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11:14:24 <chris> CDB-Man: ONE small thought about the reverse-split-with-cash-in-lieu price issue -- it may simply be wise to ask for price input, offering the value/amount as the default price. The issue is there'll be no sanity check on the price.
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13:16:47 <jralls> chris: re {fmt} maybe a little. As gjanssens pointed out there are some questions about localization that I need to test. It will be a problem if it can't handle locales from boost::locale because gcc supports only "C" on Win32.
13:21:23 <gjanssens> It's sad neither gcc nor clang properly implement locales on Win32. It makes sticking to the standards rather difficult :(
13:23:20 <gjanssens> fell: re your wish to have all of my gnucash-doc changes in 4.x, I think it's safer to stick to a minimum of changes for the few months we have left on that version. We don't want to introduce new bugs.
13:24:14 <gjanssens> Considering my changes have been cooking for a long time already, it can wait few more months before we really profit from those.
13:29:08 <jralls> gjanssens, I'm a little puzzled by your comments yesterday about the Debian build scripts and the disappearance of the /usr/share/gnome/ documentation tree. To test the backport I did only `ninja && ninja install` and it duly installed the XML docs and figures in /usr/local/share/help/.
13:29:17 <jralls> No special target change required.
13:31:25 <gjanssens> jralls: that's the point: you run 'ninja' without any target specifications. But for some reason debian has always been running "make html pdf", so with 2 targets specified. That mean the xml documentation (which falls under the ghelp target) are omitted.
13:32:05 <gjanssens> I am puzzled actually this worked before with our autotools based build system.
13:32:23 <gjanssens> But I don't know the finer details of the debian build system either.
13:32:26 <jralls> I was just going to ask that...
13:33:47 <gjanssens> BTW that make command is found in the "rules" file inside the debian gnucash source package. I assume that package is their build customizations required to build and package gnucash on debian
13:34:32 <jralls> I just found https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1018983 which Dmitry closed as fixed on Tuesday.
13:34:49 <gjanssens> That "make" line hasn't changed between bullseye and bookworm. There are only extra lines to indicate the build system now is cmake.
13:36:53 <gjanssens> I'm looking at the patch referred to in that bug report. It does mention usr/share/gnome in debian/install, which I assume means that directory has to be installed as well.
13:37:41 <gjanssens> I'm puzzled why the ghelp target is added but commented out in the rules file though. But if it works, that's fine with me.
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13:42:34 <jralls> It seems to: https://packages.debian.org/sid/all/gnucash-docs/filelist Maybe the problem was that the install failed because they'd removed /usr/share/gnome/ from the tree and that made the install fail.
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18:03:27 <fell> @tell gjanssens May it it wll not ntroduce new bugs but I fear it will stall the docs developement for the next half year. as it is confusing for contributors and testers to have 3 different orders in source dir, install dir and make ccommands.
18:03:27 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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19:02:27 <jralls> fell, it's time for docs development to switch to master. There is no good reason to work on maint docs at this point.
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19:38:20 <fell> jralls: 4.13 will stay forever on the server. ;-)
19:39:37 <jralls> So what? So will 2.6.19, but I don't think you'd advocate spending any time revising it.
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20:26:13 <chris> I suppose #1429 can be merged. It works well.
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22:31:10 <Shaba1> Hello all: is it possible to backdate transactions in gnucash?
22:31:39 <NoobAlice> Shaba1: Yes.
22:33:46 <Shaba1> for example today is September 9th where I am. I have all my reciepts and know todays bank balance as well as my balance on september 1st. Is it possble to put todays balance in the checking account and then enter all the reciepts and have the program balance out to what I had in checking and cash on hand on Sept 1st?
22:34:59 <NoobAlice> Shaba1: No, the program won't go backwards like that. It will take everything you've put in and add it together. So you can put in the September 1st balance and all of your receipts and deposits to give you today's balance.
22:35:31 <NoobAlice> It does this as a running total, so you can see the balance on Sept 1st, then on Sept 2nd, then Sept 3rd, etc.
22:35:57 <Shaba1> NoobAlice thanks for answering. Ahh so it is not possible to enter a previous date in the past for a tranaction?
22:36:27 <NoobAlice> You can enter transactions with dates in the past, but Gnucash will not change your opening balance entry if you enter something older than it.
22:37:15 <Shaba1> ah.... so the running total will NEVER be correct?
22:37:53 <NoobAlice> So, say I've been keeping up with my transactions, but then I go and look at the August 31 bank statement that just came out and realize I forgot a receipt from August 15th so my Aug 31 balance is off. I can go into the register and put in that Aug 15 receipt with the Aug 15 date, and then my Aug 31 balance in Gnucash will match the August 31 balance on my bank statement.
22:38:37 <NoobAlice> The running total will be correct if your opening balance is correct and all the transactions are new ones.
22:39:06 <Shaba1> aha. so it is possible to backdate. You just have to be careful to have EVER LAST tranaction recored?
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22:40:03 <NoobAlice> Yes, you can backdate if you need to. Yes, it will be important to include all your transactions to keep things accurate. If you remember to enter deposits and forget your grocery receipts, you will have problems. :)
22:41:07 <NoobAlice> But there is a "reconciliation" function in Gnucash that lets you check off transactions and confirm that your bank statement and Gnucash account match, or are only different by, for example, a check you wrote to your landlord that was not withdrawn from your account until a week later.
22:41:49 <Shaba1> ok thank you NoobAlice. That explains it. I DEFINATELY will be back with more noob questions.
22:42:27 <NoobAlice> If you start out thinking you want to have Sept 1 be your opening balance, and you put in that balance and then all your later transactions, if you later change your mind and want to go all the way back to August 1, you can change your opening balance entry to date of August 1 and amount of Aug 1 and then enter all your August transactions. GnuCash lets you fix things if you mess them up. :_
22:42:29 <NoobAlice> :)
22:43:14 <NoobAlice> Shaba1: Definitely read through the documentation on the GnuCash website. There is one guide that is how to use the program, and the other is some basic bookkeeping concepts. They are super useful!
22:43:41 <NoobAlice> https://www.gnucash.org/docs.phtml
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22:46:35 <Shaba1> NoobAlice. Oh I have that in both .chm and pdf format. Just not the easiest document to get thru if you are looking for something specific
22:46:53 <NoobAlice> As long as you know they exist :)
22:47:13 <Shaba1> Like how to enter your V.A. disability pension or SSRA payment
22:48:17 <NoobAlice> Well, questions like that tend to be how-to-do-bookkeeping questions, not how-to-use-Gnucash questions. And different people can have different preferences.
22:49:13 <Shaba1> thanks once again NoobAlice
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