2022-02-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:25:19 <Treva> I wanted to ask, is it possible to search for individual splits's description (memo,notes) ?
01:38:25 <Treva> Okay I think I found how to do it, but now I have different question - why on split transactions it shows 1.23 in total, but in split view it displays the correct value https://i.imgur.com/Q7UMqDw.png
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03:01:30 <fell> Treva, in which of the 3 accounts are you currently?
03:25:48 <Treva> fell in the expense account
03:26:38 <Treva> in the asset account it correctly shows the total sum
03:26:56 <fell> And which amount should be moved here?
03:27:43 <Treva> what do you mean
03:28:27 <fell> Other quetion: and the 3. account is?
03:28:36 <Treva> the problem is when it is in basic view mode - it displays only the first transaction of the split, and not the total amount, but when in split mode it displays the correct total amount
03:29:03 <Treva> there is no third account, its just one expense account and one cash account
03:29:58 <fell> I never use the basic mode - probably a false friend for beginners.
03:31:08 <Treva> okay another quick question
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03:32:32 <Treva> is it possible when i do split transaction of the same name, when i press tab, to not automatically fill all split transactions - but when i am filling the split transactions, to autofill last used data for that split transaction name
03:32:33 <fell> The transaction shows 3 splits.What are the accounts of the first two?
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03:32:58 <Treva> first 2 are expense in the same category, and 3rd is the asset account
03:35:04 <Treva> so if i use basic view - in the screenshot above, in the yellow line it will only show 1.23
03:35:26 <Treva> aka only the first split transaction
03:35:47 <fell> OK, let's assume Expense:Milk: 1,23; Expense Butter: 1,79 and cash paid: 3,02. Where is the problem?
03:36:30 <fell> If you view it from the milk account.
03:37:02 <fell> From the Butter account it should show 1,79
03:37:17 <Treva> okay ill take 2 screenshots to show you what i mean
03:37:47 <fell> and 3,02 from the cash account.
03:39:07 <fell> In each account only the relevant split should be shown.
03:39:32 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/ttbL0y7.png
03:39:49 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/5AWs4Co.png
03:39:56 <Treva> first split view then basic view
03:41:34 <fell> But isn't then the transaction shown twice? Once for each account related split?
03:42:39 <Treva> omg im so stupid
03:42:52 <Treva> just as i was renaming the articles in the actual transaction
03:43:11 <Treva> then i see, why did the same transaction duplicate
03:43:33 <Treva> and i realized that it shows all individual splits in the expense account
03:43:34 <fell> to show both splits
03:44:57 <Treva> okay this was more an issue with how stupid i am
03:46:02 <Treva> now i want to know how to autofill split transactions (but not to autofill them with all the separate articles (splits) from the previous split transaction) when i press tab
03:46:05 <Treva> i hope it makes sense
03:46:53 <fell> I would at least suggest to use auto-split ledger to avoid the confusion.
03:48:07 <Treva> yea switched to that
03:49:22 <fell> To avoid autofill, add a letter to the description and remove it later
03:51:55 <fell> Or let it autofill and adjust the entries, e.g. in the transaction with your wages the amounts might vary each month, but the positions are usually the same.
03:55:22 <Treva> Okay but is there a way for example, when you do normal transaction, not split, for example you add description "milk" press tab and it autofills expense category, and price, but when you do split transaction, you name the split transaction the same for example "food" and when you press tab it autofills all splits that you previously used for such split trans
03:55:57 <Treva> for example you type "food" and it autofills splits for "butter" "flour" "bread" etc (what you last used)
03:56:13 <Treva> now the question is
03:58:19 <Treva> is it possible to make it so - when you type "food" and press tab, it doesn't automatically autofill all splits like in the last example, but it goes to first split of the multipslit transaction, and then when you type for example "milk" it autocompletes for milk, when you press tab and in the second row you type "bread" it autocompletes for bread etc
03:59:56 <fell> Not implemented
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