2022-06-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:54:02 <chris> fell: shouldn't xaccAccountOrder and friends use g_utf8_collate instead of g_strcmp0?
03:59:33 <fell> Chris, i suspect many parts of gnucash were written for ASCII instead of utf-8. So if you see them, fix them please!
04:04:44 <chris> hmm
04:06:57 <chris> you wouldn't like the performance drop that comes with g_utf8_collate
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04:08:48 <Simon> 😲
04:15:41 <chris> however qof-string-cache.cpp *could* cache the utf8_collate_keys and strcmp them...
04:16:24 <Simon> I'd take a different approach
04:16:30 <chris> go on
04:17:04 <Simon> The list of accounts doesn't change that often, so just maintain a sorted list of them
04:17:59 <Simon> Have a link from the account to its index in the list and you can now compare the order very quickly
04:19:17 <Simon> The overhead on inserting a new account (updating all the indexes) will be much less than any on demand sorting by string
04:24:18 <chris> Maybe. Sounds very hacky.
04:27:00 <Simon> So is reading strings a billion times to find the order of things
04:27:52 <Simon> C++ has ordered lists (sets) but not the index back to find the order of something, it'd do a binary search
04:28:56 <Simon> Without the link back to its position that would be slower than strcmp on everything because it'd be a binary search strcmp on everything
04:29:38 <Simon> You could have a generic C++ sorted list implementation that kept a reference to an item's position in the list as a reference, then you could update it easily
04:31:20 <Simon> The item could only be sorted once so that wouldn't be the general container of it (you'd want to make other lists of accounts) but it would give it a sortable property for comparing the order
04:31:28 <Simon> of items
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04:40:34 <chris> I think it's doable if xaccAccountOrder is redefined.
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08:15:53 <chris> Simon: even easier: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/pull/1352
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08:50:48 <Simon> :)
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10:13:15 <chris> Ultimately I don't think it's worth it... most reasonable books wouldn't have more than a few dozen accounts, and caching this list seems overkill.
10:14:18 <chris> So, if jralls agrees let's just change g_strcmp0 to g_utf8_collate.
10:14:47 <chris> Trans and Splits sorting already use g_utf8_collate.
10:16:13 <chris> ^ and fell of course
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12:09:27 <Simon> I have 1425 accounts
12:09:53 <Simon> <@chris> you wouldn't like the performance drop that comes with g_utf8_collate <-- this suggests that there is a noticeable performance change
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16:54:38 <jralls> Simon, g_utf8_collate's performance issue is that it has to normalize the unicode because there are sometimes several ways to produce the same character representation. Then it has to get the current locale and create a sort-order key based on the locale's collation sequence. It has to do that for each string, then compare the two and return -1, 0, or 1 depending on which key is greater.
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16:57:17 <jralls> GLib provides https://developer-old.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-Unicode-Manipulation.html#g-utf8-collate-key to get the keys, which can then be compared with a straight strcmp.
17:00:22 <jralls> chris, when sorting a list of utf-8 strings one should process it first into a new list of struct {string, key} and then pass strcmp instead of g_utf8_strcmp as the order function.
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17:54:16 <jralls> chris, you rather misrepresented to fell xaccAccountOrder's use of g_strcmp0. What you changed is the comparison of the Account Code. The Account Name is already compared with safe_utf8_collate.
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19:57:37 <fell> jralls, without a msgmerge the sringfreeze is useless.
19:59:37 <fell> I made one now locally, but I am not amused. Over 100 new messages because chris added the dialog name as msgcontext.
20:03:08 <fell> I don't see the difference between a normal "Buy" and
20:03:10 <fell> msgctxt "Stock Assistant: Transaction Type"
20:03:12 <fell> msgid "Buy"
20:03:13 <fell> msgstr "Kauf"
20:20:18 <fell> perhapswe should exclude gnucash/gnome/assistant-stock-transaction.cpp from make pot until it is fixed?
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20:47:03 <chris> Simon jralls I hadn't profiled g_utf8_collate and hadn't seen it being used for account name. The fact it's already being used in account name, transaction and split sorting seems to suggest the perfomance penalty is not noticeable.
20:55:01 <chris> Simon: perhaps you could try replace g_strmp0 with safe_utf8_collate with your 1425 accounts and report back?
22:41:26 <chris> fell: I agree Stock transaction: Transaction Type doesn't need contextual cue
22:42:34 <chris> but the "page name" and "Action field" do
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