2022-07-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:59:47 <Linda> Good morning!
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10:05:44 <fell> Good afternoon! ;-)
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10:08:07 <Linda> Hello!
10:13:51 <Linda> Is anyone here?
10:15:21 <Linda> I'm new to Linux, gnucash, GTK, and a lot more. How do I change gnucash theme to light characters on dark background. I'm looking for it Gnucash Help Manual but haven't found it yet. THANKS!
10:15:23 <warlord> Nobody here but us lights. .. and we're out.
10:18:53 <warlord> Sorry, Linda -- I don't know how (or if) you can retheme the graphics.
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11:04:00 <Linda> This page told me how to do it in Windows, but I don't know the equivalent on Cinnamon: https://gist.github.com/MisterY/e0e588eca2ee05c8afd858c7800cfc4a
11:05:37 <Linda> Create a file named gtk-3.0.css and put some stuff in it, and store it in the right place in Windows (appdata\roaming\gnucash)
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12:05:57 <fell> Linda https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GTK3 should have some info, links …
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12:14:34 <fell> On the user mailing list you might find other mint users, whocan helpyou better.: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists#User_Lists
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12:15:37 <fell> @tell Linda On the user mailing list you might find other mint users, who can help you better.: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists#User_Lists
12:15:37 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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12:31:32 <fell> jralls: Flatpaks are also built if only docs change, Windows not.
12:32:16 <jralls> OK. I don't see that as a big deal, there will be a Windows change soon enough.
12:32:45 <jralls> s/Windows/code/
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12:56:39 <jralls> gjanssens, I'm trying to de-scheme app-utils and have hit a circular dependency problem with gnc-sx-instance-model. libgnucash-guile needs to swig app-utils and so depends on libgnc-app-utils, but gnc-sx-instance-model needs gnc-expression-parser, now part of libgnucash-guile.
12:57:47 <jralls> gjanssens, the simplest way to break that I can think of is to move gnc-sx-intance-model to gnucash/gnome-utils. I don't really like that, it's in app-utils because it doesn't depend on Gtk. What do you think?
13:00:29 <gjanssens> jralls: right. I did come across that one in the past. Your proposal is quick and dirty, but I agree not really nice.
13:01:41 <gjanssens> Back then I was thinking more along the lines of an expression parser rewrite. With most of it in C++ with the help of one of the Boost parser languages.
13:01:56 <jralls> quick and dirty is not really nice by definition. ;-) I'd be happy with not so quick and cleaner if I could think of an reasonable way to do it.
13:02:40 <gjanssens> For the guile part, I was then thinking of making this whole new parser extensible and let the guile wrappers add an extra bit that could parse guile specific expressions.
13:03:07 <gjanssens> I admit I never got further than the conceptual idea though.
13:04:04 <jralls> The problem is that those fin.scm functions aren't used directly by GnuCash, they're what users put in their scheduled transactions, so we can't really make it go away without a deprecation cycle.
13:04:31 <gjanssens> I know.
13:05:07 <jralls> For longer-term I think replacing them with the spreadsheet functions that everyone is used to would be a big improvement, but that's a lot of work and we have less than a year to GC 5.
13:07:38 <gjanssens> So the choices are to keep the expression parser stuff in app-utils and delay de-guile-ification of app-utils and work out a good replacement for the expression parser, or move gnc-sx-instance-model somewhere where it can depend on libgnucash-guile, and delay rewrite/replacement of the expression parser.
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13:08:47 <gjanssens> I think de-guile-ification of app-utils is a worthy goal in itself for GC 5 so I'd go with the less-than-ideal solution of moving gnc-sx-instance-model out of app-utils for now.
13:10:10 <gjanssens> It's similar to the move of our finance::quote wrapper. I still want to finish a c++ version of it and move it back to app-utils as in itself it's not dependent on Gtk either.
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13:11:00 <jralls> How about a separate library for the expression parser? It doesn't really belong in bindings anyway, the guile part is private.
13:13:43 <jralls> Nothing in libgnucash except gnc-sx-instance-model uses it so both could go in a new directory in gnucash/.
13:15:35 <gjanssens> Hmm, that's also a possibility... Is gnc-sx-instance-model something that would be worth exposing in scripting (python or guile) ? If so it would eventually have to move back to libgnucash (with the guile bits rewritten obviously).
13:15:58 <gjanssens> But again that could be done somewhere in the future if there's demand for it.
13:18:42 <jralls> gnc-sx-instance-model exports two functions, gnc_sx_get_instances and gnc_sx_get_current_instances. Those are used by gnc-plugins-page-sx-list, gnc-plugin-basic-commands, and dialog-sx-since-last-run, all in gnucash/gnome.
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13:27:14 <gjanssens> Gtg...
13:27:17 <jralls> Hmm. Those two functions are about turning SXes into transactions. I can see how a user might want to script that process, but it would get a little complicated in the presence of variables in the SX.
13:27:27 <jralls> OK.
13:29:13 <Linda> How do I change my password?
13:29:13 <gncbot> Linda: Sent 1 hour and 13 minutes ago: <fell> On the user mailing list you might find other mint users, who can help you better.: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists#User_Lists
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13:29:38 <jralls> Linda, GnuCash doesn't have a password for you to change.
13:31:24 <Linda> NickServ. Says Password reset email for Linda has been sent. I followed with the Confirm. Nickserv says "You are now identified for your nick. Change your password now."
13:31:29 <Linda> How do I do that?
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13:32:43 <jralls> Oh, for IRC. "/msg NickServ sendpass new-password".
13:33:11 <jralls> No quotes, make the obvious substitution.
13:34:28 <Linda> Reply was: Unknown command sendpass new-password
13:36:07 <jralls> Try "/msg NickServ set password new-password"
13:36:41 <Linda> Yes, that seems to have worked. Thanks
13:37:20 <jralls> You can ask NickServ to show you the commands it understands with "/msg NickServ help".
13:38:34 <Linda> I was trying that but non of those seemed to mean "change password"
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13:39:57 <Linda> jralls: Thank you so much! (It doesn't help that I've completely messed up my HexChat color scheme and can barely read anything. Going to go search the net for how to reset hexchat colors to defaults)
13:40:18 <jralls> You're welcome.
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14:50:08 <linda> I found /home/linda/.var/app/org.gnucash.GnuCash/config/gtk-3.0/ folder -- Now what to do with it.
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14:55:43 <linda> I just ran: flatpak run --env=GTK_DEBUG=interactive org.gnucash.GnuCash
14:56:53 <linda> I don't know if this matters: Gtk-Message: 14:53:50.936: Failed to load module "xapp-gtk3-module"
14:59:14 <linda> Now my .gnucash file is locked...
14:59:47 <jralls> That's apparently a package on Debian-based distros needed for some dialogs. Try `sudo apt install xapp`.
15:00:22 <jralls> Your .gnucash file is locked because you crashed GnuCash after the file had been loaded. Just click open anyway in the dialog.
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15:11:00 <linda_> This is so frustration. Is it because I'm Linux Mint Cinnamon? Should I switch to a different distro?
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15:15:19 <jralls> linda_, not specifically about Linux Mint, and the window manager (Cinnamon in your case) doesn't matter at all. There are two major families of distros, one based on Debian, the other based on Red Hat, and a few others like Arch Linux, Gentoo, OpenSuSE, and Slackware. Each has its quirks that take a little while to learn.
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15:18:26 <jralls> Linux is quite different from MS-Windows and it's going to take you a few weeks to get used to it. Mint has a pretty good reputation for user friendliness. Read their documentation pages and play around a bit, practicing what you read about.
15:20:42 <jralls> Linux Mint also has a forum site https://forums.linuxmint.com. Reading other people's questions and answers is a good way to learn, and of course you can ask your own questions there.
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16:01:52 <Linda> I installed and ran gtk-chtheme. I uninstalled the flatpak version of gnucash and installed one, but it's only version 3.8. I rebooted somewhere in between. I'm on Cinnamon. The color is right, but I don't know if my files will work with this version.
16:03:47 <Linda> (Color is now dark theme. I installed the gnucash which says: Version: 3.8
16:03:47 <Linda> Build ID: 3.8b+(2019-12-29) I first tried gnucash on Windows, from gnucash.org, if I recall correctly.
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16:20:14 <Linda> Actually the gnucash theme is not quite right. There's black text inside a black box when I am entering data.
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16:25:20 <Linda> And i fiddled with things and now it looks okay. ::shrug::
16:34:45 <warlord> ok.
17:19:48 <Linda> What's working for now (on Linux Mint Cinnamon, for gnucash): Icons=Mint-Y-Dark-Pink. Controls=Adwaita-dark. Desktop=Mint-Y-Dark-Aqua. I couldn't see the titles of windows, e.g. mybook.gnucash - Cash in Wallet - GnuCash, because it was black on bloack. I downloaded https://github.com/EliverLara/Sweet and I'm using that for 'Window borders'
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22:14:11 <drl> I'm trying to print a transaction report. I get "No accounts selected," and a link to edit report options. Clicking on that link gives no way to select accounts. So, how are the accounts selected?