2022-03-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:49:19 <chris> CDB-Man: how realistic is it to have e.g. sell 7 shares valued at $100 i.e. the price is irrational. should this be a sanity check?
07:50:47 <chris> I can understand increased precision eg buy 100 shares for $1234.50 i.e. a price has up to 2 more digits than currency
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09:47:07 <CDB-Man> Irrational like that isn't too common, however, some countries like the UK price shares in pence
09:49:05 <CDB-Man> https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/quote/HSBA.L/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAABZV3FP26xrPgpySmgaO-CBK4zNE_GNcC3iY7kr1gEYBzz7BWOcEhecGvKRqyMjsBrGaObA2FLdVLtcVnx2yhMfNN9iiX_TDTvoYf1csMOZiR6Y5gn-DFVGy9xK9PL3_4xolvYEbZtSCk9aNGjZpHyP5A2553zKG--TNywzfsB8W
09:49:27 <CDB-Man> https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/quote/HSBA.L/
09:49:44 <CDB-Man> GBp
09:49:44 <CDB-Man> 485.20 lowercase p as in pence
09:50:07 <CDB-Man> So that's 0.48520 pounds
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11:14:43 <Robert847> Hi. I have suddenly started seeing the curser jump while editing a text string in, say, the description of a transaction. After I place it in the middle of the string and press delete key it jumps to the end so that the text that I press next gets entered there instead of replacing the just deleted character.
11:16:23 <Robert847> did I change something without realizing?
11:18:03 <Robert847> GnuCash 3.8 in Ubuntu 20.04 for a long time now.
11:18:57 <Robert847> Or did Linux start messing with me?
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11:39:29 <NoobAlice> Robert847: If you haven't updated anything, any chance there's something else weird going on, like a dying mouse battery? Or your hands hitting a touchpad? (Just guessing based on my own experiences.) Or is your Delete key right next to your End key, so you're hitting the wrong one?
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11:45:21 <Robert847> NoobAlice: Linux is always updating, but thanks for some ideas. This mouse is wired-no battery, touchpad not likely but maybe - I will have to watch, definitely not hitting the end key.
11:46:35 <NoobAlice> I've also had a mouse cord die when something inside got broken from bending, but that's probably not your issue. :P
11:50:03 <Robert847> If I want to replace 'x' with '4' I click 'Del',' 4' and the 4 appears at the end instead of in the middle where I want it
11:55:17 <Robert847> Ok, it must be somting about carelessness because when I try to duplicate it, I can't
11:56:02 <NoobAlice> Oh, good! There was a bug report for similar behavior, but not for 3.8. https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797971
11:56:15 <Robert847> mayby my thumb is getting close to the touchpad
11:56:42 <NoobAlice> I turned mine off entirely because it was making my mouse go and click all over.
11:56:49 <NoobAlice> *mouse cursor
11:57:07 <Robert847> I will have to learn how to do that
11:57:29 <NoobAlice> Robert847: What DE do you use? On Xfce, it's a really simple setting.
11:58:42 <NoobAlice> In Xfce it's under Settings > Mouse and Touchpad > top tab Devices, pick the dropdown that includes "touchpad" in the name and turn switch to off.
12:02:32 <Robert847> I have three machines, one has Gnome, another XFCE, the third is Lubuntu, so I will play with all eventually
12:05:12 <NoobAlice> Oh wow! :)
12:06:05 <Robert847> Looking at that bug report, it might be affecting me too. Need to figure out where the insert marker is, if it is not at the curser location
12:06:57 <Robert847> Yeah, I am trying to see which I like best. Each has it's features
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12:35:30 <Robert847> Same place in Gnome. Maybe I won't have to have my thumb amputated.
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12:49:24 <Simon> I'm sure I've had the cursor end up in the wrong place after pasting
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13:43:14 <jralls> Robert847, there were a bunch of insertion-point bugs that were fixed early in 4.x.
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23:07:59 <fell> Robert847, isn't in systemsetting an option to disable the touchpad, if a mouse gets connected?
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