2022-04-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:12:41 <james> Hi
14:22:44 <james> Anyone know how to make entries to record a share purchase plan of stock?
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14:52:06 <jralls> james, it's just like any other stock purchase.
14:58:04 <james> I'm having trouble understanding. When I try to follow the section 9.5 buying shares, GNUcash populates two other accounts. One is "investents:stock". Could you help me understand what I'm doing wrong? @jralls
14:59:09 <james> this is a ESPP. Shares are sold shortly after purchase/match.
14:59:41 <james> I have set up investments:spp:cash, investments:spp:xxx (stock name), and investments:spp_cash
15:00:20 <jralls> What's the difference between app:cash and app_cash?
15:01:41 <james> Money comes out of paycheck every period into spp_cash, then for the purchase money comes out of spp_cash and an employer match would come from spp_bonus.
15:01:50 <james> Correct me if you think this isn't a good way to do this.
15:01:58 <james> spp_bonus is an income account.
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15:28:38 <jralls> And spp:cash?
15:30:42 <james> I'm sorry for the confusion. The accounts I've set up are Investments:SPP:SPP_Cash, Investments:SPP:Cash, and Investments:SPP:xxx
15:30:57 <james> SPP:SPP_Cash is where money from paycheck goes every period.
15:31:27 <james> When I sell the stock I thought I would do SPP:Cash for where the proceeds go.
15:31:32 <james> I haven't gotten that far yet though.
15:31:55 <jralls> You said you have three accounts: " I have set up investments:spp:cash, investments:spp:xxx (stock name), and investments:spp_cash"
15:32:20 <james> Yes, that was a typo. investments:spp_cash should be Investments:SPP:SPP_cash
15:32:39 <james> My thought was this is like where the broker's settlement fund. Does that make sense?
15:33:33 <jralls> More or less, though it probably doesn't model the actual accounts at your broker.
15:34:26 <jralls> So what splits do you create for a purchase, and do you have trading accounts turned on?
15:35:04 <james> By turning on trading accounts you mean selecting "stock" under account type?
15:36:00 <jralls> No, I mean checking the Use Trading Accounts box in the first tab of the File>Properties dialog box.
15:36:17 <james> It is checked.
15:37:41 <jralls> That may account for the extra splits, in Trading:Trading-USD and Trading:Trading-XXX. (Where XXX is your stock symbol.)
15:38:01 <james> Oh
15:38:04 <james> So I should turn that off?
15:39:31 <jralls> Probably, if you're just doing same-day sales when you exercise an ESPP buy.
15:40:03 <james> It's not the same day but it's within the week
15:40:57 <jralls> Then you have the potential for capital gains and losses, and using trading accounts can help you keep track of those. You'll have to read the documentation and decide.
15:42:47 <jralls> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Trading_Accounts is a good place to start.
15:47:34 <james> So it automatically adds Trading:Currency:USD and trading:nyse:xxx
15:48:12 <james> Under trading:nyse:xxx it says negative shares. Not sure I understand this part.
15:49:59 <jralls> It's balancing the positive shares in investments:SPP:XXX.
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16:03:10 <james> Gotcha
16:04:32 <james> then to sale the shares it's just a credit to investments:spph:xxx, and debit investments:spp:cash?
16:09:12 <jralls> If there's no change in price, yes. Otherwise you'll see that there's a balance in Trading-USD corresponding to the short-term capital gain or loss from the sale. The investments chapter in the Concepts Guide explains how to account for that.
16:10:40 <james> ok I will read that section
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19:44:39 <james> When I follow https://www.gnucash.org/docs/v4/C/gnucash-guide/invest-buy-stock1.html section, I get "The current transaction is not balanced."
19:44:57 <james> I am entering exactly as is in the document.
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20:32:21 <james> Could someone assist me with adding a employee share purchase plan to my gnucash books? Any help is much appreciated.
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21:36:16 <chris> james: you will have better luck with the gnucash-user list
21:37:22 <james> chris: thanks, is there a way to search the archives?
21:39:15 <chris> james: https://lists.gnucash.org/mailman/listinfo/gnucash-user and https://lists.gnucash.org/search/?idxinfo=gnucash-user
21:44:40 <james> chris: thanks. I'll hang around a bit in case anyone feels like talking about recording employee share purchase plans :)
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