2022-03-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:16:39 <fell> jralls: Template:Macos Downloads calls {{MacosPackage}}, {{Version}}. Because of SF's redirections I am not sure that it has really what you intended. It isthenused in MacOS/Quartz, MacOS and He/מקOS/קוורץ .
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13:58:45 <AdrienM> chris, I filed https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798493 and didn't check the log here first to see your discussion on precision. Can Invoice Report just print what the invoice already stores? (note, this applies to both Quantity & Unit Price columns)
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14:03:21 <fell> jralls_a_: to add Win & Doc versions just copyand adjust the macos row in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Release_Process#New_Packages. After saving you can set them.
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15:07:52 <jralls_a_> AdrienM: Do you really want rational numbers (i.e. 1/2 instead of 0.50) printed on your invoice? That's how GnuCash stores numbers.
15:08:52 <AdrienM> In that thread I think one user requested just that. What does the invoice ledger view do?
15:09:31 <AdrienM> I suppose though that plenty would not want that. I'd say it depends on how they entered the data.
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15:23:22 <jralls_a_> The ledger should display as a decimal with amounts rounded to the commodity's "fraction traded" value and prices to 1/100 of that.
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15:25:47 <jralls> Keep in mind that prices are best left to GnuCash to calculate: Put in the amount and the value and let GnuCash calculate the price. That prevents rounding issues.
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20:44:37 <chris> jralls/AdrienM: unfortunately inputting 1/3 as an item quantity is recorded intenrally as 333333333/1000000000
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20:48:50 <chris> qty != price != (amount|value)
20:52:58 <chris> gncLedgerModel.c#L279-282 - wrong
20:53:53 <chris> IMV price&quantity shouldn't be limited to commodity SCU
20:58:35 <chris> but no idea how to handle old such data
21:06:17 <chris> commenting out gncLedgerModel #274-282 seems to make it right. I'd argue 269-273 too.
21:11:03 <AdrienM> jralls, not sure I follow. On an invoice, the user puts a quantity and a unit price. Those can be more decimal digits than 2 and they stay that way. But print that invoice, and you get rounding/truncation sometimes to the point of wrong/useless info. That's the bug I filed.
21:12:08 <chris> it's not wrong, it's written with the most common use case of ordinary people using whole integer quantities. weird ones like to push boundaries.
21:17:34 <chris> Ok agree it's "wrong" because the edge cases of having fractional quantities are not handled well at all.
21:18:15 <AdrienM> I can't seem to find gncLedgerModel.c either my search-foo is bad, or I'm dense.
21:19:08 <AdrienM> chris, not just quantities. Unit Prices aren't printed correctly either. The invoice view does show and retain both correctly. It's just the report that mangles them.
21:19:13 <chris> gncEntryLedger.c sorry
21:19:37 <chris> s/gncLedgerModel.c/gncEntryLedger.c
21:19:45 <AdrienM> got it, thanks.
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21:25:24 <AdrienM> I see the problem you note at #269-272 (unit price), and 279-282 (quantity), but it looks like 274-277 is affecting the Discount cell, unless I'm reading that wrong. But there too, it wouldn't make much sense to see a 5% discount on a price of 0.0005 be reported as "0.00"
21:26:07 <chris> Maybe but what do you suggest is done about old data eg. 333333333/1000000000
21:26:38 <AdrienM> But now I'm stumped. How does the ledger not round or truncate to GNC_COMMODITY_MAX_FRACTION when it shows here it should be doing so?
21:27:50 <AdrienM> I really don't think the data, old or new is the issue, unless I'm misunderstanding how this works. The ledger view of the invoice is correct and retains the user's choice of precision. It is just the Invoice Report that does not.
21:28:53 <AdrienM> Is gncEntryLedger one of the modules called by invoice.scm? and not used for the invoice ledger view?
21:30:48 <chris> gncEntryLedger defines the invoice entry view. the price/qty/discount are fixed to commodity_max_fraction. the data is (IMHO incorrectly) stored with max_fraction. the invoice.scm reads from the data.
21:40:27 <AdrienM> Then how does the invoice entry view show greater precision than either commodity_max_fraction or the result of invoice.scm?
21:53:36 <AdrienM> I made a composite screenshot if it helps, but I'd figure the code is more important.
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