2022-06-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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15:20:04 <jralls> fell, does https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/pull/250 look OK to you?
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16:36:40 <fell> jralls: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/pull/250#pullrequestreview-1011562024
16:37:42 <fell> I was downstairs, when CWehli trieed to talk with me.
16:40:48 <jralls> fell, what does <important> do different from <note>? Is it just a different icon or does it add emphasis?
16:41:43 <fell> Icon or text, dependend on the target format.
16:42:13 <jralls> Well, the icon isn't going to make much difference to the user.
16:44:28 <jralls> As for the cross-links, shouldn't they go to where the current document is? IOW if the user is reading a doc on code then the crosslinks should also go to code; if on www to www; and most important, if local they should go to local because going to code or www won't work well if the user has a poor or no internet connection.
16:49:06 <jralls> To be really strict we should also make sure that they're useful if someone is reading a printed document by spelling out exactly where the link points, e.g. "Tutorial and Concept Guide, section The Basics, Transactions, Setting Column Widths"
16:50:55 <fell> In PDF you get behind the label square brackets with the URI.
16:52:43 <fell> Crosslinking is possible, but I delayed it as the change from ghelp: to help: will change the structre.
16:53:48 <fell> We want torename help to manual, component and language level get swapped…
16:57:57 <jralls> > in PDF... right, but the URI doesn't do someone any good if they have the manuals printed out. The anchor name "txns-columnwidths1" doesn't help that user find anything.
17:02:18 <jralls> fell, separate subject: Do you use AQBanking for yourself? https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798552 suggests that Martin replaced the AQHBCI backend without doing a ~/.aqbanking migration.
17:02:47 <jralls> Obvs I can't test that because I can use only the OFX backend.
17:06:23 <fell> I used it as long as my bank allowed HBCI and stopped when they changed allowed PIN/TAN methods too often.
17:07:38 <jralls> So I guess you can't test either. I think Mechtilde used it alot but she hasn't been around for awhile.
17:09:48 <fell> In the afternoon/early evening CWehli is around. He updated the aqb pages o the wiki, added an image module…
17:13:02 <fell> On 2022-04-18 02:22:25 I have committed the update to flatpack and would have expected first complains from nightly flatpak users.
17:14:00 <jralls> So maybe the Arch Linux guys messed up their build?
17:14:56 <jralls> Can the flatpak read the user's ~/.aqbanking folder?
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17:30:02 <fell> I think so as I don't see it below ~/.var/app and at some point Geert opened "--filesystem=host",
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