2022-03-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:05:10 <Treva> Guys how to best track things you purchase but you have for example 15 items of bread each costing the same, do you enter them 15 times or?
07:29:15 <warlord> Treva, it depends why you are tracking them..
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07:49:10 <Treva> warlord i want to see for example in the future how much i spent for that single item in total
07:52:02 <warlord> Is this an asset purchase or an expense purchase? Your example, bread, doesn't really make that much sense to me, unless you're trying to track the price of a loaf of bread overtime. But if that's what you're trying to do, GnuCash is not the right tool for that.
07:52:57 <warlord> GnuCash is used to track financial transactions. So if you go to the Grocery store and buy 15 loaves of bread in one purchase, I would enter that as a single transaction in GnuCash.
07:53:29 <warlord> If you buy 15 shares of stock, that's still only one transaction (although GnuCash DOES give you the chance to track the # of shares you purchased, and the price you paid).
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08:04:45 <Treva> yes but how will you know for example, how much on average did you pay for bread for example
08:15:01 <warlord> Treva, you wont. Because that doesn't matter. Why do you care? (Serious question -- what exactly are you trying to accomplish?)
08:42:35 <Treva> that is what i want to accomplish, to track my expenses, and be able to see how much i spend for each type of item, but i guess i have to create more accounts for that and it will become very detailed, unnecessarily
08:44:07 <warlord> Well, it is certainly easier to start with too many accounts and pare it down, than it is to start with too few and then have to split stuff out later.
08:44:30 <warlord> But why do you care how much a single loaf of bread costs, vs how much you spend on Groceries in general>
08:44:31 <warlord> ?
08:50:21 <Treva> i don't know i just maybe like the idea of sometimes going back and seeing how much i've spent for bread for example, what was the single highest price and the lowest, and the average
08:52:03 <warlord> Use a spreadsheet for that.
08:52:18 <warlord> GnuCash isn't the right tool for that kind of data.
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09:02:05 <Treva> nah ill stick to gnucash, i just thought that there is a way because otherwise this is an amazing program
09:15:03 <warlord> Oh, you should still stick with gnucash. But for THAT data, you're better off with a spreadsheet.
09:15:50 <warlord> For example, I have a spreadsheet of my monthly Electricity usage (kWh, days in the month, max usage, etc) so keep a record of monthly $/kWh. GnuCash just isn't the right tool to keep track of that.
09:22:11 <Treva> thank you for answering my questions warlord, i understand what you mean perfectly well, it all makes sense
09:23:08 <warlord> Happy to help.
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