2022-03-26 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:56:34 <AdrienM> chris, the 1303 fix looks good, Thanks! Now, on to test Budgets...
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08:42:34 <chris_> AdrienM: ok. remember budgets need to be "fixed" via a master build first, then magically all sign bugs should be gone. the fixed budgets should still behave properly in recent 4.x series.
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08:47:44 <AdrienM> chris, not sure I follow, I installed the latest master flatpak, after opening the book & budget, it should adjust the signs automatically? Or is there something else I have to do. (I'm heading out for most of the day, but will get back to this in about 12hrs)
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09:08:34 <chris> AdrienM: if you use sign-reverse=credit-accounts, then nothing much should change, except: changing sign-reverse in prefs will now be reflected live in budget editor.
09:09:41 <chris> yes opening a budgeted book in master will modify signs of internal budget amounts, and show a dialog to reflect the fact. you shouldn't need to do anything else.
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11:19:18 <chris> AdrienM: for bonus testing try gnucash --extra on current builds to unlock a Stock Transaction Assistant from a stock account :)
11:22:00 <chris> but budgets are in sore need of testing
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16:20:26 <jralls> fell are there any of cwehli's documentation pull requests that you want merged before the release?
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19:23:21 <fell> jralls: Pedro's pt docs is the biggest, but i fear, he messed it up by using merge instead of rebase.
19:25:06 <jralls> I don't see anything from Pedro in https://github.com/gnucash/gnucash-docs/pulls. Did he put it on a bug report?
19:25:24 <fell> No
19:26:13 <jralls> Or do you mean https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/pull/244 that you merged 2 weeks ago?
19:27:07 <jralls> Oh, no *I* merged it 2 weeks ago after fixing up the merge.
19:27:31 <fell> Right
19:31:14 <jralls> But CWehli has a bunch going back to last October. Are any of those ready to merge right now?
19:33:09 <fell> From my view Chris Goods change is a good one:Moving conventions to the begin of the book. We later replace butto1 to left-click
19:35:49 <fell> PR252 improves the optic in yelp. Before some images are slightly wider than yelp's default pages
19:41:50 <jralls> You mean #251? I guess I should cherry-pick out the import-matcher updates and the FOUserAgent fix. The resize script needs a re-think.
19:43:24 <jralls> On #252 you're now happy with the width thing? You never answered him.
19:47:26 <fell> I stillhave to check,which images require separat objects for printing and displaying, but as we increased from 510 before there shouldn't be many.
19:50:03 <jralls> On that topic, ISTM we're doing something wrong, see my comments on the adjust-dpi.sh change in #251. ISTM we should be specifying the dimensions that we want and letting the formatter/layout engine do its thing. That way we just supply a single hi-res image and it looks good everywhere. 90dpi images aren't going to look good anywhere these days, and 144 won't be much better.
19:51:07 <jralls> Anyway, I'm building the release *right now*, so if #252 can go in *right now* then I'll merge it, otherwise it will have to wait.
19:51:08 <fell> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Documentation_Improvement#Display_and_Print_Targets
19:51:54 <fell> It will be an improvement.
19:52:58 <jralls> The claim that HTML/CSS defines image width in pixels is not quite right. It's true that it *can* define the width in pixels, but it can also define the width a bunch of other ways too.
19:53:47 <jralls> What you usually want to tell it is in % of the available layout space.
19:56:00 <jralls> I *think* PDF can do the same thing, but I'm not sure that XML-FO is smart enough to tell it to.
19:56:47 <jralls> But we can worry about that another time. Is #252 good enough as-is?
19:57:03 <fell> yes
20:00:10 <fell> The wiki describes the way Cristian found. Perhaps there a better ways.
20:03:28 <jralls> That was a long time ago. The technology has changed a lot in 12 years.
20:16:34 <fell> Iam pretty sure, we have still obsolete remains from the version in 2001. ;-)
20:26:37 <jralls> Yeah, me too. :-/
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