2022-07-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:39:31 <chris> jralls: I suspect getting rid of guile for this issue would mean creating a DSL for describing option dependencies
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12:28:38 <bigon> hello
12:29:19 <bigon> I'm trying (again) to understand how aqbanking is working with gnucash
12:30:12 <bigon> I might need to parse local files, so I'm trying to configure it from gnucash with the "aqnone" importer
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12:33:03 <bigon> I'm able to add a "user"
12:33:16 <bigon> but then when tyring to edit or delete it gnucash crashes with: #0 0x00007feeff64edcc in AB_Provider_ReadAccounts (pro=pro@entry=0x0, accountList=accountList@entry=0x5611e05fa6d0) at ./src/libs/aqbanking/backendsupport/provider_account.c:113
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13:27:19 <bigon> all actions to delete or edit aqbancking users or accounts make gnucash segfault
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13:52:02 <bigon> (not fun)
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14:13:28 <jralls> bigon, that's AQBanking crashing, not GnuCash. AQBanking provides the setup wizard.
14:17:09 <bigon> I cannot register on the redmine of AQBanking, so I cannot report that
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14:20:13 <jralls> chris, a DSL would be a bit much. For now just figuring out how to store and run the guile callbacks without having the C++ options code know about guile will do.
14:25:06 <jralls> bigon, Is that because you couldn't find https://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineRegister or for some other reason?
14:26:57 <jralls> Nav, if you have any direct price GnuCash will prefer it to an indirect price. You must have already had an old direct price in GBP.
14:28:27 <bigon> https://www.aquamaniac.de/rdm/ << no register link on the top right
14:29:27 <Nav> jralls: Ah, yeah, there's ONE price in GBP from five years ago and then only prices in USD thereafter
14:31:09 <Nav> Okay, dropping all GBP prices from the price editor makes everything behave basically identically. Perfect.
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14:54:44 <fell> Bigon, "Register" is "Anmelden" in German.
14:55:43 <fell> And That link is on https://aquamaniac.de/rdm/ in the upper right corner.
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16:13:52 <jralls> bigon Plus I gave you the direct link.
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16:51:47 <chris> jralls: maybe restructure gnc:define-report to have a separate field 'update-options-sensitivities or something, which takes an options object and updates it; this can be called back from gnc-report.cpp instead from libgnucash
16:55:19 <chris> hmm there's already 'options-change-cb -- maybe I can try reuse it
16:56:22 <jralls> There's two sets of callbacks. The options-changed-cb is for updating things after the values in the database have been changed. That's implemented and working fine.
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16:57:38 <jralls> The one that I'm trying to get working now is the one that changes widget sensitivities and a few values when a widget changes in the dialog *before* the user clicks Apply or OK to flush the values into the database.
17:01:40 <jralls> Those callbacks are of course in scheme because they're in the report definitions, but they need to be called from the widget's `changed` signal in dialog-options.cpp. The issue is storing an SCM on the C++ GncOption without making gnc-option.cpp depend on libguile.
17:02:58 <chris> can they not be called back whenever the gnc-report.c detects an options change?
17:03:32 <chris> (they == a new define-report lambda option)
17:05:06 <jralls> No, that's too late. gnc-report doesn't see the option change until after Apply.
17:07:01 <jralls> See https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/maint/libgnucash/app-utils/options.scm#L612 and following. setter-function-called-cb is always #f everywhere, so it's option-widget-changed-cb that I'm working on.
17:09:33 * chris still thinks the C/C++ options handlers can call a callback at some point. gtg now.
17:12:12 <jralls> They can, but that doesn't do any good.
17:28:07 <bigon> fell, jralls https://i.imgur.com/b5WhWIk.png nope
17:30:10 <bigon> that's login, not register
17:38:53 <jralls> bigon, it's also not the URL I gave you: https://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineRegister
17:40:59 <jralls> Oh, sorry, that's a wiki page.
17:44:07 <bigon> yeah that's the redmine project page itself
17:44:17 <bigon> they probably disabled the register function because of spam
17:47:02 <jralls> Maybe. I've been tempted to do that on our bugzilla, but it's not that bad yet. You can sign up for the mailing list at https://mailman.aqbanking.de/listinfo/aqbanking-user--note the language preference! https://www.aquamaniac.de/rdm/projects/aqbanking/wiki/Wiki says that you can use that password for the wiki so maybe it will work for the bug tracker too.
17:49:51 <jralls> Or maybe it means that you should ask on the list for a userid.
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