2022-03-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:19:43 <chris> jralls: I'm happy #1303 is safe can slip into 4.10
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11:24:27 <chris> q
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15:53:32 <jralls> chris, 1303 looks OK though I haven't tested it. If you're confident is fixes the different table width problem go ahead and commit.
16:00:28 <jralls> chris, As for trading accounts being selected by default, no. It's debatable that they should be selectable at all as they're outside the accounting system, being neither Asset, Liability, nor Equity. The income statement is intended to show the reasons for changes in the balance sheet during the period due to normal activity, and all of that change should be reflected in the special equity categories Income and Expense
16:00:28 <jralls> .
16:02:58 <jralls> Adrien M., there's no obstacle to building GnuCash with 32-bit. The Win32 AIO bundles that we build are all 32-bit.
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20:54:25 <AdrienM> Chris, I'll test Budgets and 1303 this evening. I'm guessing since you pushed it I should get it in the Nightly Flatpak?
20:54:58 <chris> AdrienM: 1303 yes, budget: no you'll need master flatpak
20:55:10 <AdrienM> Thanks.
20:57:30 <jralls> chris, you broke the build: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/runs/5685280484?check_suite_focus=true
20:59:10 <chris> yes there's a <hr> that I forgot to account for in tests
20:59:14 <chris> :(
21:04:22 <AdrienM> jralls, thanks on the 32bit advice, I forwarded that info to the thread.
21:07:08 <jralls> AdrienM, Darn, I thought I'd replied to that guy. There's a bit more to it than 32-bitness. He also needs a distro that supports the required dependency versions for a newer GnuCash.
21:08:41 <jralls> That can be a bear on an older distro, you basically have to build the world from source like we did before distros became a thing. That's what flatpack is supposed to fix but you still need a new enough distro that has flatpak.
21:09:39 * chris has just discovered gdb -tui O_O
21:13:54 <jralls> Do you like that better than emacs gdb mode?
21:17:06 <jralls> chris, you might not like what I just pushed, it puts GNC_COMMODITY_NS_CURRENCY back to swig's (GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY). IMO that's better because there's only one definition.
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21:21:43 <AdrienM> jralls, thanks, I just updated the thread and also suggested RDP/VNC to his newer machine. I think he wants to run 2.6.19 or so. I'd hazard that should be possible if he's already running a slightly older version.
21:31:46 <jralls> I dunno. 2.6 was the first release that we included the required versions in README.dependencies and when we got serious about dep stability through a release series so it's hard to tell what distro would run what GnuCash version for 2.4 and earlier.
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21:36:43 <fell> Perhaps wiki:Building or its subpages should get a note about architecture (64 vs. 32).
21:37:22 <jralls> fell, it could, but it's mostly irrelevant. Nothing in GnuCash cares.
21:37:37 <jralls> I guess it could say that somewhere.
21:39:41 <fell> IIRC in the flatpack page arch was mentioned.
21:41:38 <jralls> Arch is more than just bitness. x86, x86_64, and various ARM flavors are common, and Debian builds binaries for an insane array of others.
21:42:08 <fell> "flatpak --arch=x86_64 is only required, if you have a 64-bit processor with a 32-bit OS."
22:58:10 <AdrienM> chris, I installed gnucash-maint-C4.9-345-g150ca997e-D4.9-12-gaa43ef1d.flatpakref as that was the most recent I could find to test 1303, but the Income Statement is still showing separate tables. I'm guessing I have the wrong version?
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