2022-06-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:31:35 <Simon> someone has translated "via Escrow account?" to "via Trust account?" which makes no sense to me in the context of loans
04:31:51 <Simon> we just don't have tax escrow accounts for loans at all
04:32:02 <Simon> (in en-GB)
04:32:37 <Simon> and a "trust" account is really not the same as escrow
04:34:03 <Simon> all of the uses of "vendor" should be "supplier"... that is probably going to be really messy because it won't match the documentation
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04:36:11 <Simon> the Americanism of "vendor" would be preferable to having an entire section of the documentation be unusable in English
04:42:41 <Simon> there are a few places where the text uses "gnucash" instead of "GnuCash"
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05:10:11 * Simon fixes "dialogue"
05:10:35 <Simon> no-one uses "dialogue"/"programme" in en-GB for computing terms
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05:35:25 <Simon> I don't understand why "Wire" has been translated to "Cable" because we don't use "Cable Transfer" as a term for money transfers
05:35:54 <Simon> yes, "Cable" can be used instead of "Wire" for archaic message transfer but we just don't "wire" or "cable" money to people
05:37:20 <Simon> it's like "AutoDep" in that there's nothing to translate it to
06:18:27 <fell> I like supplier over vendor also for C. Vendornseems not to include service providers.
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06:50:02 <Simon> msgid "<b>Checks</b>" <-- that could really do with a translator comment
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07:56:46 <Simon> "File upload has failed: 'str' object has no attribute 'strings'"
07:56:58 <Simon> weblate is broken... ^
07:58:28 <Simon> uhh
07:58:45 <Simon> I can create translations in Middle English but not Australian or New Zealand? :|
08:00:22 <Simon> fell: I've translated en-GB/en-AU/en-NZ but Weblate doesn't let me upload them: https://github.com/nomis/gnucash-translations
08:01:52 <Simon> oh I think I have a stray "msgstr" on its own line
08:02:27 <Simon> my reformat script has made a mess of the msgstr_plural lines :(
08:06:20 <fell> What kind of tools are you using?
08:08:24 <Simon> just a standard text editor
08:08:48 <Simon> the translation for en-GB is a mess of mismatched fuzzy text so I just wanted to start again
08:09:23 <fell> And are there really differences for the 3 countries?
08:09:29 <Simon> yes
08:10:02 <Simon> they're minor: https://github.com/nomis/gnucash-translations/commit/0de6ffb817d2b937affc2a46b5306b56fce5fb08
08:10:22 <fell> I ask, because en_GB was almost 10 years unmaintained.
08:10:34 <Simon> and then NZ uses "payslip" like GB but everything else is the same as AU: https://github.com/nomis/gnucash-translations/commit/229db9183c438eb14230ad0e0d92dcdacac5ab77
08:11:05 <Simon> the main problem is that without an en-AU/en-NZ file people will see "color" instead of "colour"
08:11:18 <Simon> and "check" instead of "cheque"
08:11:31 <Simon> so while the differences between them is small, they're still significantly different from en-US
08:11:41 <Simon> I'm fixing the bugs in my files now
08:13:57 <fell> How about 'LANGUAGE=en_NZ:en_AU:en_GB gnucash'?
08:16:21 <Simon> it's not my fault that gettext is very poor at handling English variants without duplicating the entire file :|
08:17:50 <fell> with the setting ^ we would only require payslip in en_NZ
08:18:30 <Simon> it's still going to insist on a whole file with empty translation strings
08:18:41 <Simon> and prompt people to translate those :|
08:18:41 <fell> for the rest it woullld fall back to AU, GB, US
08:19:02 <Simon> ideally GB would omit the strings that have no changes to the text, but I see no option for that in Weblate
08:19:09 <Simon> if I omit something it's going to decide it's not translated
08:19:29 <Simon> which won't work for any of the text that is currently mistranslated but the same in the US
08:20:10 <fell> Perhaps ask them to support "overlays".
08:20:22 <Simon> it can't be "payslip" only in en_NZ because you can't tell people how to apply languages and in what order
08:20:30 <Simon> it would still need the colour/cheque changes
08:21:23 <Simon> I know it's a lot of duplication but another way to look at is that it shows the text has been approved, despite not having a change
08:21:43 <Simon> and there's no way of knowing what is no longer approved without a copy of that text
08:22:11 <Simon> if someone adds "color" or "check" to an existing string, that would require a review but if it's translated to "" because it was the same before, you don't know to look at it
08:23:12 <Simon> something else must be wrong with the file but I can't see what that is :|
08:23:45 <Simon> or maybe I didn't click Upload
08:26:04 <Simon> (if gettext haven't made support for this type of thing yet they're never going to)
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08:26:47 <Simon> I think it's importing my en-GB file but it's taking a while
08:26:53 <fell> My usual test is 'LANG=C msgfmt -c --check-accelerators="_" --statistics po/$LOCALE.po'
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08:27:50 <Simon> "Processed 5401 strings from the uploaded files (skipped: 2477, not found: 0, updated: 2924). "
08:28:21 <fell> 2.924 Ausstehende Änderungen
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08:31:04 <fell> https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/gnucash/gnucash/en_GB/#history shows the accepted part
08:34:26 <Simon> the AU/NZ files in https://github.com/nomis/gnucash-translations are up to date if you want to add them
08:34:32 <Simon> it will let me add Klingon but not those
08:35:24 <Simon> which is odd because they appear on https://hosted.weblate.org/languages/
08:37:29 <chris> isn't it time to nuke and start from scratch :)
08:43:06 <fell> I gett also mails from them with content like 'Syntax error on line 12614: 'msgstr "Široké oddeľovače"\n'''
08:55:41 <fell> I suspect, you have to request them, because they are new to gnucash.
08:56:58 <fell> I would te create the empty files for you and the adustments for cmake.
08:57:47 <fell> After I pushed that changes, you could fill them …
08:59:24 <fell> But my problem is that I reviewed and fixed PRs for docs translations and are now really tired.
08:59:44 <fell> the whole last night
09:14:00 <fell> Simon: msgfmt -c --check-accelerators="_" --statistics po/en_NZ.po 5369 translated messages, 32 fuzzy translations.
09:14:14 <fell> same for AU
09:21:08 <Simon> I thought I'd removed all the "fuzzy" :|
09:22:36 * Simon has done so now
09:23:38 <fell> to late …
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09:27:47 <fell> refresh your weblate window
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09:29:22 <fell> after the clock symbol disappears you can edit them.
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09:33:05 <Simon> there's a merge conflict in en_GB now
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09:46:54 <Simon> somehow this is my fault for capitalising "CSV" using Weblate but only Weblate has made commits
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09:52:39 <fell> Somehow we got a collission. You are too fast for me. ;-)
09:53:03 <fell> But now it is ready again.
09:54:01 <Simon> thanks
09:54:42 <fell> welcome
09:55:20 <Simon> I've cleared all the fuzzy markers and fixed all the English "csv" now
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10:14:55 <fell> and merged
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10:46:51 <Simon> I can't find a name for the NSIN in AU/NZ so I've now just omitted the "CUSIP" part entirely
10:48:34 <Simon> (they both have stock exchanges with their own codes but that's not the same thing as an NSIN)
10:49:02 <Simon> weblate's not so good with mass changes but it it is easier to search for things
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10:50:41 <fell> Iwouldstart from ISIN
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10:54:46 <fell> CUSIP stands for Committee_on_Uniform_Security_Identification_Procedures
10:55:42 <Simon> I know what it is, I had copied the "SEDOL" from GB which is UK-only so I needed to fix it
11:01:01 <fell> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_numbering_agency
11:02:10 <Simon> they don't give the NSIN a name
11:02:32 <Simon> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Securities_Exchange does issues ASX codes but they're stock exchange codes
11:02:44 <Simon> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NZX issues codes but doesn't call them anything
11:06:12 <Simon> I could put in "ASX" for en-AU, it wouldn't be entirely out of place
11:07:12 <Simon> very few other lanuages have CUSIP changed to something else
11:07:26 <Simon> a couple of them have removed ISIN...
11:59:49 <chris> oh a release is scheduled Real Soon Now...
12:01:23 <chris> does Goals for 5.0 "remove glib" mean use cpp stl instead of glists and friends?
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13:42:28 <jralls> chris, yes.
13:42:59 <jralls> But there are higher priorities.
13:51:03 <jralls> Simon, an escrow account is usually used only in US mortgages (home loans). In some cases the lender wants to be in the middle of paying the property taxes and fire insurance premiums to make sure they get paid, so those amounts are added to the monthly payment and go into an escrow account between then and when they're due to the tax collector or insurance company.
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15:42:30 <Simon> (I've finished tweaking the en-* translations)
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17:09:53 <fell> jralls,I assumeit is too late for PR 1362?
17:11:16 <fell> hu and en_* updates
17:12:49 <jralls> fell, no, go ahead.
17:17:37 <fell> jralls:done.
17:19:40 <Simon> fell: the time on your merge commits is 8 hours behind reality
17:21:02 <Simon> in fact it's more like 7.5 hours
17:25:56 <fell> It is 23:25 (CEST=UTC+2) here. Just compared it with the radio clock.
17:33:41 <Simon> your merge commit predates the commits it is merging
17:34:00 <fell> For soe unknown reaso github shows e "1 hour ago"
17:34:02 <Simon> oh maybe that's because it's a fast forward
17:34:41 <Simon> sorry... there is no merge commit
17:36:37 <fell> Yes, that was the last change oon weblate.
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18:22:18 <jralls> fell have there been any comments on gnucash-de about trouble with AQB 6.5.0?
18:22:53 <fell> Only by Arch users.
18:24:05 <fell> It is also in debiian, Ubunto, opensuse, but nobody neitheer complained nor conffirmed that is working
18:24:30 <jralls> How about our flatpak and windows users? Have any of them tried the nightlies?
18:24:50 <fell> same there
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18:33:35 <jralls> That's a little disappointing. It would be helpful if at least someone had said they'd tried and it worked.
19:00:36 <fell> I will ask more specific.
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19:20:36 <fell> according https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-de/2022-June/012445.html shipped arch 6.5.0-2, which works.
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20:02:49 <jralls> Here's the build change:https://github.com/archlinux/svntogit-community/commit/64d698b280a47f561ed1e469ec9b58718537c95c
21:30:43 <fell> Thanks, added to the bug report.
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