2022-04-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:35:54 <jralls> chris, OK. I like it better than lmat's for_each_slot_temp<>(func_type&, data_type&).
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16:09:17 <CDB-Man_> chris: just used the stock assistant to sell and buy a simple transaction in my real book, so far so good. on the upcoming good friday in canada i think i'll have time to do more testing
16:09:37 <CDB-Man_> its deifitely helpful
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18:07:34 <tlhonmey> I've got a strange bit of behaviour here where the "Process Payment" dialog seems to be incapable of finding invoices to pay. Everything else seems to be working fine. Doesn't matter whether I get into it from an unpaid invoice, via the process payment button on the invoice search window, or via process payment in the menu and selecting the customer. No invoices appear in the list.
18:09:48 <jralls> tlhonmey, Are the invoices posted?
18:10:34 <tlhonmey> jralls: I've tried it both posted and unposted
18:12:49 <jralls> Can you find the invoices with Business>Vendor>Find Invoices?
18:13:29 <tlhonmey> jralls: yes. But when I click the process payment button on one of them the dialog comes up with no invoices listed and says it might create an unattached payment record.
18:20:51 <jralls> That's the message that comes up when you haven't posted the invoice. It's looking for an AP credit transaction to match the payment to. It you pay without first posting it will create an AP debit that won't have the link to the corresponding credit txn.
18:22:15 <jralls> That will cause an imbalance in your AP account. If you post the invoice later that will fix the imbalance but the reports will still be messed up because the payment link isn't there.
18:23:06 <tlhonmey> Well I definitely posted it first, that's my normal workflow. I went back and unposted it when it said it couldn't find anything to record a payment against.
18:24:17 <tlhonmey> And now it's somehow marked it as paid, even though there are no payments. Guess I'll restore from backup and try again here...
18:27:31 <tlhonmey> Oh I see what happened I think. It's lost the quantity field, so the total is zero so somehow it doesn't show up in the list of invoices, but opening the process payment window manages to mark it off as paid anyway...
18:27:49 <tlhonmey> jralls: there's probably a bug in there somewhere, but darned if I know what it is...
18:29:44 <jralls> There are lots of bugs in there somewhere. We'd need a little more to go on to find this one.
18:30:53 <jralls> But if there's no balance to pay then the behavior seems reasonable, so the issue would be what happened to the quantity.
18:31:38 <tlhonmey> Probably a typo or mis-click on my part. The machine had background jobs and got a little slow for a minute or so.
18:32:22 <tlhonmey> Only thing I can think for an improvement would be a warning when posting a zero-balance invoice since that makes the process payment screen look weird.
18:32:26 <jralls> That's an even harder bug to fix! ;-)
18:32:54 <jralls> I meant the typo, not the suggestion...
18:34:20 <jralls> Maybe instead a note in the process payment status line that there's nothing to pay.
18:34:36 <tlhonmey> Right. User errors are the worst. At least I don't have to redo my file again. I finally gave up on the one I'd been using since 2008 last year. After having been through so many upgrades it started to get a little... strange.
18:35:25 <tlhonmey> Yeah, something to indicate that it found the invoices but there are no outstanding balances rather than just looking like its ability to find invoices is mysteriously broken.
18:35:38 <tlhonmey> I don't expect this happens often though.
18:37:16 <jralls> No harm in writing up an enhancement request. They occasionally get done, especially if they're easy like adding a message.
18:41:33 <tlhonmey> Once the taxes are done for the year. :D
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20:40:13 <chris> jralls: I suppose #1311 #1312 are a-OK now
20:40:44 <chris> CDB-Man_ yes kick more tyres
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20:53:52 <chris> jralls: https://pastebin.com/R5S5Dc7Z
20:56:17 <chris> no its strdups it
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21:51:28 <chris> no, there're not many invalid utf8 in strings
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