2022-03-20 GnuCash IRC logs

00:10:19 <potatosal> Simon: I think I forgot to mention that I paid for both myself and my friend for something. How can that be entered? it confused me more now lol
00:11:22 <potatosal> re: "if I pay something on behalf of someone and myself. They pay me back later using another account, how can I enter that kind of transaction? should I just enter my payment mine theirs?"
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00:18:39 <chris> jralls :( the #1073 changed guile calls from "string" GNC_COMMODITY_NS_CURRENCY to "function" (GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY) - do we restore
00:18:43 <chris> string or function
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00:27:58 <chris> I think restore the string names
00:32:48 <chris> and I'll restore underscore names, consistent pre-#1073
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12:43:37 <fell> potatosal, with a split transaction at the me beginning:
12:45:31 <fell> CC: -2x; assets:loans:friend: 1x; assets or expense:mine: 1x
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13:18:58 <jralls> chris GNC_COMMODITY_NS_FUNCTION is an enum and would be best expressed in Scheme as a symbol. SWIG doesn't know about symbols so it converts enums to Scheme functions, but it's not too hard to get symbols, see RelativeDatePeriod stuff in https://github.com/jralls/gnucash/blob/c%2B%2Boptions/libgnucash/app-utils/gnc-optiondb.i.
13:21:21 <jralls> chris, you absolutely don't want to use translated strings for any kind of program control, it breaks things when the user switches locale. Since those default commodity namespaces are presented as choices they do have translatable strings associated with them.
13:33:49 <fell> jralls:nobody pushed a msgmerge on string freeze?
13:39:14 <jralls> Guess not.
13:40:15 <fell> Ok,I will do it then…
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15:33:20 <fell> Chris, youare putting much superflous work on translators, e.g. by adding a msgcontect" on "Buy". Is there any difference between you dialogs buy and all others?
15:33:42 <fell> context
15:53:45 <fell> Why doyou want your own translation on each commodity type, action field… in gnucash/gnome/assistant-stock-transaction.cpp etc.? We have already over 5k messages to translate.
15:56:32 <fell> Giving up for today. IMHO this superflous contexts should be removed before the final msgmerge.
16:02:08 <jralls> fell: We need contexts on all of the very short msgids, but probably they should be done all at once so that we only have extra strings where we need them.
16:05:52 <fell> If the splits action is "Buy", it should be the same in all dialogs,or?
16:07:43 <jralls> That's where it gets hard, eh? Is the dialog using or filling the split-action field in a register or is it doing something else?
16:09:53 <fell> Fromwhat I have seen assistant-stock-transaction.cpp has a subset of the possible actions.
16:11:29 <jralls> Yes, but it's also more specific because it's only for financial securities. The split action field, for better or worse, can be applied to anything at all.
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16:12:39 <fell> Obvisious "ATM" is not applicabe on commodities.
16:13:57 <fell> Perhaps the actions deserve a better structure.
16:15:58 <fell> some context
16:20:14 <jralls> Or maybe a serious re-think. The pre-populated values are different depending on the register, so if I'm looking at e.g. a stock purchase transaction in the transaction's cash register I get a bunch of personal banking actions starting with ATM Deposit, but if I go to the same transaction in the stock register I get a different set starting with Buy.
16:20:44 <fell> BTW I get always the actions defined for the account type fromwhere I started the transaction, but usually the to-accounts have different actions defined.
16:21:56 <fell> yeah
16:23:51 <fell> Currently you have to jump to the other account to get the right action list.
16:24:13 <jralls> Right. Or type in what you want.
16:25:30 <fell> IMHO just for beginners the predefined actions are helpful.
16:26:06 <jralls> It's a free-text field, the values in the combo list are just suggestions, though there's some logic to stick in hard-coded values in various places.
16:27:00 <fell> The easiest fix: put action behind account andupdate thelist on account change.
16:27:09 <jralls> It would be more helpful if there weren't so may bogus ones. "POS"? "Increase" and "Decrease"?
16:28:05 <fell> I suspect user wishs
16:28:29 <jralls> You mean move it in the register so that it's not on the left end?
16:28:53 <jralls> I suspect overthinking developers. Users can type in whatever they want.
16:28:59 <fell> Increase and decrease as "user friendly" credit/debit replacement.
16:29:50 <jralls> Except there's also Deposit and Withdraw.
16:30:37 <jralls> Plus all 6 are redundant, there's two amount columns for that.
16:31:18 <fell> Deposit and Withdraw are common in savings accounts.
16:32:49 <fell> Interest and Tax are the others there.
16:34:34 <jralls> German banks automatically tax your savings accounts?
16:35:38 <fell> Each capital based profit gets taxed since a ca. quarter century
16:36:07 <jralls> And BTW Tax isn't one of the pre-populated values.
16:38:26 <fell> But then there there is a personal free amount (a few hundreds), which you can split over your institutions.
16:39:21 <fell> The rest you can try to get back in your tax declaration
16:39:58 <jralls> It's the same rate for everyone?
16:40:53 <fell> What they keep is the same rate.
16:41:46 <jralls> Hence the "try to get back in your tax declaration" if your rate happens to be lower than the withholding rate.
16:42:28 <fell> But in the declaration they sum up all income and have a rate between 0 and 40something %
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16:44:26 <jralls> Right, like everywhere else. In the US we only have withholding on wages, not on interest or investments... unless you've been very naughty in the past and the tax folks put a special requirement on your accounts.
16:44:26 <fell> And they payed millions more back in the CumEx fraud.
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16:55:54 <chf> In practice, 40% (for the rich) does never apply, because they can opt to NOT declare their capital interest income, and stay with the withheld 25%+5.5%(on the 25%).
17:00:41 <chf> Something "off-topic": I cannot get my client (Pidgin) to identify with Nickserv automatically any more on this network. Does anybody know about a working solution?
17:03:05 * jralls has never used pidgin so has no clue.
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18:14:40 <NoobAlice> chf: I've been wondering the same about Pidgin. Join #pidgin on irc.libera.chat with me?
18:18:58 <chf> Just joined, NoobAlice.
18:20:39 <chf> Repeated question there.
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19:12:55 <chris> jralls: "01:21:21 @jralls | chris, you absolutely don't want to use translated strings for any kind of program control," do you refer to the very recent .scm commits?
19:14:24 <jralls> chris, to "Sat-21:18 chris: jralls :( the #1073 changed guile calls from "string" GNC_COMMODITY_NS_CURRENCY to "function" (GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY) - do we restore Sat-21:18 chris: jralls :( the #1073 changed guile calls from "string" GNC_COMMODITY_NS_CURRENCY to "function" (GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY) - do we restore string or function"
19:19:30 <chris> well my first fix to your typo was incorrect; I'd hope the second fix is a-OK. I figured best restore original names with underscore...
19:33:44 <jralls> chris, I think it's more screwed up than that: a test for GNC_COMMODITY_NS_NONCURRENCY should in fact check strcmp(namespace, "CURRENCY") != 0. There's not supposed to be an actual non-currency namespace.
19:41:13 <jralls> So fell's trying to turn it into an actual namespace in qif-dialog-utils.scm to replace GNC_COMMODITY_NS_MUTUAL doesn't really work, nor does adding "All non-currency" to the namespaces in test-commodity.py.
19:45:26 <jralls> As for (GNC-COMMODITY-NS-CURRENCY) vs. GNC_COMMODITY_NS_CURRENCY in Scheme it doesn't matter, both will produce the string "CURRENCY".
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21:38:51 <chris> I guess you mean the use of GNC_COMMODITY_NS_NONCURRENCY in .scm; I don't understand qif enough to know how to fix it.
21:39:40 <chris> re 798004 I'll leave it to CDB-Man to suggest which fix is preferable. IMHO having lots of checkboxes to toggle CASH/ASSET/BANK types is ugly.
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