2022-02-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:18:49 <Robert847> Continuing my observations about how GnuCash 3.8 behaves when portions of the data in the virtual memory get moved to swap, I have found in my limited observations to date one disturbing observation that closing the program, even when there is no indication that the data file is 'dirty' can take an incredibly long time if the swap file has started to grow in Ubuntu 20.04.
14:19:41 <Robert847> I mean minutes long
14:23:35 <Robert847> I would think that GnuCash could 'rest' in a state where it could simply abandon abandon whatever is in ram. I suppose it would still need to rename the file on the hard drive, and maybe a fwe other housekeeping chores, but not that would take minutes to drag data out of swap.
14:24:38 <warlord> Robert847, it goes through and tries to "free" all the objects when it shuts down.
14:25:32 <Robert847> Does that process need to be so slow?
14:35:45 <warlord> it's only slow because you're swapping.
14:35:49 <warlord> Why are you swapping?
14:36:08 <Robert847> I am sure it would not be trivial to restructure the program from it's present state to one that could abandon most of the virtual memory after the hard drive operations are all 'up to date' but could that be made long term design goal??
14:37:27 <warlord> Why would you want to do that? Cleaning up memory is considered "good practice".
14:37:53 <warlord> If your data set is that large, get more RAM.
14:38:33 <Robert847> Why I am swapping is my side project. I have 8G of RAM and I am only running Firefox and LibreOfice an GnuCash andd a few other oddball things, and the machine starts using swap after about a day of idle time.
14:39:58 <Robert847> I am not sure that I can add RAM to this old laptop
14:42:04 <Robert847> Maybe some progrrams are 'leaking' but I have no control over that
14:42:21 <warlord> Have you ever tried to cleanly shut down firefox?
14:43:29 <Robert847> not on a daily basis. Usually I wait until some update requires a reboot
14:44:50 <warlord> I can tell you, firefox can also take a while to shutdown if it's been up and running for a while... For the same reason. It's going though all its allocated memory and free()ing it.
14:45:04 <warlord> Just abandoning it is really considered "bad practice"
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14:49:14 <Robert847> It isn't necessarily 'bad' to abandon files that are left in a 'closed' state or that are ready to be marked as closed.
14:51:45 <warlord> I'm not talking about abandoning files; I'm talking about abandoning allocated memory in a program.
14:51:54 <warlord> It's considered bad practice to do so.
14:52:02 <Robert847> I will make a note to test the effect of Firefox on the time before Swapping starts.
14:52:15 <warlord> And indeed, there are many tools that are designed to tell you when you do that, because it's a sign of a memory leak.
14:54:01 <Robert847> hmmm... Do any of them have nice GUI's that neophyte programmers might learn to read?
14:55:51 <warlord> Sure, valgrind + associated GUI front-ends
14:55:57 <warlord> A great tool to start.
14:56:13 <Robert847> I will look int that
14:56:56 <jralls> valgrind is *not* for neophytes, nor does it work well when memory constrained.
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14:58:09 <jralls> Robert847, but chris has already done a lot of work cleaning up GnuCash's memory usage, but it's been in the last year so you need 4.8 or 4.9 to see it.
15:00:45 <Robert847> When I get more of my hardware into a state where I have streamlined my backups and a few other things I will be ready to move to 4.8 or 9.
15:02:57 <Robert847> I need at least two ways to use GnuCash on either my current data or a backup without depending on my home Wi-Fi to be working
15:05:03 <Robert847> My wife doesn't realize how fragile AT-T provided Wi-Fi is at this location
15:05:49 <Robert847> She just leave the room when I call tech support
15:07:21 <warlord> Haha
15:08:01 <warlord> AT&T Tech support is awful. So glad I so rarely have to call them. I don't use their router box except to authenticate to their network. Then I route around it.
15:10:29 <Robert847> Their main competitor in this area lets users provide their own gateway. She is not willing to part ways
15:11:23 <Robert847> with Uverse yet. I also have a plan to 'cut the cord' but we aren't there yet
15:12:33 <Robert847> Also, we are in a 'black hole' of sorts where AT&T has no plans to bring in fiber optic
15:16:16 <Robert847> enough rag chewing for today. Adios
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23:42:08 <chris> CDB-Man: see thread beginning https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2022-February/099937.html - maybe you have views about recording such things?
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