inconvenient.
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10:53:43 <chris> jralls MVCization is complete I think...
11:08:22 <chris> never complete.
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11:56:11 <djbrown> hello :) is there a bot on this server which gives me all the messages I missed when I was offline? the only other way I could think of would be the online archive, but I'd prefer a diff.
11:58:47 <NoobAlice> djbrown: No. If someone uses the special IRC tool "MemoServ" to send you a message, you'll get it, but that person would have to make a specific effort. There are the GnuCash channel logs at https://code.gnucash.org/logs/ . People who want to keep up with things without using the channel logs will use a tool called an IRC "bouncer," but you would have to look into that yourself.
12:00:59 <djbrown> okay, thank you. also: do you you recommend a specific IRC client for desktop and for mobile? thunderbird randomly logs me out even if I'm still actively working on other stuff while thunderbird runs in the background
12:02:34 <djbrown> I'd have a look at IRCCloud since it also has an android app, but maybe there are better alternatives? or is it really just a personal preference?
12:02:43 <NoobAlice> I use Pidgin for desktop and love it. I have Thunderbird for email, but don't use it for chatting. I don't know about mobile. There are a LOT of popular clients, but Pidgin is similar to Thunderbird and will handle multiple protocols (IRC, ICQ, with plugins for things like Skype).
12:02:51 <NoobAlice> Personal preference!
12:03:33 <NoobAlice> If you have more non-GnuCash questions, you can ping me to point you at a different channel. Let's not clutter up the GnuCash logs. :)
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12:04:52 <djbrown> NoobAlice: thank you very much! I'll come back to that when necessary ;-)
12:05:01 <NoobAlice> :)
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14:08:17 <jralls> NoobAlice, we have an instance of the limnoria bot named gncbot that has a tell function that will deliver a message to someone the next time they say something. Put @ in front of tell then the nick then the message. Be careful not to punctuate the nick.
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14:24:03 <NoobAlice> jralls: Ah, thank you! I remembered a similar feature from other channels, but forgot that a bot here had it.
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15:33:49 <Kaligula> Hi! I cannot find answer in Documentation. What is "Auto-Reconcile" option in right-click menu of an account on Accounts tab?
15:33:50 <Kaligula> (I'm not sure I translated the names correctly as I use localized GNC version).
15:35:00 <Kaligula> When I choose it a small window appears, I enter the amount and window disappears without any information...
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16:43:53 <jralls> Kaligula, it tries to fit the statement balance you gave it to the unreconciled transactions and reconcile them. If it worked you should have more reconciled transactions and the reconciled balance (one of the columns you can select for the accounts tab) will match the balance you gave it.
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16:54:09 <Kaligula> Ah, I think I see… it changes the values in the R column from 'n' to 'c'.
16:56:00 <jralls> Just to C? Then it will be the cleared balance that matches. You'll still need to run reconcile to finish reconciling, but the cleared splits will be checked for you when you launch it.
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17:00:15 <Kaligula> Yeah, they'll be, I noticed that :) I just thought it would automatically reconcile, not just check.
17:00:34 <Kaligula> Just like the name is "auto-reconcile".
17:01:05 <Kaligula> Maybe I'm doing sth wrong.
17:01:06 <jralls> We should change that to auto-clear.
17:02:32 <jralls> I don't think you're doing anything wrong, it shouldn't automatically reconcile without you confirming that it picked the right splits.
17:02:59 <Kaligula> I must note that I use GNC 3.x, because of Windows 7.
17:03:11 <Kaligula> Maybe that works better in 4.x
17:03:54 <Kaligula> Ah, I understand! Thank you, @jrails!
17:32:50 <Kaligula> Another question. How does GNC recognize what currency I have in mind when in a stock account I enter price/value in a transaction?
17:33:31 <Kaligula> I noticed that some of my accounts have values in USD and some in my local currency :/
17:34:22 <Kaligula> And how to change the currency of such account?
17:43:25 <jralls> It depends on what you're doing; for transactions it depends on what account you start the transaction. The imputed currency for a stock account is that of the nearest parent account that is denominated in some currency.
17:43:50 <jralls> To change that imputed currency you change the parent account.
17:45:05 <jralls> Splits have two numbers: The amount in the split's account commodity and the value in the transaction currency. The transaction currency is set from the register in which you create the transaction.
17:46:26 <jralls> So suppose you have a stock account for AAPL, a widely-held US stock, and you have as its parent a USD-denominated account of type asset. You have a broker cash account denominated in EUR and you create a transaction between them.
17:47:31 <jralls> If you start the transaction in the stock account then the value will be in USD and you'll need to enter an exchange rate in the EUR split to convert the EUR amount to a USD value.
17:49:08 <jralls> If you start it in the EUR account the the values will be in EUR and you'll have to enter a price for AAPL in EUR.
17:53:15 <Kaligula> Thanks, I read carefully what you write, I understand, and try to repeat that in my GNC, but still fail.
17:53:56 <Kaligula> Keeping your example – I have a USD parent account and some child stock accounts.
17:54:56 <Kaligula> When I entered a transaction (in the stock account) of buying a stock for USD from some USD account the price was in USD.
17:55:52 <Kaligula> When I entered a transaction (in the stock account, again) of exchanging one stock for another, with prices and values filled, it occurs to be in EUR…
17:56:04 <Kaligula> Let me try this again.
17:56:33 <Kaligula> (Assume, that my basic currency is in EUR).
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18:05:50 <jralls> Are you trying to sell a stock and buy another in the same transaction with no intervening cash? i.e sell WXY 100 @$20/share value $2000 buy XYZ 200 @$10/share value -$2000?
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18:34:51 <Kaligula> Yes, jralls.
18:35:27 <Kaligula> Specifically, that refers to cryptocurrencies.
18:35:36 <Kaligula> Not stock.
18:36:33 <Kaligula> As you may know, they are treated by GNC as stock
18:38:48 <Kaligula> But, in fact, I tried entering transactions in different currencies. I have an account in EUR currency (bought stock for cash). Now I entered a transaction (buy the same stock) from a USD account. And that remains in USD! Now I see two different transactions in the same account with values in two different currencies…
18:39:23 <Kaligula> I'm astonished.
18:41:34 <jralls> Did you enter both buy transactions in the stock's account? And is it parented with an EUR account?
18:50:27 <fell> @tell djbrown Have a look in the lists linked in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/IRC#IRC_Client.
18:50:27 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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18:59:46 <Kaligula> No, jralls. First one was entered long ago, as a first transaction in this (stock) account. It involves cash EUR account. And is valued in EUR.
19:00:04 <fell> Kaligula, you shouldn't use such an old OS on a machine connected to the internet. It is missing many security patches. OTOH AFAIK you can use GnuCash 4.x on it, but we can not test it any more.
19:01:01 <Kaligula> The new dummy transaction I entered now was entered from another USD account. And its values are in USD.
19:01:22 <jralls> Right. That's exactly what I told you would happen.
19:02:17 <Kaligula> jralls, I assumed (I was sure!) that all transactions in an account should be valued in one currency. And I didn't know a place where it is set.
19:02:33 <jralls> While you were afk I experimented a little with GnuCash 4.x. It turns out to be quite difficult to create transactions from the stock register in a currency other than the parent one.
19:02:50 <Kaligula> It just didn't come to my mind there can be different currencies in different transactions.
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19:04:37 <Kaligula> And I think it hasn't happened (for 6 months, that I'm using GNC) that an account had transactions of more than 1 currency. What a luck/badluck.
19:05:31 <jralls> Accounting in multiple currencies is very complicated, and unfortunately GnuCash has permitted it to be more complicated than it should be. The rules (IFRS and most GAAPs) say that all transactions should be valued in the book currency.
19:06:08 <Kaligula> fell, thank you for recommendation of GNC 4.x. I thought using it on Win7 would be impossible or (at least) troublesome.
19:06:33 <jralls> GnuCash's per-transaction transaction currency complicates things considerably.
19:07:18 <Kaligula> And I know, fell, that Windows 7 is an old OS. But my machine is also an old machine ¯\_(°∩°)_/¯ I don't know if Win 10 would not be laggy.
19:09:36 <Kaligula> jralls, maybe not. <thinking> Now now as I know this, I may let it be as is. That's just a record, not painting. And in the file there's a currency rate history, too, so everything finally gets converted to one currency, and that's the result a user awaits :)
19:11:06 <jralls> Only because our users don't have to get audited. ;-)
19:14:41 <jralls> But even without that headache it's a lot harder to get the whole book to balance when there are transactions valued in different currencies, and if your book isn't in balance then you're probably not paying all of the capital gains taxes your government would like you to.
19:24:09 <Kaligula> Wow! Good, that my taxes are paid indepenently of what GnuCash has.
19:24:19 <Kaligula> That's just a record for me.
19:37:45 <Kaligula> fell, will there be any issues when upgrading from 3.x to 4.x? E.g. budget-file conversion to a new version, Perl Finance::Quote module issues or sth.
19:39:14 <Kaligula> My wife uses the same budget file and she also has WIndows 7 and GnuCash 3.x. If one of us could not use 4.x, will it be still possible to work together on one file? (Not simultanously, I know).
19:40:42 <jralls> Kaligula, There are budget differences between 3.x and 4.x so you wouldn't be able to share the file if you upgrade only one computer.
19:41:29 <fell> Kaligula, some other users on the gnucash-user might be more experienced on this questions. I am no Win user.
19:42:01 <Kaligula> Thanks, jralls, thanks fell
19:49:20 <jralls> You're welcome.
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22:03:13 <chris> jralls: if a cpp struct has std::vector<anything>, is the ~vector called when we call g_free (struct_var) ?
22:03:51 <chris> i guess not
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22:29:23 <chris> jralls: are you able to convert new/delete into unique:ptr for me? #1442
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