2022-07-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:03:43 <jralls> @tell draconicfae GnuCash uses rational numbers in all but a few places to avoid the problems with floating-point precision. That doesn't prevent rounding issues though because not all price-quantity combinations result in even pennies so they have to be rounded.
14:03:43 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
14:13:22 <jralls> fell, testing with macos-latest: https://github.com/jralls/gnucash/runs/7566054196?check_suite_focus=true
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14:38:22 <fell> … suceeded.
14:42:06 <jralls> It did. I'll make the same change on maint and push it shortly.
14:43:35 <fell> Less work in the future. I was not sure, if you had to update docs or dependencies.
14:44:31 <jralls> No, so far everything behaves itself across the full range of supported macOS versions, from 10.13 through 13 beta.
14:46:33 <jralls> Though there's a Gtk menu weirdness that I'm trying to track down today. Not sure yet whether it's an intel-vs-arm issue or a macOS 13 beta issue.
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14:55:23 <jralls> Tests OK on arm running macOS 12 so I guess Apple has changed something about crossing events in macOS 13.
14:55:45 <schplee> Quick question, hopefully I'm in the right chat: Is there a way to transfer/post to the same account in GnuCash?
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15:37:53 <jralls> schplee: You can create a transaction that credits and debits the same account with the same amount. But what would it accomplish?
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15:58:16 <schplee> jralls: Yeah, I found that when trying. I was just wondering if there was a way to post to the same account without the offset transaction.
15:59:15 <schplee> It can be done in Quicken, but I assume GnuCash is more opinionated and won't allow anything without a double-entry.
16:00:03 <jralls> It's not about being opinionated. GnuCash is double-entry, Quicken isn't. If you want a Quicken work-alike, try KMyMoney.
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16:02:05 <schplee> Ah, okay. I appreciate the reply!
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17:15:53 <jralls> fell, https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798578. Swift 940 dates rears its ugly head again. It seems that if a txn field doesn't supply an entry date AQB substitutes the last opening balance date. Does that seem like a bug to you?
17:23:52 <fell> jralls, didn't you return (Banks) date instead of value (date] recently?
17:24:35 <fell> 30.2.
17:25:50 <jralls> (Banks) date isn't meaningful. There's a value date and an optional entry date, see https://www2.swift.com/knowledgecentre/publications/us9m_20220722/1.0?topic=con_sfld_HVXYFelYEeuYlf8G2SgDog_-694543811fld.htm
17:25:53 <fell> was sent as 360-days interest calculation
17:28:18 <fell> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798491
17:28:22 <jralls> In particular "Subfield 2, Entry Date, is normally only used when different from the value date." Meaning that AQBanking should put the value date in the transaction->date field if the :61 line doesn't use it.
17:28:36 <jralls> Yes, I remember the history of the change.
17:48:29 <fell> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/commit/7e4fcc7afbcde367ba37a5170fb25532053b7b23 line 607ff returns the post date if exist, but we want value_date
17:50:51 <fell> corrected in february 28/30
17:51:06 <fell> 29/30
17:57:34 <jralls> That's debatable, but there's currently no alternative so I'm making that adjustment.
17:58:10 <jralls> I've also filed https://www.aquamaniac.de/rdm/issues/262.
18:00:46 <jralls> The correct date is in many cases neither the entry date nor the value date. If I go buy groceries now and use my debit card and the bank puts a value date of tomorrow and an entry date of Monday on the transaction, the correct date for *my* book is today.
18:05:40 <fell> Because from tomorrow on you earn no interests on the amount.
18:07:56 <fell> You got Martin to work on it.
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18:09:04 <jralls> I don't earn interest on it today, either, it's not an interest-paying account. Not that interest paying accounts pay a noticeable amount of interest anyway.
18:10:11 <fell> Isn't the Fed thinking about higher rates?
18:12:02 <jralls> The only rate the Fed affects is the one they charge banks. That plays a small part in what banks charge borrowers and an even smaller part in what they pay depositors.
18:13:51 <jralls> Those are "as much as they can" and "as little as they can" respectively, where what they can is determined by competition... of which there is a lot less than there was 30 years ago.
18:15:24 <jralls> Consider the ECB, which until a couple of months ago was able to sell bonds at negative interest.
18:16:34 <fell> Else some southern contries had to declare bancrucy.
18:19:22 <jralls> That's peripheral. The salient point is that they were able to get people to pay them for the privilege of lending them money.
18:59:47 <fell> They follow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freiwirtschaft
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