2022-07-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:11:24 <jralls> fell, re gnucash-on-osx docs module: gnucash-git and gnucash-docs-git both default to 'master' but that can be overridden in jhbuildrc-custom. Those modules aren't used for CI or distribution.
14:12:30 <fell> OK
14:12:57 <fell> What about Linas' mail?
14:14:23 <fell> I suspect someone is creating bad bad lang cookies.
14:15:25 <jralls> fell, I don't think our code does anything with cookies.
14:16:51 <jralls> Some of it looks like somebody's probing for an injection vulnerability. The fact that it's logging errors means that our defenses are working, but are creating noise that irritates linas.
14:19:06 <fell> We assume the LANG Cookie was written by us and run no checks on it.
14:23:10 <fell> we could use the one or other PHP Locale:: function
14:29:22 <fell> The lowercase country codes come from 78: strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'])
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14:48:29 <jralls> fell, LANG is a POST parameter not a cookie. For the rest, I replied to linas's email.
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15:28:05 <jralls> gjanssens, did you test `ninja install html` with your default on linux? I think warlord *does* need to set -DWITH_HTML_INSTALL=YES in the nightly build scripts, otherwise the contents of https://code.gnucash.org/docs won't get updated.
15:30:39 <warlord> The code currently runs: cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$prefix -DWITH_MOBI=ON $srcdir ; make html pdf epub mobi ; tar -C share/doc -c ... | tar -C <website> -x
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15:34:55 <jralls> warlord, if it tars from the build dir then it's OK as-is.
15:39:10 <jralls> But I think what gjanssens really wanted was to set EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL to the install command in AddHTMLTarget. That stops ninja install from creating the empty html directories that fell complained about but still allows `ninja install html` to work without setting WITH_HTML_INSTALL.
15:40:47 <warlord> So long as the code I wrote here still works, I'll stay out of the argument :)
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15:53:48 <gjanssens> jralls: I didn't test 'ninja install html'. I thought I had simply disabled it by default so I figured install html wouldn't work. And on my system it doesn't ?
15:53:48 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 18 hours and 17 minutes ago: <chris> good points; this is why instead of trying heuristics every call, it may be safer to scrub txn_type once, set a flag, and show warnings only once.
15:54:13 <gjanssens> (I ran that test now albeit with make rather than ninja)
15:55:16 <jralls> So why disable it? If the user says `ninja install html` wouldn't you think they'd expect it to install the html docs?
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16:02:48 <gjanssens> If I remember correctly from when I initially ported the docs build to cmake html was not an install target like it is a build target. So from that I concluded 'ninja install html' didn't work as you'd expect.
16:04:13 <gjanssens> With EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL html can only be installed as part of a components based installation. I have to retest what 'components' actually mean in this context, but it's not the same as a build target for sure.
16:04:34 <gjanssens> That drove me in the direction of making install for html optional via a cmake switch.
16:04:40 <jralls> It is the same as a build target. I've already tested it.
16:05:03 <fell> components={manual|gide}
16:06:04 <jralls> IOW, if EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL is included in the html install parameters, `ninja install` doesn't install html and `ninja install html` does.
16:19:05 <gjanssens> fell: no in cmake components mean a different thing. And the only components currently defined are 'ghelp' and 'chm'. But that's not relevant apparently.
16:19:33 <gjanssens> jralls: if that works I was misguided, so by all means do change as you suggest.
16:20:19 <gjanssens> There is then no need for a cmake switch.
16:20:36 <gjanssens> It will have to go hand in hand with a change in your macos bundle script, as that will now require an explicit html specification for the install rule.
16:20:44 <fell> Perhaps name the cmake components targets?
16:21:34 <gjanssens> cmake calls these components, it would be confusing to name it differently.
16:21:53 <gjanssens> But they aren't relevant apparently so it doesn't matter.
16:22:20 <jralls> gjanssens, No change to gnucash-on-osx required, ninja-args="html" has always been there.
16:22:43 <gjanssens> Ah and that is passed both to build and install ? I didn't know that.
16:23:01 <jralls> Yes, to all ninja commands.
16:23:14 <gjanssens> Cool
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16:25:49 <gjanssens> That's all for tonight :) Bye
16:25:57 <jralls> That usage of "COMPONENTS" seems unique to `install` and `CMAKE_INSTALL_DEFAULT_COMPONENT_NAME` and isn't explained in either. But if you take "EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL" literally it's easy to interpret as "don't do this for make install all", and testing shows that's what it does.
16:26:04 <jralls> Goodnight, gjanssens.
16:27:06 <gjanssens> Yeah, as I wrote I seem to have misinterpreted all of that. I'm happy there's an easier way.
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16:29:23 <jralls> fell, back to the locale attacks on the website. I see your comment in lang.php about using Locale::canonicalize, but I don't think that's a good idea. Although the function isn't officially documented (which might by itself make it not a good idea) there's a comment that says it does ICU level 1 and level 2 canonicalization.
16:30:11 <jralls> See https://unicode-org.github.io/icu/userguide/locale/#canonicalization
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16:37:51 <jralls> I don't think level2 canonicalization makes sense for interpreting URI parameters. Based on the fr-ch snippet in the comment I think you wanted https://www.php.net/manual/en/locale.acceptfromhttp.php anyway.
16:41:24 <fell> If you look at the notes, none of php's locale functions is really good.
16:42:25 <jralls> Yeah. Shall I excise all of that?
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16:51:48 <jralls> How about applying the substitution logic in HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE (which needs to be passed through filter_input) to the lang URL parameter?
17:08:22 <fell> Seems OK to me.
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21:56:13 <chris> @tell jralls re: internal messaging i think it's hard(TM): too high risk of false positives
21:56:13 <gncbot> chris: The operation succeeded.
21:56:20 <chris> @tell gjanssens re: internal messaging i think it's hard(TM): too high risk of false positives
21:56:20 <gncbot> chris: The operation succeeded.
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