2022-02-05 GnuCash IRC logs

00:25:45 <chris> jralls: ok. nonetheless the animation could easily be removed forever to speed up the main accounttree.
00:57:35 <fell> Chris, put it in the config file. So power users can reenable it.
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02:15:32 <chris> fell: I have no idea how.
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03:33:43 <Treva> Hi, what is the best way to record a transaction like this : I pay with debit card at a store 10 euros for myself and 5 euros for my friend, and later that day he repayed me with 5eur in cash)
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04:21:51 <Simon> 1. €10 from your bank account, €5 to Expenses, €5 to Assets:Current Assets:Friend
04:22:08 <Simon> 2. €5 from Assets:Current Assets:Friend to cash
04:22:29 <Simon> er, Assets:Current Assets:Debtors:Friend
04:22:43 <Simon> or however you want to name it; it's an asset because you're owed money
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05:45:30 <Treva> Thank you for your answer Simon
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08:13:53 <Treva> I have another question, how to best record transactions like this: for example I currently live in a country where euros are the currencies in use and I purchase groceries for me (70euro) and a friend that cost 100euros, but with a debit card that is in USD, later that day I get repayed by my friend 30 euros.
08:31:12 <Simon> unless you're agreeing with the friend that the debt is in the USD value, the debt is still €30
08:31:37 <Simon> you'll have to set the value in USD on the debit card account for both the €70 and €30 so that they add up to the amount you're charged
08:32:09 <Simon> and of course you'll probably not know what that value is for a few days
08:32:56 <Simon> (assuming you want to track your expenses in EUR and not USD...)
08:34:05 <Simon> you can of course enter the data in any order and wait for the USD value to be known before you add the split of €30, despite already recording the repayment
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09:36:36 <Treva> Simon how would you record all of that information in Gnucash (and the value in USD is known immediately since I can check online for pending transaction)
09:42:59 <Simon> in my experience the pending transaction changes
09:43:09 <Simon> when you enter the transaction GnuCash will prompt for the value in the other currency
09:43:21 <Simon> but it will do this for both the €70 and the €30 part of it
09:44:06 <Simon> the two splits (€30 and €70) will have independent values in the other account's currency
09:44:29 <Simon> of course if your expenses account is going to be in USD you only have on currency conversion
09:45:38 <Treva> Can the expense account have multiple currencies?
09:46:13 <Simon> you can have multiple expense accounts, each in a different currency
09:46:48 <Simon> (at some point you're going to want to have entries in the price database for EUR/USD conversion if you want to use reports and see everything in one currency)
09:46:57 <Treva> But what to do in the situation when I buy clothes in USD, and sometimes in euros
09:47:33 <Simon> then you either need to convert the value of it to the currency of your expenses account, or have two expenses accounts
09:47:55 <Simon> one side of the transaction can be entered in USD and the other side in EUR, that's not a problem
09:48:01 <Simon> but each account only has one currency
09:48:23 <Treva> can I change the currency of an account?
09:48:32 <Simon> (it's up to you if you want to do your accounting of expenses entirely in one currency or not)
09:48:42 <Simon> no you can't change the currency of an account that has transactions in it
09:48:58 <Simon> you can rename it and change the hierarchy
09:50:58 <Treva> I have been following the guide all day learning about the program, and how to go about this, but there are many practical examples that I can't figure out how to do yet
09:51:23 <Treva> And it's only for personal finance tracking
09:52:38 <Treva> Can I manually define exchange rate of different currencies?
09:53:22 <Simon> every split within every transaction has its own implied exchange rate because it has an amount on both sides
09:53:56 <Simon> when you enter it, an exchange rate will be stored for that date if one is not already present (although I hate that this happens)
09:54:10 <Simon> you can manually enter an exchange rate in Tools -> Price Database for currencies
09:54:33 <Simon> that'll be used for reports and to pre-populate the amount when entering a transaction across two currencies
09:54:57 <Simon> there's also Tools -> Security Editor where you can configure it to download and store exchange rates
09:55:13 <Simon> I assume there is a section in the documentation for that
09:55:26 <Treva> Okay I am yet to read the multiple currencies part of the guide, I hope it will become more clear afterwards, but thank you very much for your answers
09:55:45 <Treva> I still have more questions though )
09:55:51 <Simon> the easiest thing to do is to just try something and delete it if it doesn't look right
10:00:42 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/0e7ocdg.png
10:01:01 <Treva> why does that report window look different from the guide
10:01:16 <Treva> https://gnucash-docs-rst.readthedocs.io/en/latest/_images/cc_TransactionRptVisa.png
10:05:45 <Simon> one of them has had different styling applied
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10:36:12 <Treva> Why in the main window I see the € symbol for every account, but every account is set to USD, also its the default currency
10:36:18 <Treva> based on locale
10:42:21 <Simon> someone else will have to answer that
10:42:47 <Simon> not sure how to change the currency used on the accounts list
10:42:58 <Simon> it only affects the display and it's trying to show the value in USD
10:43:06 <Treva> yea
10:43:15 <Treva> in reports it also shows the € symbol
10:43:31 <Simon> in my case I see both the currency of the account and the currency in GBP (you can enable/disable columns)
10:43:41 <Simon> but I don't know how to change the currency it offers
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10:48:13 <NoobAlice> Treva: You may have to expand your GnuCash window to see the down arrow on the right side of your Accounts list. If you click that down arrow, it will show you other column options. Maybe you just need to check and uncheck columns.
10:48:54 <NoobAlice> While you're in there, I also like the "Last Reconciled Date" column so I know at a glance which accounts need attention.
10:50:39 <Treva> yea, but it doesnt fix the problem, im still following the tutorial
10:50:40 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/hr1h8z7.png
10:50:51 <Treva> this is how it looks
10:51:38 <NoobAlice> The column labeled Total (USD) is displaying in Euros? Oh, that is very weird.
10:51:57 <NoobAlice> What version of GnuCash are you using?
10:52:41 <Treva> i just reinstalled to 3.11 since that is listed as the official supported version on win 7 (I thought that running 4.9 on win7 64 was maybe the problem)
10:52:53 <Treva> and the same problem persists
10:57:08 <NoobAlice> And if you go to Edit > Preferences > left tab Accounts, Locale says "USD (US Dollar)"?
10:57:15 <Treva> yes
10:57:41 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/Rd8VRkQ.png
10:58:32 <NoobAlice> And same in Edit > Preferences > left tab Reports, Locale?
10:58:58 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/TY2qLl3.png
11:00:04 <NoobAlice> In Tools > Price Database > Currencies, do you have entries under both USD and EUR?
11:00:44 <Treva> What do you mean ?
11:00:45 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/dkhMpqn.png
11:01:01 <NoobAlice> ...that's interesting.
11:02:07 <NoobAlice> Do you have any accounts denominated in USD yet? Can you make one transaction that includes both a USD account and an EUR account? We want the conversion rate window to pop up so you have some entries in that database.
11:02:56 <NoobAlice> (I am just a user, so just guessing at this troubleshooting.)
11:03:53 <Treva> Okay I just tried adding opening balance to account cash (default currency euro) from an opening balance equity account (default USD) and the window popped up
11:03:53 <NoobAlice> Actually, for your Accounts window, please use that drop-down arrow to add a Commodity column.
11:04:56 <NoobAlice> Good. Once you make a transaction, you should start getting some conversion rates, and then GnuCash can start figuring out how to display your account window currency correctly. (I hope.)
11:08:10 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/Lf5cIZE.png
11:08:21 <Treva> I used a conversion rate of 1.14
11:08:27 <NoobAlice> Okay.
11:09:12 <Treva> I think gnucash treats it as USD, but the symbol is wrong
11:10:07 <NoobAlice> You started that transaction in the Cash in Wallet account, right? Now make another transaction starting in a USD account, like checking, that also affects the cash account. I'm thinking you will get another exchange rate for the other direction.
11:10:31 <NoobAlice> Then screenshot your Price Database again with Currencies expanded.
11:11:17 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/tUghV66.png
11:12:21 <NoobAlice> Please do the other transaction first. I want to see both EUR and USD under Currencies in that Price Database.
11:12:39 <Simon> I don't think the price database is used to determine the default overall currency
11:13:05 <Treva> Which transaction what should I do
11:13:06 <NoobAlice> I don't either, but I was thinking the lack of exchange rates was causing issues with the Account display.
11:13:20 <NoobAlice> "Now make another transaction starting in a USD account, like checking, that also affects the cash account. I'm thinking you will get another exchange rate for the other direction."
11:13:39 <Simon> the lack of an exchange rate will cause it to show zero, yes
11:15:38 <Treva> this exchange window popped up
11:15:39 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/xdu64S1.png
11:15:55 <NoobAlice> Great!
11:17:15 <Simon> the summary bar at the bottom follows the default currency but I can't change the headings
11:17:43 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/nCk2kgR.png
11:18:07 <NoobAlice> Treva: And your Price Database shows?
11:18:17 <Simon> are you still using 3.x?
11:18:32 <Simon> I'm using 4.8 and the default report currency controls the headings
11:18:35 <Simon> they update immediately
11:18:45 <Simon> the default account currency controls the summary bar
11:18:49 <Treva> I was using 4.9 and reverted back to 3.11
11:18:51 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/UOP5lfs.png
11:19:17 <Treva> because i thought the problem is that win7 is not supported on newer versions
11:19:44 <Simon> of course it updates to "Total (USD)" but is still showing £
11:19:52 <Simon> Windows 7 is not the problem
11:20:10 <Simon> Windows 7 is just unsupported which means it may break entirely. It is unlikely to cause unexpected behaviour.
11:20:29 <NoobAlice> Okay, in that Price Database click Add, fill in Namespace: Currencies, Security: USD, Currency: BAM, Date: today, Type: unknown, Price: 0.877
11:22:01 <NoobAlice> ^ Agreed on Simon's version advice.
11:23:13 <NoobAlice> Simon: I'm hoping that once Treva has currency conversions going both ways, GC will be able to figure out conversions and display the accounts page properly.
11:23:38 <Treva> nothing changed
11:23:55 <NoobAlice> My last guess is that you should close and reopen GnuCash.
11:24:40 <Treva> still the same
11:24:51 <NoobAlice> >:(
11:25:05 <Treva> Simon why did you say "of course it updates to "Total (USD)" but is still showing £"
11:27:25 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/2T5yZiR.png
11:27:33 <Treva> What are headings and how do I change them ?
11:29:18 <Treva> Here is an example from the tutorial https://gnucash-docs-rst.readthedocs.io/en/latest/_images/currency_purchase_BeforeBoat.png
11:29:32 <NoobAlice> Simon: If I set both Reports and Accounts in Preferences to my other currency, BAM, then close and reopen GnuCash, my Accounts page Total column then shows everything in BAM. I don't know why we can't get this working for Treva.
11:29:41 <Treva> Although it doesn't use symbols
11:31:49 <Simon> Treva: if you're not using 4.9 you should upgrade again
11:37:15 <Treva> I think the symbol for USD is messed up, but I don't know how, I just created a new file with all accounts in SFr (swiss francs) and it displays them with proper symbol
11:37:53 <Treva> Also when I change in edit preferences the accounts display from locale (usd) to SFr it changes automatically
11:38:12 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/uKkuJ8v.png
11:38:47 <Treva> https://i.imgur.com/IvmWcgb.png
11:39:15 <Treva> Apparently the symbol for USD is €
11:39:52 <Treva> And its the same one for euros
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19:08:05 <fell> Treva, https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings
19:09:43 <fell> Easiest is to configure your OS properly to our region and language.
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19:11:17 <fell> rom your screenshots it is currently set to en_US.
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