2022-02-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:44:19 <Treva> How best to enter transactions if you live in 2 different countries for many months in each, and when you buy Groceries in one you pay 100$ and when you live in the other country you buy 100€ Grocery, should you use separate accounts for Expense:Grocery or keep the account in one currency and always exchange when you make transacti in the non-default currency
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04:09:55 <fell> Treva, where do you have to declare income tax?
04:28:19 <chris> CDB-Man: good progress in GtkAssistant. the remaining issue is still signs. I've engineered it so that all numbers are generally positive. eg sell N units valued at $M, paying broker $N and receiving $O. capital gains $P or loss -$P.
04:28:32 <chris> i.e. capital loss is the only expected negative number.
04:29:43 <chris> the issue is still how you'd describe during shorting: "I cover buy N units at value $M, broker $L and spent $K. capital loss/gain is $J". is $J neg or pos for capgain/loss. I'm confused.
04:30:09 <chris> maybe best to experiment when it's beta-testable.
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09:30:25 <Treva> fell thank you for your reply, and help yesterday, as for today's question, i have to declare income tax in both countries, since i work in both of them
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10:22:03 <CDB-Man> I think Chris I need to try it live before I can wrap my head around it
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12:27:22 <potatosal> is the "net income for period" in a profit&loss report basically means how much I saved in that period?
12:27:50 <potatosal> and taht report should always include taxes, right?
12:50:31 <warlord> Sort of, but not quite. It doesn't take into account, e.g., paying down loans.
12:57:13 <potatosal> hmm, what's the best way then to find out how much I save in a time a period from my income?
12:58:10 <warlord> Well, the P&L will show you INcome - Expense. You can also use the Cash Flow to measure how much your Bank Account has grown.
13:01:33 <potatosal> I see
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13:19:40 <epistax> Is there an easy way to compare two non-contiguous time periods? For example, Jan 2021 vs Jan 2022, or Q1 of one year vs Q2 of another? Interested in income/expense/profit kind of data.
13:21:52 <epistax> Err, that'd be Q1 of one year vs Q1 of another. :)
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13:34:10 <Treva> If I made a transaction with a debit card using my bank's checking account on 1st February, the money will be shown as pending in my online banking software, and after a few days, maybe a week later it will show that the transaction was completed so lets say 6th of February, now what is the best way to record this transaction in GnuCash ?
13:37:00 <epistax> I have that question too Treva. I've been picking one account to be the master and saying that the date is whatever that one says it is. But when money is in limbo for days... not sure if there's a better way.
13:47:20 <Treva> Q: How can I record a transaction on different dates (actual date and bank date)? A: You record the transaction on the date you write the check or initiate the transaction. When it “clears” the bank, you can click in the “Reconciled” field to “clear” the transaction (change the “n”on-reconciled to “c”leared).
13:47:24 <Treva> From the FAQ
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15:05:13 <Simon> typically all of my banking statements show the date the transaction happened
15:06:05 <Simon> if you've got a transaction that will show a different date I'd either leave it alone or change it to the date it cleared/settled
15:06:17 <Treva> yes but the problem is - you can make a transaction today, and the bank will show the same transaction as if it happened 3-4 days later than it actually did
15:06:39 <Simon> for a cheque I'd probably move it the new date, for debit/credit card transactions too *except* if it's going to another one of my accounts
15:06:56 <Simon> because then my transaction show I'm using money that isn't there yet
15:07:16 <Simon> things got a lot easier in the UK when they implemented free same-day transactions
15:07:20 <Simon> they used to take 3 days
15:08:54 <Simon> you can opt to move the money to an interim account and then into the destination but that then obscures where all the money is going
15:09:11 <Simon> transactions only have one date
15:10:20 <Simon> in some cases I've notes the final date in the description of the split for the account where it arrives late
15:10:23 <Simon> noted*
15:10:44 <Simon> (before we got same-day transfers)
15:11:21 <Simon> I have some accounts where the bank will claim the transaction happened tomorrow (Monday) if I did it now (Sunday), and for those I just ignore the bank's date and keep it as Sunday
15:12:02 <Simon> I'm not falsifying my own records just because their mainframe can only be used in office hours
15:12:42 <warlord> I think it is important to keep track of when the money is "dedicated" to an expense. For example, I made a credit card purchase in October that didn't actually hit the account until January!!! (Yes, that is an unusual experience, but it happened). If that were a check, you could easily become overdrawn if you ignore the date you wrote it.
15:25:08 <epistax> It can be a little annoying if you are shuffling money from account A to account B, and it takes a few days. One thing is that after the first transaction goes through, the company seems to just "trust" me and pretends the transactions are instant.
15:25:51 <epistax> For example I can initiate a trade from my bank to a brokerage account. First one took 3-5 days. Now they appear instance, but they aren't.
15:26:09 <epistax> (Money isn't available for withdraw in the brokerage account for 3-5 days.)
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19:48:11 <chris> CDB-Man: wish to confirm your truth table. the Dividend Reinvestment w/ or w/o remainer -- shares/stock/cash are not opposite signs. Is this intentional?
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20:16:35 <chris> CDB-Man I guess you use win32 builds only...
20:16:58 <CDB-Man_> https://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/ i download the maint off here yeah
20:24:54 <chris> cdb-man https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/pull/818 if you wish to see the last comment with screenshots. I can't generate win32 builds yet.
20:27:38 <CDB-Man_> just from the screenshots it looks OK, but until i get to test it for UAT I'll withhold any commentary
20:27:49 <chris> yay
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