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14:31:09 <jralls_afk> chris, the question is about the creation of e.g.
14:36:31 <jralls_afk> "Memo" at line 940 where disp-memo? is passed as both the default value and the callback; it's clearly not a valid callback function. But I guess it doesn't matter because it gets checked with (if (procedure? setter-function-called-cb)... in gnc:make-complex-boolean-option.
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14:41:01 <jralls> chris, I recognize that the callbacks are useful. They're currently ignored in master, so I need to fix that either by providing a different way to accomplish the same thing or to find a way to implement them directly without introducing a Guile dependency in the C++ implementation.
14:42:30 <jralls> I guess more correctly I recognize that option-widget-changed-cb is useful. I haven't yet found a place where setter-function-called-cb is used, but I still have a couple more files to look at.
14:48:58 <jralls> chris, Another question about the options in trep-engine: The option-widget-changed-cb in the first set of complex-boolean options is set to apply-selectable-by-name-display-options.
14:54:51 <jralls> That function appears to me to set a bunch of options back to the constants defined in the let statement and used as the defaults, effectively undoing whatever the user tried to change, but it doesn't work that way. How are those variables getting changed to reflect the UI changes?
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15:09:08 <jralls> chris, nvm the last question, I see that I'd misread what was being passed in the callback; it's a lambda that does e.g. (set! disp-memo? x) where x is the new value from the option widget.
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19:08:38 <Nav> Hey, I'm having some issues getting a stock split to work correctly in GnuCash. It seems like the FX isn't correct for the entire account subtree after the split takes place. The parent account denominated in USD is showing as intended, but its parent, in GBP, is showing X times too much money, where it was a 1:X stock split.
19:09:15 <Nav> I've checked in the price editor, and even tried inserting a manual price for the stock split date, and there's nothing erroneous in the FX prices in the price editor either
19:12:30 <Nav> I've even tried not using the assistant and just manually inventing all the new units from an Imbalance account, and even still, I'm getting this mismatch.
19:16:46 <Nav> Wow, that's so weird. I had to insert a dummy price in GBP as well to make it work, the GBP price isn't inferred from the USD price followed by the GBP:USD exchange rate on the date.
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20:03:53 <chris> jralls: Maybe the option could specify a list of dependent options; (list (list "Display" "Memo" #t) ..etc...) where the bool says whether the dependent option must be negated
20:04:29 <chris> hmm no, this isn't sufficient for pagename-sorting optname-show-subtotals-only
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20:54:24 <chris> jralls: you're right the setter-function-cb is disp-memo? which is an invalid cb... I suspect I may have copypasted from a bad example a long time ago
21:13:14 <fell> jralls, https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2022-July/102021.html is missing the mentioned screenshot.
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