2022-09-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:53:56 <gjanssens> jralls: I see you managed to update the website's live repo
04:53:56 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 2 weeks, 0 days, 4 hours, and 41 minutes ago: <fell> On my KDE desktop help: seems associated with khelpcenter and that fails. I suspect because we do not provide *.desktop files.
04:54:11 <gjanssens> How did you manage that ?
04:55:50 <gjanssens> I'll note on www.gnucash.org the local repo has diverged from the repo on code.gnucash.org. The pulls that happen with each push to code result in a merge from code.gnucash.org's master branch to the local master branch.
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04:56:35 <gjanssens> I suppose because of the failed rebase (and whatever fix came afterwards) www.gnucash.org's repo is no longer fast-forwarding.
04:56:42 <gjanssens> I reset of the repo should fix that.
04:57:17 <gjanssens> I did adjust the sync script but it requires linas to put it in the right place on the server. I don't have permissions to do so.
04:57:44 <gjanssens> I had asked him about this way back when the rebase failed, but clearly there's still no response so far.
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08:30:51 <glorberto> this bank's statements aren't on the first of the month; this is torture
08:31:06 <glorberto> how are you supposed to make the books line up with the statements and keep in good graces of the ol' big boy?
08:57:56 <warlord> glorberto, use the 'cleared' field, and monthly reconciliation.
09:18:22 <glorberto> fair enough.
09:19:01 <glorberto> on to the next complication. checks and deposits make this crazy. accounts a and b are two checking accounts: if i have a check from b to a, but the deposit included some cash, how do i split the transaction in account a such that account b's information is still accurate?
09:22:54 <glorberto> my current solution is to make the split transaction and then delete the imported-from-csv transaction
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11:31:17 <warlord> glorberto, what do you mean "still accurate"? Don't worry about the date -- use the cleared field to understand how much is in your account *now*.
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12:48:30 <jralls> gjanssens IIUC it's only the beta branch on www that's screwed up and master is OK.
12:52:32 <gjanssens> jralls: doh! Of course...
12:53:09 <gjanssens> However looking at the master branch on www.gnucash.org, it's also not 100% clean any more.
12:53:27 <gjanssens> There's several merges instead of fast-forward pulls.
12:56:25 <gjanssens> Here's a screenshot of a local copy I made (tarred the directories and sftp'd them to my local machine)
12:56:59 <gjanssens> It's been diverging since 2021-12-23
13:13:21 <jralls> There's an actual merge of a PR on 2021-12-23.
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13:16:17 <jralls> followed by bunches of weblate translations.
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15:51:40 <gjanssens> jralls: this is what my own local repo (fully synched) looks like: https://i.imgur.com/mhxDW9C.png
15:52:16 <gjanssens> As you can see, near the merge, there's an additional merge commit by fell that's not in my repo, and hence also not on code.gnucash.org
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15:52:50 <gjanssens> That's the reason all subsequent pulls fall back to three-way merges instead of fast-forwards.
15:53:20 <gjanssens> The only way to fix this would be to reset the master branch on www.gnucash.org, which only linas can
15:53:52 <gjanssens> fell: do you know what the desktop files should look like and where they should be installed ?
15:53:54 <jralls> I only see the PR merge in your screenshot. Where's the other one?
15:54:12 <gjanssens> If you provide me with sample files and locations, I can add them to the build system
15:55:45 <gjanssens> jralls: on the first screenshot there are two merges mixed up. If you look closely, that one isn't on the later one.
15:56:28 <gjanssens> You have "Merge PR #131" on both screenshots
15:57:12 <jralls> Uh, there's only one screenshot, the one you just posted.
15:57:25 <gjanssens> On www.gnucash.org it's preceded by two commits "Merge branch hr.img" and "merge hr"
15:58:04 <gjanssens> Oh, I forgot to upload the first one this morning :(
15:58:09 <gjanssens> Give me a sec...
15:58:46 <gjanssens> This is the one from www.gnucash.org: https://i.imgur.com/tgumKTu.png
16:01:30 <gjanssens> It appears the same PR got merged twice, but was reset in between (that reset won't carry over to www.gnucash.org)
16:03:18 <jralls> What likely happened is that fell accidentally pushed from Milo's branch to code/master, then switched to his local master and merged the PR and pushed the result to code/master.
16:03:39 <gjanssens> Yes something like that...
16:03:46 <gjanssens> I got to go I'm afraid... If needed we can come back to this later. My conclusion so far is we need a better sync script, I have written one, but linas has to install it.
16:04:28 <jralls> Yeah, we're stuck until we can get linas's attention.
16:04:53 <gjanssens> Indeed :(
16:04:57 <gjanssens> Good night!
16:05:03 <jralls> G'night.
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19:01:46 <glorberto> warlord: sorry, that was a separate issue that i failed to distinguish. what i mean is that there was a check-based transfer from account B to account A, and that someone deposited that check ALONG WITH other funds, so I wanted to know the best way to reckon with the fact that the importer will show two disparate charges. in my head, taking the two and "merging them" would maintain
19:01:47 <glorberto> any magic metadata i wasn't aware of on the backend so i didn't accidentally reimport transactions or anything like that. instead, i can just not worry about it and delete the imported transaction after splitting manually, but i was asking if there was a better way.
19:02:11 <jralls> glorberto, warlord's not here right now.
19:02:32 <glorberto> whoops; my auto-elide script misled me.
19:02:55 <glorberto> really nice for hiding irrelevant joins/quits, but that happens now and then.
19:04:28 <jralls> But to answer your question, there's no good way for GnuCash to be able to figure out what you're describing from a single line of CSV. GnuCash is able to understand CSV files that are structured with a transaction line followed by two or more split lines.
19:05:24 <jralls> But you'd have to write something to create that CSV from whatever your bank gives you.
19:10:45 <jralls> Plus, I suppose, what you know about the actual transactions. The bank sees the withdrawal from account and the deposit of a different amount into account b. Even though you scan multiple checks it's rare for a bank to keep them separate for you instead of aggregating them into a single line item.
19:12:59 <jralls> Another thing: The point of GnuCash is generally for you to keep your own books. Importing can be a convenience, but you're generally expected to create transactions in the GUI at the time to do them. That way you have something to check the bank statement against.
19:13:40 <jralls> If you always just import the bank's records then you're assuming no screwups.
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19:49:11 <glorberto> i should have clarified, here, as you are correct, and going forward, that will be true, but i only wanted to know if there was some sort of interface for the user to essentially "adopt" transactions into a split. since it doesn't seem like there is, that answers my question; it's not a feature request, just a sanity check
19:49:40 <glorberto> to clarify again, "that will be true" means "they'll be doing their books and then checking the statements for accuracy"
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