2022-07-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:37:22 <NoobAlice> drl: You click on the link and the new options window pops up. Along the top are tabs. The first tab is Accounts: here you can select the accounts in the TOP box. The bottom box of accounts is filtering. Once you've selected accounts, hit Apply and see if that works for you.
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08:43:49 <chris> gjanssens: One idea that prevents my merging xaccTransGetTxnType is I believe the mechanism for these auto "scrubs" isn't satisfactory from end-user POV
08:44:27 <chris> IMHO the new xaccTransGetTxnType should compare the heuristic txn_type with the kvp txn_type, and highlight any discrepancy, including a link to the offending transaction
08:45:03 <chris> the dilemma is how to report it to the end-user: IMHO we should have a "What's New" type report tab which collates such auto-scrubs
08:45:25 <chris> and the restore-tabs mechanism can show this tab iff there are auto-scrubs
08:45:38 <chris> the budget-signs fix also could use it
08:46:45 <chris> and the main advantage of having a proper html report instead of a gnc_info_dialog is that we can harness the rich text and link to the transaction or budget
08:46:47 <chris> wdyt
08:47:32 <chris> TL;DR: it's not reasonable to ask the end-user to inspect the Tracefile when they're concerned, especially it's overwritten each session
09:07:42 <gjanssens> chris: in general I think it's a good idea to inform users if changes were made to the data automatically/programmatically.
09:07:53 <gjanssens> How to implement it may need some additional thought.
09:07:58 <gjanssens> Are the auto-scrubs triggered from gui code or from engine code ?
09:08:51 <gjanssens> If triggered from gui code, then yes, something that reuses the report code can leverage links and styling and so on.
09:10:06 <gjanssens> It would however also mean auto-scrubbing can't work when running gnucash-cli, nor when interfacing with gnucash via scripting languages - at least you won't have access to the report code to display the changes made by scrub.
09:10:30 <gjanssens> That may not really be what you want either.
09:11:55 <gjanssens> When pondering this messaging dilemma in the past, I had the thought to set up some kind of layered messaging system inside gnucash.
09:12:39 <gjanssens> A basic interface could be part of the engine, similar to our PWARN, DEBUG macros/functions.
09:13:10 <gjanssens> That would allow all parts of gnucash to queue user oriented messages regardless of where in the code we are.
09:14:43 <gjanssens> The display of these messages would be implemented differently, depending on the application: gui gnucash could use a gui (based on reporting or a dedicated dialog), gnucash-cli or scripting might make use of pure text output.
09:15:14 <gjanssens> This is only a rough idea (as unfortunately many of my ideas these days...)
09:16:40 <gjanssens> The simple text only interface could even be part of libgnucash so there's a default interface available for scripting and gnucash-cli. Only for gui gnucash a more refined display implementation would be needed.
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09:23:05 <chris> How about a qof_instance_log_warning (QOF_INSTANCE(trans), "This transaction txn_type scrubbed from I to P")
09:24:21 <chris> some are triggered via gui eg ScrubBusiness.c, others from engine eg xaccTransGetTxnType
09:25:05 <chris> I'm still not sure whether it should run heuristics upon first call (safest) or during file->load
09:30:17 <fell> gjanssens, why does in docs ninja install trigger html?
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09:32:17 <fell> From my POV as default we don't want html under linux or windows
09:39:14 <gjanssens> chris: Where do these qof_instance_log_warnings go ? I never looked at those before. I only know the PWARN/PERROR/ENTER/LEAVE ... mechanisms.
09:41:00 <chris> gjanssens: there's no such function... yet :)
09:41:24 <gjanssens> fell: IIRC I set up the cmake build system such that the nightly build service would continue to work with minimal changes. Just replace the autogen.sh call with a cmake call and that's it.
09:41:45 <chris> they'd go into QofInstancePrivate until something queries them
09:42:14 <gjanssens> But I don't have a strong opinion on when to do the html build. So your argument is as good as mine.
09:42:21 <chris> or they'd go into a global std::vector<std::string> warnings in qofinstance.cpp
09:42:52 <fell> before we had targets html and inst-html or similar.
09:42:57 <gjanssens> If we stop building html by default on non-windows (it's already not built on Windows), you just have to coordinate with warlord to make a change to his cmake invocation on the build server
09:44:04 <gjanssens> The build server would have to invoke "cmake -DWITH_HTML ON ..." (that is explicitly enable html building)
09:44:20 <fell> Is there a way to disable the html-installation on linux?
09:44:48 <gjanssens> cmake -DWITH_HTML OFF ...
09:45:03 <fell> Currently it triples the installation size.
09:45:37 <gjanssens> Currently with cmake, what is enabled at configure time will be installed.
09:48:27 <fell> Bad design ;-)
09:49:29 <gjanssens> cmake limitation :(
09:50:06 <fell> From my POV the default shoould be the target of the OS. the build server is a secial case.
09:50:13 <fell> special
09:50:32 <gjanssens> The issue is more subtle than that.
09:51:02 <warlord> cmake sucks in so many ways.
09:51:04 <gjanssens> You can selectively choose which targets are built by default in cmake code by making them prerequisites of the "ALL" target?
09:51:10 <gjanssens> .
09:51:12 <warlord> but it wasn't my choice to move away from autotools
09:51:27 <gjanssens> But you can't do the same for installation.
09:52:02 <gjanssens> I don't think cmake sucks by the way. I prefer it a lot over autotools actually. But it does have a different set of advantages and drawbacks compared to autotools.
09:53:03 <gjanssens> Is there ever a reason to actually install the html format ? I mean in a distro sense, that it has to appear in a specific directory in order for it to get packaged properly.
09:53:22 <gjanssens> I personally don't see such a situation.
09:54:04 <gjanssens> So we may just drop the html install rule completely. The build rule and the install rule generate exactly the same output, only in a different directory.
09:54:38 <gjanssens> So where ever we currently use the install output to copy into place for our webserver, we can just as well use the build output.
09:55:27 <gjanssens> That saves time while updating the website as well as files only have to be copied once.
09:57:25 <gjanssens> chris: that could be a reasonable ad-hoc solution. How long do you want to keep these warnings around ? Until the book to which the warnings belong is closed ?
09:58:20 <gjanssens> Do we have to draw the user's attention to these warnings ? Do we want to keep track of whether the user actually has read them ? What to do if the user hasn't read them yet at the moment s/he closes the book ?
09:59:03 <gjanssens> I'm just throwing in questions to help define a scope for your proposal :)
10:07:01 <warlord> gjanssens, indeed, we already have a "separate" rule to copy the html build output to the "right place"
10:12:48 <gjanssens> Ok, so I propose to just drop the install rule for html. fell ?
10:37:44 <fell> I would preer that
10:38:12 <fell> prefer , gjanssens
10:43:08 <gjanssens> Ok, though it don't know for sure what happens on MacOS ?
10:43:28 <fell> warlord, i am just reviewing https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/pull/276. It will drop "Help_" from filenames. Do you need to clean up the build server then?
10:45:16 <gjanssens> Hmm, looks like the MacOS build depends on the html install target :(
10:45:56 <gjanssens> So I'll have to make the html install target available either via an option or platform dependent.
10:46:35 <gjanssens> I think via option is better, but that requires a change in the gnucash-on-macos gnucash.modules set
10:53:08 <fell> jralls the docs on osx is using revision="master", why?
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10:55:08 <warlord> fell, probably not; I mean, it will keep the old names, but so long as 'index.html' is still correct it wont reference them.
10:58:32 <fell> Ah, that is a special target.
11:06:02 <gjanssens> Ok, so I have chosen to make html installation configurable via an option. The option is enabled by default on MacOS and disabled by default on the other platforms.
11:06:22 <warlord> So do I have to change code's build rules?
11:06:26 <gjanssens> So nothing has to be changed in any of the packaging repos or build server atm.
11:07:03 <gjanssens> warlord: no ^
11:16:02 <warlord> ok
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11:39:54 <fell> Cool, gjanssens!
11:40:54 <fell> thanks!
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12:07:31 <gjanssens> fell: you're welcome
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21:35:55 <chris> @tell gjanssens good points; this is why instead of trying heuristics every call, it may be safer to scrub txn_type once, set a flag, and show warnings only once.
21:35:55 <gncbot> chris: The operation succeeded.
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