2022-06-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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19:08:15 <warlord> .
19:08:41 <jralls> warlord, welcome back!
19:09:43 <warlord> Thanks. It;s been a very long 48 hours.I
19:09:48 <warlord> I just sent an email about it.
19:14:42 <jralls> Which I just got. How old is the UPS's battery?
19:16:38 <warlord> 2.3 years
19:16:46 <warlord> (according to the UPS)
19:17:39 <warlord> But the UPS is reporting that the batteries are fine. But the output is turning off, almost like someone is telling it to turn off.
19:18:35 <warlord> The SNMP interface is on a private VLAN, so it's not like someone could be sending it a ping-of-death.
19:19:12 <jralls> I had a similar problem last year, though the battery was a lot older. The UPS thought the battery was OK but it couldn't actually carry any load. Every time I printed something on my laser printer the UPS would shut down.
19:20:06 <jralls> And the printer wasn't even plugged in to the UPS, but apparently the fuser sucks enough amps to make a little voltage drop that the UPS wants to make up.
19:20:19 <jralls> Replaced the battery and everything works OK.
19:22:54 <jralls> You can test the battery by unplugging the UPS. If it can carry the load on the battery then it's OK.
19:24:17 <jralls> You could also try a power-off reset including disconnecting the battery.
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19:38:14 <warlord> True... Right now there is zero load, but that would be a good test...
19:39:11 <jralls> Not quite 0, the UPS itself is a tiny load. Try that first, then try somthing that needs ~100W.
19:41:30 <warlord> Once I reset it and turned it on, yes, it survived a power outage.
19:44:56 <warlord> I need to find something to plug in...
19:58:16 <jralls> Time to make dinner.
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20:16:00 <warlord> jralls, I went to go find a load, and just now I took a dehumidifier back there, but it had already turned the output off on its own.
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