2022-09-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:08:49 <chris> jralls ISTM a rudimentary M in MVC can be achieved by converting the main struct into a class
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14:07:19 <casimir> Hello
14:07:40 <casimir> I have a problem and a relevant question.
14:08:27 <casimir> Using GNU CASH and keeping accounts, where you have investment in stocks.
14:08:45 <casimir> I have done all the purchase and opening balance entries.
14:09:31 <casimir> Now in All Accounts screen, I have issue with the amount(value) displayed next to the parent account holding all the stocks.
14:10:26 <casimir> When you have multiple purchase entries, the program uses the last purchase entry's purchase price to display value, if you have not configured anything else.
14:11:25 <casimir> You can make sure to have value of investment calculated based on weighed average price, for reports ( as mentioned in the documentation).
14:11:47 <casimir> How to have the all account screen display the value calculated based on weighted average price.
14:12:31 <casimir> In short, I wish to have the purchase value or cost being displayed not the updated recent value.
14:12:36 <casimir> Thank You.
14:26:58 <jralls_afk> chris, if you're referring to the stock assistant, all of the M stuff for it belongs in engine and most of it should already be there.
14:28:16 <casimir> No, I do not even know what that is. Let me explain.
14:29:04 <casimir> When you see the overview of all account, the first thing you see when you open a file with GNUCASH.
14:29:15 <jralls_afk> casimir, the accounts page is hard-coded to use the most recent price. There's at present no way to change that.
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14:29:45 <casimir> It shows your stock holdings value based on most recent prices that GNUCASH can find in your data. Basically most recent valuation of the stock.
14:30:03 <casimir> I wish to see the purchase value of the stock there. Is it possible ?
14:30:42 <casimir> Documentation mentions the way to do this for reports, but not for the overview.
14:30:45 <jralls> casimir, the comment addressed to chris was (surprise!) not to you. I understand perfectly well what you want and as I said in the comment addressed to you, it is not possible right now.
14:31:53 <casimir> Yeah, I wrote my lines before reading. I was looking at the keyboard not the screen.
14:32:14 <casimir> Thank You. I got my answer. Presently not possible.
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15:15:57 <fell> henk, does your bank not offer the FinTS interface?
15:25:12 <fell> jralls, can I still update translations and docs?
15:25:46 <jralls> fell, sure, I haven't tagged anything yet.
15:26:21 <fell> thx
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15:39:34 <fell> program done for me.
15:56:46 <henk> fell: yeah, I think it does not.
15:57:26 <fell> What is misssing?
15:59:31 <henk> fell: I suppose that’s directed at me but I’m not sure what you mean … I just think my bank does not offer it. I’m in switzerland and fints seems to be something mainly german banks offer.
16:00:56 <fell> henk: Right, they do their own stuff.
16:02:01 <fell> Some might offer EBICS for expensive bussiness accounts.
16:02:17 <henk> yep, but I’m just a private customer
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