2022-05-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:25:16 <chris> hmm there's duplicate "New Invoice..." and "New Invoice" buttons in invoice-editor
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03:35:27 <chris> gjanssens: is it a fair assumption that all TXN_TYPE_LINK will have all splits belonging to the APAR account, and all splits will be attached to a document lot?
03:35:54 <chris> (ref #1201)
03:36:05 <chris> ^ or warlord
03:36:41 <chris> if yes, then the LINK txns will be converted to TXN_TYPE_PAYMENT by #1201 and must be hidden from new-owner-report
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07:42:56 <warlord> chris, I am not aware of what LINK txns are. Those were added later, I think.
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08:57:36 <chris> warlord: ok I think they're gjanssens work; aims to marry up Invoices to CNs
08:58:09 <warlord> Right.
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09:33:25 <gjanssens> chris: yes they are uniquely used when two document lots need to be linked together
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09:34:02 <gjanssens> And I agree this could have been done with TXN_TYPE_PAYMENT as well. But I only figured that out in hindsight.
09:34:36 <gjanssens> In fact a TXN_TYPE_LINK is a special case of TXN_TYPE_PAYMENT, nae
09:34:40 <gjanssens> oops
09:35:21 <gjanssens> namely another document is used as "payment method" instead of cash or bank.
09:35:24 <warlord> hindsight is always 20/20
09:35:46 <gjanssens> But technically you can just use TXN_TYPE_PAYMENT everywhere.
09:36:41 <gjanssens> I don't know offhand if there's any logic that specifically depends on TXN_TYPE_LINK exclusively. If so that may have to be revisited of course.
09:36:47 <gjanssens> warlord: indeed :)
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09:38:38 <chris> well the gist of #1201 is- xaccTransGetTxntype will read the splits and determine (and cache) the TxnType instead of reading from KVP. it doesn't return TXN_TYPE_LINK. if my assumption is correct
09:38:56 <chris> (i.e. LINK txns are always ReadOnly, and have no non-APAR splits) then #1201 works well.
09:43:45 <chris> if #1201 then there's no more Txn_Type_LINK anymore
09:46:37 <chris> thus datafiles damaged by clicking on type column in APAR register will be silently 'fixed'
09:50:21 <chris> P accidentally changed to I will be silently reverted to P in the register. but the kvp txn-type won't be automatically removed.
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13:04:21 <fell> I am not sure that "silently fixing" is really a good idea.
13:05:04 <fell> Imagine I open a file in a new vesion only to search something.
13:06:15 <fell> The on closing, I am wondering, why it wants to save the file.
13:06:54 <fell> I think, I might accidently changed something and reject saving.
13:07:23 <fell> On the next start the repair has to be done again.
13:08:47 <fell> IIRC that happens on all my older test files—again and again,
13:10:45 <fell> Perhaps we should set a "Saving reason": User changed something or program fixed something.
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13:51:01 <jralls_afk> fell, added to the message in the save-on-close dialog?
13:51:43 <fell> Yes
13:51:44 <jralls_afk> OTOH IIUC chris's change won't write to the file, it will just ignore what's there and do what it thinks is right.
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22:02:00 <chris> IMHO #1201 the xaccTransSetTxnType should still be allow to write to kvp; it means old builds can read newer datafiles