2022-06-26 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:56:08 <rodton> In edit account for "Equity Opening Balances - WDS.AX" I need to select currency as Type ASX Currency WDS (Woodside Energy Group) Ltd. I do not get this option. I know that if I select Account Type Stock and Parent Account stock I will get the desired option but because this is an equity account I can't do this. I know it is possible because I have several other equity stock accounts where I have selected the correct option. I simply cannot remember how I
00:56:08 <rodton> did ths. Can someone help?
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01:11:06 <rodton> In edit account for "Equity Opening Balances - WDS.AX" I need to select currency as Type ASX Currency WDS (Woodside Energy Group) Ltd. I do not get this option. I know that if I select Account Type Stock and Parent Account stock I will get the desired option but because this is an equity account I can't do this. I know it is possible because I have several other equity stock accounts where I have selected the correct option. I simply cannot remember how I
01:11:06 <rodton> <rodton> did ths. Can someone help?
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01:17:10 <fell> rodton: In Equity you should record the value of your assets in your home currency. Stock accounts belong under assets.
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01:24:28 <rodton> Yes I know stock accounts belong under assets but equity accounts if the relate to stocks must not be in home currency but must be the same as the corresponding stock account in assets. I in fact have about 10 other equity accounts for stock (necessary for Opening Balances) set up correctly but am unable to duplicate this in a new eqity account I have set up.
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01:37:46 <fell> That is no proper usage. May I suggest to discuss the issue on a user list—-https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists#User_Lists? There are more expirienced user araund.
01:38:48 <fell> They can better help you to get a proper modelling of your use case.
01:48:44 <chris> "must" is a strong word for an opinion...
01:51:41 <fell> Good evening, Chris!
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02:05:57 <chris> afternoon here
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03:08:18 <Simon> rodton: you can't change the currency for an account that has transactions; otherwise you just need to work out what is different between the accounts where it does what you want and the new account
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03:39:08 <rodton> Simon the account is new and has no transactions. I m unable to change the currency to securities in the account. Also cannot create a new account in equity with security as the currency. And yet I have 10 equity accounts relating to stocks where the currency is set to securities and I was therefore able to do this a year or two ago. I can only think that a Gnucash version upgrade has changed this functionality. Does any body have any ideas?s
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04:22:37 <Simon> looks like Equity accounts shouldn't have been able to be non-currency since 2003...
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06:47:33 <Simon> I can get a 13.8% reduction in total file load time with https://github.com/nomis/gnucash/commit/d958d511bac7acf7c008dcf6d3b3ee4d91cd4cb6
06:47:52 <Simon> 2% of the time is from omitting the regex_match and the rest is from avoiding boost::posix_time::time_from_string()
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07:17:49 <rodton> Equity accounts were definitely able to be non-currency in early 2020 which is when I created my equity accounts for opening stock balances.
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10:46:03 <chris> Simon: interesting... how does it handle non-digits inbetween?
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11:07:44 <Simon> not very well
11:08:11 <Simon> but I could construct a loop that checks they are digits and does stoi inline
11:08:58 <Simon> the boost stuff is just not efficient enough
11:16:03 <chris> instead of stoi you can do ascii arithmetic too :)
11:18:04 <Simon> yes of course but I just wanted to see if it would run any faster
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11:21:43 <chris> and if there's bitwise manipulation maybe jralls will be happier :)
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13:19:30 <jralls> Simon, posix_time::time_from_string or posix_time::time_from_iso_string? If it's the former (which is a lot slower than the latter) then what about the dates is evading the delim_iso regex?
13:23:45 <jralls> For regexes we could do better with https://github.com/hanickadot/compile-time-regular-expressions instead of boost-regex, but a 2% speedup isn't really worth the effort.
13:27:18 <Simon> Nothing is evading the regex
13:28:38 <Simon> Not sure what you're asking here
13:28:53 <Simon> All the dates in the file match delim_iso
13:29:08 <Simon> So they use time_from_string which you agree is slow
13:29:29 <Simon> 11.8% of the file load time is time_from_string
13:29:36 <jralls> If they match delim_iso they're supposed to be passed to time_from_iso_string.
13:29:58 <Simon> No, it's the other way around
13:30:19 <jralls> The *code* is the other way around. That's a bug.
13:30:24 <Simon> from_iso_string expects there to be no delimiters
13:31:48 <jralls> Oh, right. Thanks. So maybe strip the delims and pass to from_iso_string.
13:36:36 <Simon> 2% might not seem like much but it all adds up
13:40:39 <jralls> This is coming from dom_tree_to_time64 via gnc_iso8601_to_time64, right?
13:47:08 <Simon> I don't have a record of the calls I just know it's called for every date in the XML file
13:47:25 <Simon> I already swapped the order of the two regex to prefer that
13:48:37 <Simon> I'll try from_iso_string later
13:49:18 <Simon> I also want to make register page loads on-demand like reports are, because it's taking 2.75s to open all the pages on startup
13:49:31 <jralls> Swapping just privileges xml over sql.
13:49:37 <Simon> and that's 25% of the total time
13:50:01 <jralls> Good grief, how many registers do you have open?
13:50:13 <Simon> 38 tabs
13:50:32 <jralls> No wonder you want a menu to switch them.
13:50:45 <Simon> About 4 of them are reports
13:52:18 <Simon> I need the menu because they only fit in left/right but I keep using half the screen for GnuCash and half the screen for online banking so I need top/bottom tabs for that
13:52:57 <Simon> It's easier than some kind of "stop displaying tabs" toggle
14:02:14 <jralls> Stop displaying tabs would be weird, but it might work for you to group the tabs into separate task-oriented windows.
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14:45:15 <Simon> Linux window managers tend to be really poor at handling multiple windows
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15:09:35 <Simon> removing the delimiters and using from_iso_string() is slightly slower than just using time_from_string()
15:13:29 <Simon> it's continually amazing how slow the boost code is
15:14:18 <Simon> a lot of the "split this strings into lots of strings" code really needs to go away from the date_time code
15:18:03 <Simon> moving the "give the page a chance to display" step to the end saves 3.5% of the total page loading time but it would have a negative effect if opening the file manually
15:18:32 <Simon> starting gnucash loads the file and so it just pauses on the splash screen with no progress indicated
15:18:45 <Simon> opening the file shows each tab appear and focus one by one
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15:24:11 <Simon> 2022-06-26T20:23:49.249+01:00 simon@rincewind/info gnucash.desktop[69187]: gnc_plugin_page_recreate_page(GncPluginPageSxList): 0.015436s
15:24:19 <Simon> didn't even realise I'd left that one open...
15:24:52 <Simon> 2022-06-26T20:23:47.487+01:00 simon@rincewind/info gnucash.desktop[69187]: gnc_plugin_page_recreate_page(GncPluginPageAccountTree): 0.206584s
15:24:54 <Simon> 2022-06-26T20:23:47.840+01:00 simon@rincewind/info gnucash.desktop[69187]: gnc_plugin_page_recreate_page(GncPluginPageRegister): 0.353157s
15:29:58 <Simon> I can save 700ms by commenting out gnc_ledger_display_refresh() in gnc_plugin_page_register_recreate_page(), that's 7.4% of total load time
15:30:31 <Simon> of course the registers don't refresh on focus so that breaks things... and they have transactions loaded which I want to avoid until the first focus
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17:43:03 *** jralls changes topic to "Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Moderated mode: To get a voice, register with NickServ and then re-join. || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! (Possibly a few hours!!) || publicly-logged channel https://code.gnucash.org/logs || latest stable: 4.11 || www.gnucash.org || wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/"
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22:38:02 <fell> jralls, you had forgotten new languages "down under" Englishs
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22:52:03 <jralls> Drat, I thought I had added them. I've updated the website and Github.
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